9/25 Cubs vs. Cardinals

The Cubs close the season with a three-game series in St. Louis against the Cardinals, who are trying to wrap up the NL Central. The Cubs have three pitchers to reach 30 starts apiece (Jeff Samardzija, 32; Travis Wood, 31; Edwin Jackson, 30) for the first time since 2008, when Ted Lilly (34), Ryan Dempster (33) and Carlos Zambrano (30) did so. Despite setting a franchise mark with 56 players used, the Cubs have utilized just nine starting pitchers, its fewest since nine started in 2010.

Here are the pitching matchups vs. the Cardinals:

Friday: LHP Travis Wood (9-11, 2.98) vs. RHP Lance Lynn (14-10, 4.09)
Satuday: RHP Edwin Jackson (8-17, 4.74) vs. RHP Joe Kelly (9-5, 2.81)
Sunday: RHP Jeff Samardzija (8-12, 4.33) vs. RHP Adam Wainwright (18-9, 3.01)


An observer of the Cubs was interviewed on NPR last Saturday by Scott Simon, a longtime Cubs fan. I believe the interviewee was named Rapaport, but please don`t quote me. Rapaport commented that the Cubs do not have one pitcher with a winning record. I guess I should have known that, but admit I did not. Did you all know? Is that another sign we have hit bottom?

Yes. There is only 2 options. 1. Stay there or 2. Move up. Unfortunately, #1 is in the genes of this organization and a whole new basic baseball mindset has to be cultivated to reach #2. There’s always next year.

The Cubs top three starters are 25-40 with a ERA average of 4.35.Wonder what it would be if we could actually put the ball in play.Hitting coaches certainly have to be scrutinized.AAAH the monday morning meeting has to have us Cub fans frenzied!

Theres that famous quote i mentioned days back.Been saying it for years,have got used to it,thats why i commented on it.Theres always next year,Patent it!

Protect your guy Tom. I hate the Cubs, but loved them and look at that. Thanks Carrie
Get a clue about earning longevitity Theo. You rich jerk

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