9/18 Instructional league

The Cubs will open instructional league on Sunday in Mesa, Ariz., which allows some of the Minor Leaguers a chance to work on their skills in game situations. Here is the roster of players expected to participate:

Jose Arias
Paul Blackburn
Johermyn Chavez
Trevor Clifton
Scott Frazier
David Garner
Zach Godley
Trevor Graham
Tyler Ihrig
Trey Lang
Erick Leal
Dillon Maples
Jeferson Mejia
Juan Paniagua
Brad Renner
Jose Rosario
Tyler Skulina
Daury Torrez
Jen-Ho Tseng
Duane Underwood
Michael Wagner
Sam Wilson

Tyler Alamo
Cael Brockmeyer
Ben Carhart
Erick Castillo
Mark Malave
Alberto Mineo
Wilfredo Petit
Will Remillard

Gioskar Amaya
Jeimer Candelario
Frandy De La Rosa
Kelvin Freeman
Jordan Hankins
Jesse Hodges
Daniel Lockhart
Giuseppe Papaccio
Carlos Penalver
Gleyber Torres

Jeffrey Baez
Yasiel Balaguert
Charcer Burks
Rashad Crawford
Jose Dore
Shawon Dunston
Eloy Jimenez
Trey Martin


Will the manager and his coaches be afforded an instructional league so they too can work on their skills? (or LEARNING some skills…?)

What is the significance of being asked – or not asked?

Sweum will be back.Fortunately others will not.There will be some managers available,some more available after the one year need time to revive myself period.Good point though fish.Looks like 2015 before being competitive.My mother passed last month and we always would say maybe next year.I have a very good customer that bleeds blue.I pray they can put this thing together so her and all cubs fans can finally celebrate as 1.

That`s an excellent observation joey makes. Our manager and coaches do indeed require remedial instruction. I recognize Dunston and Jimenez on this list; not so much the others; as you were, I have heard tell of Baez, as well. I know he`s not Javier, but Jeffrey`s name did appear on this forum several months ago. You can look it up. Is a pity Mamma Mia no longer contributes on this site, as he could keep us abreast of the progress of all these dudes in Mesa. Do you follow my drift?

Jhosk , I have missed Mamma Mia all summer! I can understand why he stopped posting after being insulted time and again by a certain poster BUT I think he should know that the rest of us respect and value his opinions and ideas very much! He is a very kind person and a lot of fun to exchange ideas with. Wish he would come back!!

Right on White. The handful of us that have been subjected to the vile abuse from the immature one understand each other well and would not start a barrage of insults to one another but respectfully disagree and have the civility and humanity to offer an apology when need be. Come on back Mamma…. the majority of us civil fans look forward to your return.

I endorse your suggestion, White, and would like to add that those positives you attribute to Mamma apply to yourself, as well.

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Mamma was a poser and called him out on it and he vanishes… amazing how that happens… why do u guys believe everything on the internet.. he didn’t post anything that ucant find on Google… more people would post here if u dropped the personal bs and stuck to baseball talk

If one follows that logic, you would have vanished, as I called you out back in April.

If only Jhosk…in only…

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