9/19 Strop to close

Kevin Gregg has saved the Cubs this season, stepping in to notch his third career 30-save season. But the Cubs have decided to look ahead, and will use right-hander Pedro Strop in save situations in the final games. Strop, acquired from the Orioles in the Scott Feldman trade, was 0-for-3 in save opportunities this season, and has 15 holds.

“I’ll try to get him an opportunity,” manager Dale Sveum said Thursday of Strop.

The switch is not a reflection on Gregg’s performance. The right-hander was 32-for-37 in save situations. But Gregg will be a free agent after this season. Strop will be entering his first arbitration year.

“Kevin’s done far and above the call of duty,” Sveum said. “He’s done one heck of a job. It’s going to be an opportunity [for Strop]. We want to see what he does in that role. Kevin has been one of the better closers in all of baseball. God knows where we’d be without him.”

— Carrie Muskat


Am liking this. Strop has good stuff and has an idea how to utilize it. He could be our best option as closer next season or,dare I say, longer?

All based on the Cubs actually being in SAVE SITUATIONS! The move does make sense. In fact it might have made more sense to initiate the new “plan” earlier but all in all I hope Strop shows what it takes to be next year’s closer. The only down side is preventing the deserving Gregg a few more (of course we’d have to be in a save situation which may not happen again this year…) saves which might help out his contract for next season with his new team. Gregg was a nice surprise this season, still puzzled why he wasn’t more coveted at the trade deadline.

Joey, Kevin’s stuff and control are what keeps him from being more coveted. He, over his career has been streaky with his control. When he is not hitting is spots, or is getting squeezed, his stuff is not good enough to do the job. When he misses, or is forced to catch more of the plate he gets hit HARD. I’m not saying he is a bad reliever just that he is not a high end closer, even if his stats
appear to show that. Frankly I think there were a few times where he got lucky.

I understand that point, no argument nor am I saying he should have been coveted as a primary closer but just as some help or insurance for a contender. He certainly was a very usable commodity this season, much more so than Marmol who managed to find a taker. Also, one can’t argue that Gregg HAS saved many ballgames for a miserable team, that says something. And he always goes right after hitters with strikes so the few games he blows (he got hit) pales in comparison to the games Marmol blew while we all pulled our hair out witnessing the “currently being evaluated” Sveum watch from the dugout as Marmol walked a batter, hit a batter, walked a batter, hit a batter, walked a batter, hit a batter, walked a batter, hit a batter, walked a batter, hit a batter, walked a batter, hit a batter, walked a batter, hit a batter, walked a batter, hit a batter…..

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If Gregg is so good, why give up on him? Why not try to resign him? I guess I don’t get it. Even if Strop closes the majority of the rest of the games, that doesn’t just mean you kick Gregg to the curb.

Gregg fits the same mold of “being good” as did Soriano…… good, but not necessarily good for the current strategy or payroll of THIS team. So he is not a desirable payroll option. A catch 22 if you will as his “good” season vaulted him into a somewhat more undesirable pay rate for the CUBS but maybe not another team next season. Opening up the roster spot as the organization did by moving Soriano is a more important strategy at this point. We find out if Strop will be our closer for 2015, if not then the team goes FA shopping. But certainly by 2015 Gregg is out of the picture anyway. I bet Gregg was signed with the hopes of trading him for some prospects but that one kind of back fired on Epstein, surprisingly so.

Bring back that scumbag Shawn Camp he cost me a fortune this year I hope he’s working at pep boys that piece of shit and as far as closer goes Strop is not the answer between the cubs and white sox u couldn’t put a decent team on the field.

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Why did Strop not close Thursday`s game? When is that experiment going to commence?

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