9/15 Close calls

Saturday’s 2-1 loss dropped the Cubs to 20-30 in games decided by one run. The 50 games decided by one run this season are tied for most in the National League and tied for third in all of baseball. The Cubs are 34-46 in games decided by two runs or less. Overall, 80 of Chicago’s 148 games (54 percent) have been decided by two runs or less, third most in the NL and fourth most in MLB. All three games in Pittsburgh this series have been decided by two runs or less


Huh….who would have thought Sveum actually reads let alone takes advice from us Muskat Ramblings commentators? But it’s true as evidenced by Barney finally bunting in a bunting situation. Nobody scored but at least the play that was called for…was called for by Sveum. Congrats Dale! You have finally made it to the level of calling for the widely known throughout baseball, “no -brainer” SACRIFICE BUNT, any summer league manger would call for.

Looking back – How many “close call” games were lost because Marmol was put in as closer? At one point I think someone said it was at least 8. I remember just walking away from the TV when he walked to the mound because that was the end of a win for us. Gregg has turned that trend around – great closer! BUT yesterday we had Russell help deal the loss. He seems to have lost his command and I hope he can get back to being effective.

Marmol was over utilized by SVEUM when the entire baseball community KNEW Marmol’s days as a closer were over. One may state a lack of options for Svuem? Better to go with the UNCERTAIN option rather than the CERTAIN meltdown by Marmol….SOME close ballgames are won and lost by a manager’s decision on strategy, and when and who to utilize at pivotal times of a close game. Sveum has hands down failed in that area all season long. How many times was the tying or go ahead run NOT sacrificed into scoring postion? How many times were READILY AVAILABLE pinch HITTERS NOT used for the lower portion of the order? For the most part Sveum has managed with a “swing away” motive of operation as if HIS roster were lined with premium hitters. Sveum gets a bif “F” on his report card with a red “duh” circled to boot.

Joey, ever think the ” suits” wanted Sveum to give Marmol as much exposure as possible in order to get rid of him? And yes, Sveum checks the site because we are the best barometer of what and how he should be handling the team. I mean, where else can he get logical, insightful and relevant information on how to handle the Cubs? Like someone said, ” this ain’t rocket science”. The game itself never changes. Only the people who own and manage it do. Cest” le’ vie.

Yes I thought of that and the same for Soriano as well during April and May when Soriano played like a little leaguer but Sveum “HAD” to play him. I would prefer a manager with some stones that would say to his employer something like: You pay me to manage this team with the intent on trying to win every game, sorry boss, if you want to “showcase” a player with limited talent get yourself another manager and I will take my services to a team hell bent on winning, besides, I’ve been paid by baseball long enough and invested well enough that I don’t need worry about foreclosing on my home or my children’s college funds, now cut Marmol and open up a roster spot.
BUT….we got Sveum instead. (yes sir!) Along with his Brewer cronies?????

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