9/19 Barney: “It’s hard to blame anybody”

The Cubs lost 101 games in Dale Sveum’s first season as manager, and entered Thursday’s game with 89 losses and 10 games to play. The front office has said it will not evaluate Sveum on the basis of wins and losses. But an evaluation is underway.

“In a season like this, it’s hard to blame anybody,” Darwin Barney said. “We’re all accountable for our own actions and our play on the field. … It is a business and any time a team has this kind of a sesaon, there’s obviously going to be evaluations,” he said. “That’s not to say [Sveum] did a bad job or any of us think he did a bad job — I stand behind Dale. It’s just an evaluation and we’ll see how it goes.”

Theo Epstein will meet with Sveum and the coaching staff on Sept. 30 in Chicago after the regular season ends.

“I think a lot of us stand behind Dale and think he’s the right fit for this team,” Barney said. “That’s obviously not our call. Everybody’s being evaluated now, it’s top to bottom. It’s how can we make this better and turn this around.”

— Carrie Muskat


Darwin is a class act and shows the respect due a manager from his player. Any manager from any player. A stand up guy who evidently knows a lot more of what’s going on in the clubhouse than any of us fans. If he thinks Sveum is the man for this team I respect his opinion. BUT…can’t help reading between the lines. “the right fit” for “THIS” team. As in CURRENT team. Hmmmmm……No mention of “NEXT YEAR’S” team???

Good God,
The Chicago National League .ballclub is headed toward 95 (+/-) losses, and the brilliant front-office is going to call it progress. They de-emphasize the present to talk about “the future.” Wid Mathews was doing the same thing in the late 40’s. They don’t have a future “star” hitting his hat size, I’ve seen this before.

Wid Mathews?!?!?! 1940s!?!?!?! Stuff that happened 65 years ago has absolutely no connection to anything going on today! First off, 95 or so losses is an improvement over the 101 they had last year, especially considering they don’t have the luxury of playing the Astros 18 times and there are three playoff teams in the division this year. Second, there is legit hope for the future as three of the Cubs six minor league teams made the playoffs this season. Those playoff teams included 12 of MLB.com’s top 20 Cubs prospects. I don’t know what Wid Mathews was doing, but I do know that he didn’t have the scouts and the statistics available to him that Theo & Co. have today.

Everybody else lined up at the Kool-Aid tank?

So you deny that 95 losses in a tough division is better than 101 losses in a so-so division? You deny that success in the minors is meaningful? You deny that having 5 of the MLBs top 100 prospects is a good thing? I have a feeling that you’re the type of person who if the Cubs won the World Series in 6 games, you’d be complaining because they weren’t able to do it in 5.

It’s amazing how in this day and age, the vote of confidence comes from a guy barely hitting .200 and might win a gold glove. And those of you who have read my posts know my stance on gold glove players. Being a ML manager today is a hell of a lot harder than it was back in the 40’s thru the 60’s. In today’s world of beezball, you have to be a psychologist, interpreter, human resource specialist, public relations expert and pleasant looking enough that you can promote the organization on TV and other social media functions. And finally, you have to know the game! So, how does Dale Sveum stack up, in my opinion? I’m a realist, so my position is based on once having played the game and what every one of my mentors used to say: “You are what your record says you are.” Unfortunately for Dale, his record for 2 seasons, not one is tragic. What will change next year? We all know that the front office never ” fires” their player’s. So, what’s left? Fire a coach or two in the hope that both a manager and the player’s ” get it.” Again, history proves that doesn’t work either. The answer comes easily. ” It’s not personal Sonny, it’s business.” (Godfather movie) In my opinion then, it’s time to cut bait with the manager, coaches and players who haven’t measured up or have no redeeming value in the very near future. And that folks, is the way you win pennants instead of telling your children, “Maybe next year.”

Hopefully that jab was not at me due to my comment of maybe next year from yesterdays post.I just turned 50 and in reallty someone should patent that phrase.I grew up in Chi-town and we kinda got use to saying that year in and year out.Do we want the cubs to do better,obviously,but history keeps repeating itself!Being a realist and having played ball like you say,i am glad you have a ring,if not you are just another commentor like me.me.

Sorry for the last me. I put myself in D.J.23s thoughts.

So I was right again…. At beginning of season I stated cubs would be around 95 losses and I was chastised for it…. I accept ur apologies again…

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