9/21 Theo and Gregg

The Cubs announced Saturday that Theo Epstein accepted Kevin Gregg’s apology, and the right-hander will not be released. Epstein had considered such a move after Gregg criticized management following Friday’s game, which he gave up four runs in the ninth. Gregg was upset that he was no longer going to be the closer in the last week of games. Gregg later apologized Friday, and walked up to the press box to make sure the media knew.

— Carrie Muskat


Good for Kevin. But, I still think he heard right after getting the email announcing the change.

Kevin is lucky they gave him enough appearances to get a 500K bonus. He should really keep his mouth shut. He has to realize he is not in the plans for the future and very lucky the Cubs gave him a chance after being released by the Dodgers.
He pitches for a last place team, how much worse would they be without him, then again last place is last place. lol
If I was Epstein I would have released him long ago and saved the 500K. In fact without him, maybe the Cubs could have received the 2nd or 3rd Draft Pick next June.

Stop hallucinating about draft picks man! Your wish will be answered. Gregg is gone at the end of the season, apology or not. Gregg and Epsein will not really make up and the relationship is over.

Was I hallucinating?? You don’t understand the importance of Draft Picks. If you get a 3rd round pick, that’s 3rd for every round.
Why don’t you address me when you actually come up with something semi intelligent to say?

I’ll address you Jasper: good point.

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It was nice seeing Gregg pitching against the Pirates last night, just think he could have been released.

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