9/19 Cubs lineup

Jake Arrieta closes the Cubs’ series against the Brewers on Thursday at Miller Park. Here’s the lineup:

Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Sweeney CF
Castillo C
Lake LF
Watkins 2B
Arrieta P


Watkins at 2B??? Was Sveum let go????

Do you think Watkins is wondering why he got called up? When he ran in last nights game, late, I was shocked. I had forgotten he was with the club.

This is Poppy. Here’s Johnny. Today, my friends, is a bright day for Cubs fans from Yuma, AZ to Bangor, Maine. Where were you when you heard that Logan Square Watkins is in the Cubs lineup? Baseball historians 50 years from now will look back on today and say, “Today was the day that the game of baseball was changed forever, as the greatest player to ever play the game finally got his chance.” My prediction, Logan Mega Watkins finishes his career with 655 homers, a .377 average, and 1,541 steals and 11 World Series rings, 9 of them with the Cubs. Say Hay Will Mayes has got nothing on the Mega Watkins. That’s it, it’s over, it’s all over.

WOW! Anything more you would like to get off of our chest?
He is not Hank, or Yaz, just a young kid who should get a look.
Try meditation it supplements the blood pressure medicine. Breath, breath.

That’s a good one Doug/IA. As if any of us expect Watkins to be the next Sandberg? Not really, just EXPECTING the kid to get SOME playing time. Maybe this “meeting” Epstein had with Sveum involved a conversation reminding Sveum that Watkins is on the roster???

This is Poppy. I’m back for second helpings. We all know the reason why all of you want Logan Mega Watkings to play is because your gut tells you that he’s going to be an all time great. I was all on board with that. But now you’re telling us that you only want him to play because he’s young? Hold the phone, Doug Baffone. If you want a guy to play because he’s young, well then why not ask my neighbor Billy Hollinson to play for the Cubs. He’s only 11 years old, but he made his youth league all star team. He’s young, he’s good, let him play! He gets $20 to mow my lawn every month, so I’m sure he’ll play for cheap. I was going to give him $25, but he accepted my opening bid so what was I to do. I’m not made of silver dollars, ya know! So I think it’s time to put Logan Square Watkins on my traveling circus team and make way for young Billy Hollinson. He’ll be hitting .380 before ya knew it. So maybe you should be the one meditating instead of me because I am fine and you might not be fine.

This is Joeydafish about to dish…Hey Poppy….why so sloppy? Let the Fish dish and allow Doug to shrug. These are just are lil’ ol’ opinions and thoughts, c’mon now be fine and opine don’t bellowinstead be mellow. Nobody is saying Logan is a Shogun… just that he is ON THE ROSTER NOT AN IMPOSTER. The kid should play at least some ML ball before making the call, get some time between the lines and not JUST sit the pines. Hoystein put him on the ML roster and Sveum NEVER trotting him out on the field is just a slight to the GM and doubt will offend. Thanks but no thanks Ernie Banks, if a young kid MAKES IT TO THE MAJORS he should get some playing time unless the STARTING NINE is too fine and if you think THAT you are not where it’s at. Even if the up and coming Billy Hollinson and his Razor Shines sharp grass cutting skills were on this team Sveum would keep him from cutting the grass and that is just a lack of class.

Poppy, I want to compliment you on the clever nicknames you attribute to Watkins. I have another: Logan Airport Watkins. Will that work? I agree with joey and anyone else who suggests Logan deserves playing time. Let`s see what he`s got. Thursday`s effort was not shabby offensively. Don`t know anything about his defense; does he indeed have a reputation for possessing a good glove?

O I forgot this was a league where everyone should get playing time….. Watkins is just like sappelt u complained about not playing over soriano…. Compana…. And all the other nobodies that are just AAAA players at best. Let it go and if they were legit they would be playing just like lake…. He sucks so he is a bench guy

Watkins goes 3 for 4. Good for him, just one game but nice for him to get some playing time and take advantage of it. Not bad for a bench guy who sucks. Hmmm… with that as the criteria, most of the starting players would be bench guys because most suck. At least the manager is already a bench guy. What’s the difference which sucking bench guys get playing time or not? Might as well get some playing time for the litlte used Watkins in order to determine if indeed he is a sucking bench guy or not. He may surprise not only the CURRENTLY BEING EVALUATED mind of Sveum but also the under-developed mind of nasty, insignificant, Joeydafish-OBSESSED, immature, intolerant, foul-mouthed….ah…you civil and nice commentators get it by now…LOVE WHAT I DO SOMETIME.

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