9/18 Sveum: “I understand the process”

On Tuesday, Theo Epstein said Dale Sveum was being evaluated just like the players, and wouldn’t say definitely whether he would return as the Cubs manager. Sveum said Wednesday he understood the process and expected to know his future once the regular season ends.

“We’ve been in good communication through all this, and I understand that they go through what they have to go through on their end as far as the evaluation of myself and the coaching staff,” Sveum said Wednesday about conversations he’s had with Epstein. “That’s basically where we are. It’s the same as last year and it’ll always go on. That’s the way it is.”

The Cubs lost 101 games in Sveum’s first year at the helm and have lost 88 so far with 11 games to go. Did Sveum feel he was safe for next year?

“I would hope to think so,” he said. “I’ve been around the game long enough to understand how the whole process works. I’ve been happy with the way we’ve done things. Some things haven’t gone too well and some things have gone really well. I’m happy with my coaching staff and all that. That’s up to [the front office] and they’re the bosses, and they make those decisions and they have all kinds of things to evaluate.”

One of the criteria Epstein said he was using to evaluate Sveum was the development of young players such as Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo. Both have struggled this season.

“”We all are accountable for people’s production,” Sveum said. “Obviously, they haven’t had too good a season. On the other hand, it’s only Rizzo’s second season and we seem to forget that a lot of times. This kid came up last year on top of the world, coming from Triple-A, and fell right in and was living on electricity last year.

“This year, he’s putting too much pressure on himself for whatever reason,” Sveum said of the first baseman, who was batting .227 with 22 home runs and 75 RBIs. “This is a grueling season and it’s a grueling thing to be in the third hole in the Chicago Cubs lineup in Chicago. Those are things that are learning experiences that go on.

“Castro has already been there and done that as far as two, three good seasons in a row but Castro is really swinging the bat like he can [now], and going down the stretch, he’s figured some things out and is doing really well right now.”

— Carrie Muskat


Please do not look for Sveum to be sacked after this season. He will surely be permitted to fulfill his contract, meaning the three years; trust me. Am not impressed that Baez is “really doing well now,” nor do I buy it. Is absolutely no pressure now as we are playing out the string. I am down on Castro as he demonstrates no “fire in the belly.” He`s loaded with talent, as is his role model, Hanley Ramirez, but neither gives 100% at all times the way Dustin Pedroia, the Red Sox second baseman, for example, does. Both those shortstops were blessed with far more physical talent than Pedroia, but I`ll take a team of Pedroias over one with all their talent every time. I want the Cubs to eventually field a team which has a player at each position who hustles and overachieves and gives you all he`s got every game the way Pedroia does.

I could not agree more. That is the most frustrating thing about Castro, “no fire in the belly”.

I meant to write Castro in the above, of course, not Baez. Comments?

Carrie, I haven’t read the article yet.

I came on to say Theo, you have no pride in Cubs baseball. You are a piggy bank child. Take note Tom. Angelo wasn’t a Bear. He said “my Bucs” by Howard Sudberry right after getting into town. Theo doesn’t even want to deal with it. Theo wants to be an owner. If he was a baseball guy he’d say what the heck let’s talk. Look at how his subordinates act around him.

This is not a curveball. He doesn’t care. See Dempster.

Go Braves

Take another shot at a guy from the booth that doesn’t need to figure life out, who has it.
Len don’t, Pat’s weak neither have a welcome foot in a good winning clubhouse.

You ought to hire a guy like me, and tell Theo what goes

When you got it figured out Tom deduce my pay yearly

Wood you didn’t pitch you got your celebration. Go Theo

Hopefully Sveum has his mind made up that Rusin belongs in AAA. Giving Halton 2-77mph curveballs in the same at bat will always get you in deep trouble. What a waste of the last two days. At least we should have a well stocked AAA team with waana be big leaguers like Rusin and Grimm.
It would have been nice to see a Cub win in Milwaukee. But Dale didn’t even have anyone up on Tuesday’s game when he left Grimm out there to self destruct. 13-5 (2013 record) vs what should be the bottom dweller Brewers is pathetic. Why would anyone want to go see a game this year anymore. I feel like I was at spring training. Let’s hope it doesn’t take a near 100 loss season again next year before Theo figures out that Sveum is not the answer.

how do hold a manager accountable for using a double a roster to play a major league schedule.


IDC if sveum is here or not… manager doesn’t make u a WS contender … talent does… we need that more than new manager…. but if girardi wants to be a cub I would do that as soon as I could get it done…. that is a future hof manager right there

Joe Girardi and his wife are from Chicago and he is without a Yankee contract next year. Seems like a good fit to me.

I think Giardi has an option, his decision to accept it or not? Better managers than Sveum will improve a team’s chance of winning more ballgames, certainly not making the Cubs or any team WS contenders as that will take an extremely talented roster…duh. Who doesn’t know THAT?
Why not replace Sveum with a better manager (i.e. Giardi) when the opportunity is present? Girardi may or may not come on board in 2014 but if he does the club will be better off for 2015 and beyond just because of it. Sveum may have had a double A roster (and THAT even is debatable….) and that certainly contributed to a horrendous record but had nothing or little to do with his decisions and strategy and that is where he is lacking and questionable as the continuing manager. It appears even Epstein has seen something amiss come from Sveum’s first two years?
Hence the evaluation. The roster AND Sveum’s managing contributed to the surmounting losses.

I have access to all the Yankee games on my cable system and see a majority of their games and get to observe Girardi more than I necessarily need to. He is unremarkable. He wins when he has the talent, and obtains the opposite result when those players fail, just as most managers find. I do not see hiring him as an automatic upgrade. Now someone like Joe Maddon? That`s a different conversation.

Very interesting jhosk, thanks for your opinion. Hard for me to imagine Girardi NOT being an upgrade to Sveum just based on all the games I’ve seen Sveum manage and make a plethora of questionable decisions and the handful of Yankees games I’ve seen. I like your take on Maddon!!
Hopefully we will wind up with the winning combination if only Epstein emphasizes TALENTED players to go along with a SMART AND STRATEGIC field manager. So far it all looks promising considering the talent in the minor leagues and Sveum’s return being questionable. As of today I would have to bet Sveum will be “allowed” to finish out his contract but should that “one must have” guy (whoever that may be to Epstein…) be available this offseason during a limited window Epstein will pounce and thank Sveum for his two years of dumming down his players with a “calm demeanor” but time to go with some fire and LEGIT strategic managing.

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