9/21 100th Anniversary Logo



More then that logo I would rather see a Cubs logo that says “Chicago Cubs, World Series Champion”

That is stunningly beautiful! Kudos to the designer! Hope I can get a hat or something with this logo!

Classy and attractive!

With all the Artists in this town, that is the best we could do?

It is crisp and clean and classy and says all that needs to be said: Cubs, Wrigley, 100 years! With all the artists in town I would say we picked just the right one!

eh….doesn’t inspire. A little juvenile I think. I like the upper portion rendition of Wrigley Field but the rest…insignificant comes to mind.

It should say 100 with nothing to show for it…. Seriously who cares it’s old and nothing great has happened there…. We should be cub fans not wrigley fans

I am glad this is AMERICA and people, should they choose can be fans of BOTH a team and it’s venue. An appreciation for history, architect and art can be lost so quickly to the close-minded. There are many places of great value that are old and just because they are old does not mean they should be un-heralded. MANY great things have happened at Wrigley Field, my wedding celebration for one, saving a life for another and those are just a few of MY great things that have happened at Wrigley Field. Imagine the countless million other great things that have happened at Wrigley Field….Santo’s tear-jerking speech, Ryno spanking Bruce Sutter TWICE….ahh, why bother typing and wasting time on the close-minded? The Cubs could have built a new stadium in the burbs and I would have accepted that as progress, doesn’t mean I would be all for NOT CARING for Wrigley Field and ALL THE GREAT THINGS that have happened there. Nothing great has happened there???? What an admission and self-indictment of complete and tremendous ignorance and disrespect.

Those are all small things that while are good…. None are great…. Yankee stadium was demod the stadium with some of the richest history ever…. Let it go

I find this all very funny, honestly laughing here. My true opinion, does the logo matter?
I understand it may mean something to some, I understand it may increase souvenier sales next year, especially tourists. I understand the logo will represent 100 years of awesom history.
So I guess if it helps with team revenue in sales, those proceeds can be put towards planned improvements. If they put the logo on a pint glass, I will order one.
It wont help on field talent wise, but I am sure the monies made will help with improvements.

ALL ARE GREAT. Let nothing go that one holds dear. LIGMA. Debating whether or not the logo is good is completely acceptable and falls under beauty lying in the eye of the beholder. Narrow minds see less beauty in all things. Debating whether or not great things happened during ONE HUNDRED years at ANY ball park let alone Wrigley Field is just narrow-minded. To ACTUALLY STATE NOTHING GREAT has happened at Wrigley Field?? Asinine…or is that ASSinine??? Not sure of the spelling…hmmmmm….. eh, it’s just spelling, I’ll LET IT GO.

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