9/14 Web gems

* Anthony Rizzo leads all Major League first basemen in defensive war (0.6) and leads all National League first basemen with an .899 ultimate zone rating. Rizzo is second in the league with a .996 fielding percentage this season.

* Darwin Barney leads all Major League second basemen in defensive war (1.4), and has made only four errors this season. His .993 fielding percentage is far and away the best in the NL. Barney began the season with a 71-game errorless streak and takes an active 39-game errorless streak into tonight’s game.

* Starlin Castro has made four errors in his last 70 games starting June 26. He has an .879 ultimate zone rating during that span, second-best among NL shortstops, and a .987 fielding percentage, third-best among league shortstops in that span. However, Castro does rank 10th among NL shortstops with a .971 fielding percentage for the season, and has committed the most errors (18).


Could we have 2 Gold Glove winners this year? Rizzo and Barney?

Reading the article above makes the cubbies sound like they should be competing for something other than a very high draft choice.Wonder were they would be with actually a decent batting average to go along with good defense.Still hope better things to come.Keep it positive!

I am pleased to say that Castro has exceeded my expectations concerning his defense recently. If he had a hitting coach who could help him, I might be very pleased and concede that I had greatly underestimated him. A good defensive team helps win ballgames. Hitting and pitching are still a work in progress. Go Cubs!

Good field, no hit guys are a dime a dozen. That isn’t meant to detract what Rizzo & Barney have done, but a reminder that it has to be combined with a good hitting average to be a complete player and contribute to the numbers in the win column. Barney may have the tougher job to rebound and stay in the organization. Rizzo has natural power and the potential to combine that with average. If I were his hitting coach, I’d tell him to read and study Ted William’s book, ” The Science of Hitting.” I wouldn’t mess with his stance or approach. More potentially good hitters in the minors and majors are ruined by ” theorists” than actually help. In Rizzo’s case, like most players of his caliber is having a better mental approach to hitting than the natural ability to perform. In other words, ” have an idea” of what you want and need to do when you come to the plate.

Agreed. In fact that book may do more service left laying on the bench than….Rob Deer….

LMAO,Good one fish.

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