9/20 Castillo done for season

Welington Castillo has a partial meniscus tear in his right knee, which will require arthroscopic surgery. He is done for the season.

“With proper rehab, it’s the type of thing you come back 100 percent from with rehab,” Theo Epstein said Friday.

This was Castillo’s first full season as the Cubs regular catcher.

“He had a fantastic year,” Epstein said. “I think it’s a developmental success story in every facet. With catching, it starts with winning the trust with your pitchers and putting the right fingers down and he did an outstanding job. He’s really involved in game planning and game calling. I think every pitcher now loves throwing to him. He did an outstanding job defensively. His blocking has been at an elite level.”

Castillo struggled offensively at the beginning of the season but came on strong at the end.

“He made some adjustments and learned a lot about his swing and has gotten pitches that he can drive and is doing damage with them,” Epstein said. “He’s always been a super talented player and great kid, and this is one of those years he’s established himself. Unfortunately it ends this way but he had a full year.”

— Carrie Muskat


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This is a bad thing to happen at this time of year. You all know I have posted in the past about how weak the organization is at the Catching position, however Castillo did make in season improvements. Not just the bat, that’s a bonus.
Catcher needs to be a leader on the field, calling pitches, throwing out runners, keeping runners close to the bag. He needs to block pitches in the dirt, I cannot think of any winner without a good defensive Catcher.
Castillo started out rough this season, passed balls, wild pitches that were not blocked, but he did improve.
Hoping for a full recovery and another full year from Castillo.

Is it not better this time of year rather than at the beginning of the year Jasper? What am I missing about this time of year for this type of injury? Sounds like he will be recovering all fall and winter and be ready for ST, no?

Joey what I was trying to say is: with Castillo improving during the course of the year ( in season) is that it is a shame this injury occured now, meaning not being able to finish on a positive note..
We all know there is no good time for an injury.

Gotcha, thanks. Agreeing there is no good time for an injury there are more manageable times than others and the Cubs are fortunate this injury happened now rather than ST 2014. We all know that as well.

Me thinks Jasper has us confused with this year’s pennant contender’s. This is the best time for a club to lose a catcher if they are not in the pennant race. With proper rehab and conditioning, Castillo should be 100% by ST. And it provides the front office time to start targeting minor league prospect’s because a defensive catcher who can hit .250 is worth there weight in gold.

My gosh you must come from another planet, english your 2nd language? I pointed out (in season) improvements by Castillo. What is wrong with you Diamondjim or mama mia, if you cant keep up, just tell me.

Jasper, just to let you know I was genuinely curious regarding your thoughts of this injury happening at the very end of the season as oppose to any other time of the season. I do not see any negative remarks from you regarding Castillo and I am looking forward to seeing him improve and mature even more next season. A bigger concern is whether or not the club retains Navarro who is one of the few MVP’s this season. In fact, in retrospect if given the opportunity to learn 1B he would have been a right handed option to spell Rizzo for a FEW games and make an emergency back up considering the lack of RH bats available. Not that 1B is easy and maybe Navarro wouldn’t pick up the skills, just saying for some rare occasions?
I hope the Cubs put as much emphasis on developing the catching position as they have 3B.

on another note. Has anyone noticed that Soriano is likely to lead the team in stolen bases unless Castro can get two more this week?

How exciting….

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