9/14 Some numbers to think about …

Since Alfonso Soriano was traded July 26, he is batting .251 (46-for-183) with the Yankees with 15 homers, five doubles, 47 RBIs, eight stolen bases. When Soriano was on the Cubs, they posted a 45-55 record, and were batting .243 as a team with a .304 on-base percentage and .409 slugging percentage, plus they averaged 4.1 runs per game.

Since he left, the Cubs are 18-29, and as a team, batting .228 with a .300 on-base percentage and .370 slugging percentage. The team has hit 51 home runs, 67 doubles, three triples, and totaled 154 RBIs since Soriano was dealt. They’re averaging 3.4 runs per game.


cut Darwin Barney he is a dirt bag. Treating a kid like that at a bag, DB is a complete sack.

unless there is more to it than a .230 hitting pivot that doesn’t have the best range in the system, I will chalk this up to a Rickett favorite until the low life is out of town. He’s bad for the kids, but jerks like him. Go Cubs

Buy yourself stupid if you can’t pay a loser like that to walk away.

Wrigley was the only thing holding up that neighborhood with help. You should have bailed. Start with Barney. Or get creative, but you are stuck in Chicago now. Good luck

Name one Cub after the one you didn’t expect to show, that we care about.

Name that other of the nine we all care about every day. Why don’t we watch. Your money. Plus they don’t play together anymore.

You are losing big Cub fans daily. It doesn’t help having Jim yet you have Len there for his own world. Basically after you let Len go, hire two people. One in charge and the other in charge. Listen to both.

The promotional guy will simply be there. Have fun Tom

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Gosh, golly and gee whiz this team sure does miss Soriano….stellar defense, great outfield instincts and 7 consecutive years of leading us INTO and THROUGH the playoffs…. oh…. my bad. Over one hundred and thirty million numbers to think long and hard about.

A rattlesnake only strikes once to get the job done but it took you 6 venomous strikes to spew your unbridled anger!

That was for Kurt ! Audacious uncalled for anger!

Whew! I thought I had my last brownie there for a minute White!! Enjoy your baking this weekend and good health to you!!!

Good weekend to you joey! Early game today. Busy, busy getting ready! ALWAYS brownies for you!

White look at the time of the posts.What are most people doing,certainly not worrying about the cubbies.

Well Kenly cub – you are so right! Very clever of you to note the time. Must have been a bad night in “Kurtland” :))

I’m not sure what old Kurt was rambling on about, but if incoherence is what he does, then maybe he was on the wrong site. The time of the postings give them a flavor of being coated with high octane spirits. I hope security at Wrigley know who this clown is, with and without makeup.

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