9/25 Cubs lineup vs. Pirates

The Cubs play their final home game of the season on Wednesday against the Pirates at Wrigley Field. Here is the lineup:

Castro SS
Barney 2B
Rizzo 1B
Murphy 3B
Lake LF
McDonald RF
Sweeney CF
Boscan C
Arrieta P


I am hoping Navarro is okay and that this is just a turn for Boscan to catch. Navarro is looking pretty beat up with his injured ankle! He has been a sturdy guy this season! Go Cubs!

You’re correct White. Navarro played above expectations….well, MY expectations anyway. He deserves a little more playing time next season which will allow for a healthier catching tandem.

Navarro will not be back next year.The only thing funnier on the last Castro snafu would be if it was actually Navarro legging out third base.Please Alvarez double took twice on the play and still made it to third.That monday meeting gives the term fly on the wall a very special meaning.

Another blunder!Might we say HORSEFLY ON THE wall.

Watching Boscan catch shows the lack of minor league managing & instruction. The guy is pathetic. And throw in the scouting fraternity in the Cubs organization. For the last home game, it sure looks like some guys are packing it in. Castro would make Trump’s hair fall out.

Good thing Boscan is not part of the youth movement, if he hasnt learned at 34, hes not going too.
Just another get by player, like half the rest of the team. No biggie.

Like the “get by” manager???

Old McDonald had a homer EIEI…OH!!!

:)) :)). :)) :)) :)). You just had to say it didn’t you joey!

Boscan was in the Braves system for a majority of his 13 or so minor league years. So much for Cubs minor league instruction. I know it has been a bad year and some of the kids have gone backward and some of the veterans have had really bad years. However, this team had no chance of being a big winner from the start. I doubt any of the commentators on the blog get a call from the front office asking for our help. All we have is what we have had for too many years…… next year. Yes, it sucks air. Go Cubs!

Can we please limit Castro to say maybe just 1 FRICKEN sunflower seed and let him concentrate on defense!Buy the way fish,good one.

Thank you Kenly…and YES…..for the love of God….STOP THE SEEDS!!! I’m surprised something hasn’t grown yet….

Did you see the game where the birds were hopping around where Castro stands on the infield? They were snacking on his sunflower seeds! :)). The announcers even noticed and remarked on it. Joey, it is time to bring out our T- shirts that say “HIT DON’T SPIT” on them or “CATCH, DON’T PLANT”.

Castro gives a whole new meaning to “plant” and throw!!!

I See Sveum and the Cubs are doing all they can to give up a lead….hope it works out. What happened to Strop closing? Strop came in and now the game is being closed out by Gregg? Somewhat meaningless to me but is this not another sign of Sveum’s WAFFLING?

Cool to finish off with a win though.Plus a little bit of Z.Z. TOP.Lets go cut some grass.

White how about S-O-S,Save our seeds!Still everything aside,enjoy a very good weekend series.Can not wait till Monday afternoon to see the fallout!

Good idea Kenly cub! :)). I hope Castro doesn’t find out that I have about a dozen 15 foot high sunflowers in my back yard! Big yellow beauties! We feed the birds all winter with them. Only 3 more games – then I have to count the days until opening day 2014! Enjoy our final three!

Maybe Diamondjim can be your shrimp boat Captain?

But Jasper, I told you – I am a Maine lobster girl! OR. – Diamondjim and I could go deep sea fishing and harpoon a tuna! Yum yum! I used to hop the fishing boats going for tuna and bottom fish on the way. Cod, pollock , etc. As I write this I am watching the Padres -Arizona game. Tommy Medica, their new 1st baseman is a keeper! Check him out! Well, back to pulling a few lobster pots. :))

White…all this NON-baseball talk….coming from JASPER…YOU DID IT WHITE….Jasper is on board with the rest of us FANS…more to being a CUBS fan than just stats, facts and numbers. There is the HUMAN element and now Jasper has shown his humanity and open mindedness for FRIENDLY banter among FANS. Way to go White AND Jasper!!!

Joey, Maybe Jasper got a hold of our Oregon brownie recipe! :)) He certainly has a fine sense of humor! He also has a good knowledge of baseball and makes interesting comments. I hope we can continue benefiting from his astute view of the baseball world with a bit of joshing along the way!

Yes, especially with the off-season right around the corner. Glad to welcome him aboard!!
(don’t fight it Jasper…embrace the love man!!)

Captain Dan.

Protect your guy Tom. I hate the Cubs, but loved them and look at that. Thanks Carrie

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