9/20 Gregg and the Cubs

First it was Edwin Jackson vs. Dale Sveum, then Jeff Samardzija vs. David Bell. On Friday, it was Kevin Gregg against Theo Epstein. The Cubs have eight games remaining, and now they’re arguing over who is the closer.

The Braves beat the Cubs, 9-5, on Friday and moved closer to clinching the NL East. Gregg gave up four runs in the ninth and took the loss. After the game, the right-hander said he was upset at being told this week that he was no longer the closer.

“For an organization to just come out and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to go in a different direction …’ You know, professional courtesy would’ve been nice,” Gregg said after the game in the clubhouse.

Sveum gave Gregg the news, but the pitcher said he felt the decision came from Epstein.

“[Friday’s game] didn’t unfold like I wanted, but I probably tried a little too hard,” Gregg said. “What they told me over the last couple of days makes it difficult to play this game anyway … let alone knowing what they think. That shows they are not that interested in me coming back here. I will worry about next year next year. But it gives me a good indication of their thoughts going forward.”

Epstein was angry when he heard Gregg’s comments, and went up to the press box to meet with the media.

“Apparently, Kevin misunderstood Dale and thought he was having his job permanently taken away, despite getting the ball in the closer’s role the last couple of days,” Epstein said. “He apparently had some choice words. … Upon hearing that, I called him up to Dale’s office to tell him how disappointed I was with him, given the way we’ve treated him this year. You know, briging him back … and showing faith in him and the great job he has done for us this year. It took him a couple minutes to understand he misunderstood Dale and he apologized to me and to Dale. I told him I would sleep on it and decide whether we would have any disciplinary action … let him know if he was released [Saturday] morning.”

Gregg then came up to the press box to talk.

“In the conversation I was having with Dale [in Milwaukee], I didn’t understand exactly what he was saying,” Gregg said. “Unfortunately for myself, it kind of got under my skin.

“Now that I have sat down with Theo and Dale again, they clarified things and I was able to cool off a little bit. It helped to be able to talk to them and see what they actually are thinking. They want to get a look at Pedro, but they are not going to take anything from me, either. They wanted to work together to see what the future holds for the organization with him and myself. I am OK with that. I like that idea.”

— Carrie Muskat


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What a coffee circle drama by Gregg. Does the poor guy need attention?
How important is a closer with up and down years on a last place team?
If I was Epstein, he would be packing his bags after he understood what the Cubs organization did for him this year.

Whoa Jasper! Stop and think of what you’re saying. You don’t believe that especially at this time of year, Sveum got a pair and decided that Strop was going to be the closer, do you? If it wasn’t directly told to Sveum, it was strongly implied.
Now, if you are Gregg and did what you did for this club this year. Wouldn’t you expect a little more respect from you’re manager and the ” suits?” Sure you would. But it didn’t happen and now you have a PO’d decent reliever who will leave with the first good team that makes him an offer.

And this fan will be glad to see him gone! When you live, play and socialize with 25 guys 9 months out of the year, you need to be positive, upbeat and have fun.
Nothing will bring a team down faster than a unhappy person, Bradley, Zambrano and on & on. Guys need to accept their roles and respect the manager. If a manager dont have respect, then hes not doing his job.
I have no sympathy for anyone that dont understand that, Stewart, both Jackson’s and now Gregg.
Thats up to Sveum should he choose to tolerate it, me: Jackson would have been sent home the rest of the season, after getting irritated when pulled after 4 IP. Gregg would be released, no matter how well hes done.
It sends a message that your temper or flare ups will not be tolerated. You got a problem, talk to me in my office. If not, shut up, do your job and get along with the other 25 guys.

Yep. Even IF the directive came from the FO (and not Sveum) regarding the closer role going to Strop….if I were manager and MY player disrespected ME (let alone the organization) and my place of authority I would have benched Gregg after the FO decided NOT to release him. Thereby showing the player, the team AND the FO office who is in charge at the FIELD level. But we have Sveum who evidently would have made a terrible Noah as he doesn’t know what a “pair” is….. WHAT player on this current team in this current atmosphere does not comprehend “rebuild” and that the organization’s effort is on establishing FUTURE players, NOT the resurrection or maintenance of veteran players in their twilight? Marmol….GONE, Soriano…GONE, Dejesus….GONE. C’mon Mr. Gregg…..appreciate your career, your amassed fortune, your OPPORTUNITY to STILL play this great game AFTER BEING RELEASED, take it all in stride and count your blessings, not your saves. I would have thought the team might have let Gregg finish the season as the closer but hindsight tells me the last few games can be more telling about what Strop has to offer instead of waiting until next ST. It may change the focus on the winter wheelings and dealings.

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