9/27 Cardinals 7, Cubs 0

Travis Wood reached a milestone in his final start but couldn’t stop the Cardinals from celebrating. For the third time in five games, the Cubs watched another team spray champagne. Yadier Molina drove in three runs and David Freese and Matt Holliday each hit solo home runs to power the Cardinals to a 7-0 victory on Friday night at Busch Stadium and their first National League Central title since 2009. Last Sunday, the Braves partied at Wrigley Field after their win over the Cubs secured the NL East, and the next day, the Pirates earned a playoff berth with a victory in Chicago.

“You can get something out of it, the guys who have never seen a celebration,” Dale Sveum said. “I’ve already seen it and I don’t like watching celebrations if I’m not involved.”

Lance Lynn struck out eight of the first 11 batters he faced, and finished with nine strikeouts over six innings for the win, which was the Cardinals’ 95th of the season and their most since 100 victories in 2005.

Wood entered the game with 199 innings, and Sveum said the plan was to have the left-hander pitch one inning and that would be enough. The team felt Wood had thrown enough pitches this season, and totaled enough innings. What they didn’t predict was the Cardinals batting around in the first. Wood retired the first two batters, helping himself by catching Carlos Beltran’s popup near the Cardinals dugout for the second out. He then gave up three straight hits, including a line drive to left that Brian Bogusevic just missed. Molina smacked a two-run double, then Freese walked, and Jon Jay followed with a RBI single. Wood intentionally walked Pete Kozma and then struck out Lynn.

“Plays are going to happen, plays aren’t going to happen,” Wood said. “I had plenty of opportunities after that play to get out of it. I had two lefties to get out and several other batters. When you get two outs of the first two hitters, and then face the nine, that’s on me.”

Wood has been the most consistent pitcher on the Cubs, leading the team with 24 quality starts.

“That was a shame,” Sveum said of the first inning. “It kind of makes you want to throw up. Two outs, nobody on and all that happens. It’s too bad. I thought he had one [heck] of a year and was as good as the top 10 guys in the league if not better than that. For what he’s done for our team, it’s a shame how that all turned out.”

The Cubs told Wood they were going to limit him a few days ago.

“They could’ve shut me down,” Wood said. “For them to give me the opportunity to at least start the game and get that 200th inning was huge, and I thank them for it.”

Despite the loss, Wood still finished with career highs in wins, starts, innings pitched and strikeouts.

“You can always do more,” the lefty said. “The record wasn’t what I wanted it to be and the team’s record wasn’t what I wanted it to be. There’s always stuff to improve on.”

— Carrie Muskat


You mean Jeff Samardzjia was not our most consistent? Pet Peeve told us long ago that Jeff was a great pitcher. If that is true, why was he not our most consistent? I`m confused. Also, I would think a great pitcher would have a winning record in a given season. Is that too much to ask? Curious, as no Cubs pitcher has a winning record. Something does not compute. Could someone help myself?

I’ll try. You see, it’s about innings. If you pitch 200 innings, your a warrior in the Cubs organization. Wins and losses are for fan talk. You can be ” consistently ” good or bad. Cubbies are ” consistently” bad. More fan talk. Doesn’t it make you happy that Wood got in his 200 innings? In the end, jhosk, the game, when someone tries to fool around with it will rise up and bite you. Hard. Just like when a manager and general manager think how nice it would be if there pitcher got 200 innings by only pitching the first inning. Someone forgot to tell the Cardinals the plan. They like wins, not losses so they proceeded to beat our brains out, eventually pouring Champagne all over themselves, not caring who got 200 innings.or 500 at bats. End of story.

You mean Samardzija = our #1 pitcher END OF STORY??? THAT comment? Well, I guess you can add Carrie to the looooooooong list of civilized people that are not fooled by HWSRN and his absurd comments. The story evidently never ended when HWSRN declared it ended. HA! Just another LMAO season of obscenity laced comments he gave us jhosk! Sadly entertaining albeit misguided. I think we can all agree on that AND there were no GREAT pitchers on the 2013 Cubs staff.

I hate the Cubs, but loved them and look at that. Thanks Carrie

Dale how the heck are you anyway?
it should have been a headline like that by this time this year.
After this, you want to kill some Cubs?
I’m just watching them die.

Own it next year. You are Theo.

Thanks Dale. I hope my corporate sponsors approve. I am not a dumb jerk. Just kurt.

I hate Len Casper, got nothing on Chip

Good Morning Cub’s fans! Two more games to go. – then it is time for our players to go home, let their bruises heal, let their minds turn to future wins and NOT DWELL on this season’s losses. Let them know also that there were a lot of very positive and great things about their season!. Great defense in all areas, so many close one run games — let them know that next year those close one run games can be their wins, not losses. Let them know that their fans will be there for them as they reboot and rebuild. Eamus Catuli

Let them know hope springs eternal and they may still have a job with ANOTHER organization and let them know that if STILL a Cub, Girardi and NOT Sveum MAY be the manager that will turn some of the one run losses into one run victories. Salve Hiemem.

I forgot most consistent means best…. o wait it doesn’t… most consistent is great and I like Travis in our rotation but if u morons think he has better stuff than shark then u are wrong… sorry… there is a reason shark is number one in the rotation… BC he is our #1 pitcher … granted there are better aces out there but not here

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