9/16 Gold Glove nuggets

Gold Glove ballots will be distributed this week. Here’s a look at recent or season-long defensive accomplishments by qualifying Cubs defenders:

* Welington Castillo leads all Major League catchers with a 2.5 defensive WAR (2.5) this season.

* Anthony Rizzo leads all ML first basemen in defensive WAR (0.6) and leads all National League first basemen with an .900 ultimate zone rating. Rizzo ranks second in the league with a .996 fielding percentage this season.

* Darwin Barney leads all National League second basemen in defensive WAR (1.4), and has made only four errors this season, by far the fewest by any everyday second baseman. Barney’s .993 fielding percentage is far and away the best in the National League. He began this season with a 71-game errorless streak and takes an active 41-game errorless streak into tonight’s game.

* Starlin Castro has made four errors in his last 72 games starting June 26. He has an .882 ultimate zone rating during that span, second-best among NL shortstops, and a .988 fielding percentage, also second-best among league shortstops in that span.


Now if only Darwin Barney could hit more then his weight.

Rizzo is an excellent fielder. Castro will always be an error machine. Some of it is do to his exceptional range which contributes to the increase of errors and his double-clutching tendencies. Cano of the Yankees has 5 errors as a 2nd baseman. Think they will trade for Barney? In the real world, fielding percentages and golden gloves have little to do with the value of a player. Some Hall of Famers couldn’t field a ball with a bushel basket but could hammer the hell out of the ball. That’s where true success along with tough pitchers makes a golden glove valuable.

Castro will ALWAYS be an error machine? He CAN’T get better with maturity and practice and experience? Please tell us Swammee Diamond….what are the winning lottery numbers for the week? As Carrie points out (last paragraph, maybe you missed it…) Castro has ALREADY improved. Why not, based on that improvement believe he may get better the next few years? Even you stated his errors may be due to his “exceptional” range, a range that may diminish in time thusly DECREASING his chance of errors. Yeesh.

Joey, well said. Go Cubs!

Our infield defense has been impressively good this year! Gold Gloves would be welcomed. These guys work so well together – they have given our pitchers a great sense of security behind them. Congrats to them for their stellar defense.

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