9/25 Sveum waits for word

Dale Sveum is signed for next season but the Cubs manager and his coaching staff were expected to find out their status for 2014 on Monday in meetings with Theo Epstein.

“I’m not going to sit here and lie and say you’re not wondering what’s going to happen four, five days from now,” Sveum said Wednesday. “That’s just human nature. There’s nothing you can do about it, or control those decisions. You just keep plugging away.”

Last week, Epstein would not say whether Sveum would return, but said the manager and staff were being evaluated. Epstein and general manager Jed Hoyer have said Sveum will not be judged on the Cubs’ record, knowing that the team is in rebuilding mode. Sveum knew that when he took the job.

“Nothing’s really changed,” Sveum said. “The bottom line is we haven’t won as many games as we’d like to. I knew getting this job there was going to be a good chance of people getting traded for prospects and that we needed to get the Minor League system much healthier and hit the jackpot on some free agents that we signed. Nothing’s really changed from what I was told. You’re never promised anything.”

Sveum, in his second full season as manager, said he understood that Epstein and Hoyer had a check list.

“That’s their job to evaluate the organization on a daily basis,” Sveum said. “Wins and losses, they’ve told everybody they’re not evaluating on wins and losses.”

The Cubs finish the season in St. Louis with a three-game series, starting Friday. Sveum and his coaching staff were expected to meet Monday in Chicago with Epstein and Hoyer.

“That’s part of the gig is knowing the day after the season,” Sveum said.

The Cubs have used a franchise record 56 players this season, with a few of those arriving via trades or waiver claims. Sveum is hoping fans can see the progress in the system, including players such as first-round Draft pick Kris Bryant.

“If anybody pays attention, they know we’re much much healthier than we were a couple years ago,” Sveum said. “Our Minor League pitcher of the year [Kyle Hendricks] came from a trade, plus the [addition of] C.J. Edwards and the international signings we’ve had. In two years, it’s come a long way. I think the fans know, but patience can go so far.”

Sveum wasn’t going to alter his style in the final four games.

“I don’t try to do anything other than who I am,” he said. “That’s how I live my life, and that’s my personality. I don’t let a lot of things bother me or dwell on things. There are frustrations that go with everything but I don’t really take it home with me.”

— Carrie Muskat


Well Dale, maybe someone on your staff should take it home with them. When you close out the season a few games short of a 100 losses, I’d say leaving it at the park is not confronting reality. Wins and losses should mean a hell of a lot to an organization because in the overall scheme of things, fans don’t pay to see there team lose. Regardless of what the GM tells you, if you continually leave a bitter pill for the fans to swallow, when they finally throw up, it won’t be pretty.

Been a cub fan for 65 years if dale comes back in 2014 I’m done with the cubs.

Bye Bob.

I`m starting to get nervous about this matter. Am not as confident as I was last week about Dale being retained. I do not want Girardi. I would like to see Sveum sacked, but the manager I want to replace him is not available.

I`m starting to get nervous about this matter. Am not as confident as I was last week about Dale being retained. I do not want Girardi. I would like to see Sveum sacked, but the manager I want to replace him is not available.

You are not confident about Svuem being retained yet you want to see him sacked…You know jhosk when you use the word “confident” that applies an optimistic connotation giving the impression you prefer Sveum to be retained. I must completely disagree with you even with my preferred manager being unavailable I would not let that stop me from preferring Sveum dismissed. This knowing they CAN’T bring Quade back so we are SAFE!! You must be smoking something thinking Girardi would be a downgrade from SVEUM???? SVEUM??? He’s a COACH…AT BEST. Have you not seen him handle Castro’s gaffs? Barney’s plate appearances? His infatuation with Valbuena over Murphy? Odds are Sveum may return because Epstein may want to keep his commitment to a FRIEND….BUT if anything would make that change it is the small window of opportunity to get a REAL manager like Girardi (or Gardenhire….). If Girardi declines his Yankee option the pressure will THEN be on Sveum to DO STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT. Does anybody think Epstein wants to go in the Cubs history book side by side with JIM HENDRY as the two managers that allowed Girardi to “get away”??? JIM HENDRY?!?!?? I don’t. No, uh, uh. Sveum is an afterthought babysitter to Joe Girardi.

You misunderstand me, joey. Is my fault for not providing clarity. I predicted recently that Sveum would surely be retained. I do not want that, but said it based on what Carrie told us not that long ago. She wrote that Theo backed Sveum 100%. I do want Sveum to be terminated, but am concerned about his replacement. I do not want Girardi as I`ve observed him manage and have seen his post game presses etc. He is unimpressive and not the sharpest blade in the drawer. He is boring. I am tired of mediocrity and that is what I have been observing with both Sveum and Girardi. Give me some candidates who can actually motivate players and get them to perform to their peaks.

Hiring Girardi would amount to making a change for the sake of change. I`ve observed him the past several seasons in New York and is ordinary and nothing special. May as well stick with our current skipper if one is thinking about Girardi. Girardi guided a team with the highest payroll in baseball each season he`s been with the Skankees, and how many championships have his team won or even sniffed?

are you kidding me?? Girardi has put together a great season with the crap he had to work with….. who cares if he had the highest payroll … most of those guys were injured and not even playing…. girardi while with the Marlins got them in the playoffs with the LOWEST payroll… PAYROLL DON’T MATTER… its getting that payroll to play to their highest ability!! O and Girardi has won a WS so he knows what it takes…. and he played for the CUbs…. and he is from the Peoria area…. o and his wife is too…. and girardi is a no nonsense type of guy.. health nut…. very smart guy as he went to Northwestern… on his way home from the WS he actually stopped to help a car crash victim…. devote christian….

WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE!?!?!? Because he came from the Yankees? Good Grief!!!!!!!

Some posts its just best to sit back and laugh at petrey10.

whats to laugh at is the ridiculousness in not wanting Girardi to manage this team…. he is on his way to a HOF managerial career

You also told us Samardzjia was a great pitcher. Your opinions are bankrupt.

Shark is our best pitcher… the whole mlb agrees with me and not you … I don’t recall me saying ” great “… he is our #1 pitcher… just didn’t have a good season… I forgot all great pitchers never had a bad season…. try looking stuff up before u run Ur mouth

HOF career? You are the king of hyperbole!

I really dont know about the HOF Managers career, but it could happen. However, if you look at Girardi’s career as a manager starting with the Marlins, you will find a very good 1st year working with youth, same with the 2nd year.
You will find the 2nd year, a tiff with ownership. Turns out Gerardi ran the team on the field, not ownership. That says alot about a leader.
Then he took over the overpaid, well talented Yankees with huge success. Working well with the Veterans. That says alot.
Those same VETS got older, injuries and the team started its downfall and probably will continue for a few years.
Should the Cubs decide to let Sveum go, hire Girardi, I have no complaints. In fact Theo/Jed have done so well since taking over, I fully support whatever they decide.

Unless it is to bring back Quade…right Jasper?!?!? HA!

There are some very good options out there.Scioscia,Girardi,a couple of very good bench coaches even.Even heard the name Maddon thrown out there.This offseason should be very interesting,we have to put our faith in the front office,i think they have done a decent job so far,this next year will tell.

Kenly cub, those are astute observations you make. I once suggested someone like Joe Maddon would be a good choice, but how does one find such a gem? The original article, Mr. Maddon, is not available, as he is signed with the Rays until the end of the 2015 season. Keep in mind Joe Maddon was an unknown when first signed by the Rays several years ago, as he was under the radar mainly because he never played a game in the majors. Now he is regarded as one of best managers in all of major league baseball. Perhaps there is such untapped potential out there right now who would be a fit for our club. Isn`t that part of the reason why Theo is being paid the big bucks; i.e. to mine professional baseball for such talent? Would you not choose to sign such a skipper, Kenly cub, rather than go with a retread like Scioscia or Girardi? Also to Mr. Epstein, one of those retreads will cost you all scads more dough than an unknown who may turn out to be the equivalent of Joe Maddon.

What think you all? I`m wanting some feedback. I covet feedback. Where are you all? Did I tell you Girardi and Scioscia are retreads? We can do better than that. We are better than that. I guarantee it.

Protect your guy Tom. I hate the Cubs, but loved them and look at that. Thanks Carrie

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