9/27 Sveum, staff to find out status on Monday

Dale Sveum will find out Monday whether or not he’ll be back at the helm for a third season. That’s when Theo Epstein will complete his evaluation of the manager and the coaching staff.

“It’s pretty standard at this time of year to take your time to look back at the season and make decisions on what can put the organization in the best position going forward,” Epstein said. “This is part of the process. At the same time, we owe it to everyone involved to get it done quickly and move forward. We’ll finish up the process on Monday.”

Epstein was in St. Louis to conduct end of the season meetings with most of the players along with general manager Jed Hoyer and Sveum.

Epstein first revealed the evaluation process regarding Sveum and his staff last week in Milwaukee. The lack of a definitive vote of confidence from Epstein prompted speculation regarding Sveum’s status.

“It is what it is,” Sveum said of the uncertainty. “It’s not like I have to deal with anything except the norm that comes along with this position and the situation the organization is in, the evaluation process of any team at the end of the year, especially a team that lost 90-plus games. It doesn’t affect me and doesn’t bother me like people might think it does. It’s just part of the process.”

The Cubs lost 101 games in Sveum’s first season in 2012, and will finish in last place in the National League Central this year.

“If you go into something not expecting this [evaluation] then it might be different,” Sveum said. “But when you go into any kind of job like this, you understand these things can happen at any given time. I’ve been around too long and have seen it on both ends. There’s nothing you can do but keep doing the same things you do. It’s not going to change you as a person or a baseball person.”

During the Milwaukee series, Sveum was caught on camera arguing with pitcher Edwin Jackson in the dugout, and the next day, Jeff Samardzija yelled at third base coach David Bell. Kevin Gregg also was upset at being told he would no longer close, but the problem was miscommunication.

“I look at those three little minor brushfires as things that naturally occur at the end of a difficult season and frankly, I think it’s been impressive that under Dale’s leadership we got through 11 months of the regular season without something like that happening,” Epstein said. “Those things are to be expected. If you don’t want those things to happen, then don’t trade 40 percent of your rotation every year. Those things are going to crop up.

“Frankly, the things behind the scenes are more important than some of the brushfires that sometimes become public,” Epstein said. “I don’t think those are a pattern at all.”

Epstein and Hoyer have said repeatedly they are not judging Sveum on the Cubs’ record.

— Carrie Muskat


This report is an example of one`s need to “read between the lines” if ever there was one. The principal reason why Sveum is currently “twisting in the wind” is never cited here. That reason is: both Castro and Rizzo, two core pieces of the Cubs` organization`s future as most believe, have regressed under Dale`s tutelage. He has indeed recognized that fact early on, but has been unable to do anything about correcting the revolting development. Also, anytime someone utilizes the assertion “It is what it is,” look out. That is a red flag that person is desperate for something to say. That is a meaningless expression as is the word “nice” meaningless, and the statement “My heart goes out to you,” when an individual is victim of some misfortune. I detest those phony utterances, and you can be certain anyone who utilizes them is not a mental giant.

I’m not sure what I think about it, but it looks like it could be a matter of negotiating with Joe Girardi (or someone else) about coming over so there can be a quick transition, rather than cut Sveum loose and then not get Girardi and have to get another short term manager.

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I hate the Cubs, but loved them and look at that. Thanks Carrie

I would fire Epstein and Hoyer–bring back Ryne

Sorry Jim – Ryne Sandberg is Phillies manager now and has 3 yr. contract.

If you’re going to blame Sveum for Castro, Rizzo, why not also give him credit for Castillo, Wood and Samardzija getting 200 innings, Rondon’s strong season, Donnie Murphy’s August, Junior Lake’s hot start, Schierholtz’s season. It’s not all bad

Thank you, thank you! A positive report on our 2013 season! As I stated on another post, we have had many good happenings. We lost badly BUT our defense was stellar, some of our players exceeded expectations, we had MANY one run games which can be turned into one run wins next year, we are rebooting and rebuilding with new talent. We can go home, recover, keep training and come back stronger and better equipped ! Eamus Catili

Exactly! Thank you Carrie! I don’t get it. Everyone blames dale for Rizzo and Castro struggling this year, but gives no praise for the great seasons they had last year. Maybe Castro is struggling because the whole organization was trying to turn him into a hitter he isn’t. Maybe Rizzo is having some trouble because he’s never played a whole season here, he hasn’t seen all these pitchers before, he hasn’t been counted on to be “the guy” on a major league club before. These kids are young, they’re still maturing and developing baseball-wise. And just like Carrie said, a number of players have had some great seasons overall, a number of players have come in and made huge contributions to this club. Why does dale get no praise for them? Maybe everyone needs to stop being so negative all the time. It seems like a lot of cubs fans nowadays don’t even want the team to win, they just want to complain about liking a losing team and feeling sorry for themselves

A “hot START” should not even be considered for any credit or blame, Shierholtz had a decent season but nothing to give ANYBODY credit… being decent. ANY manager could pencil in a pitcher to get INNINGS so 200 innings along with a dissapointing ERA and the way Samardzija did NOT shut down the opponent in KEY innings is NOT a very positive season. 200 innings? Really Carrie? If Jackson “amassed” 200 innings that too would be a feather in Sveum’s cap???But all that aside, Sveum should NOT be evaluated on the progression of players unless of course he his INSTRUCTING the players in a certain way. Maybe HE instructed Castro to become more patient in order to get on base more thusly taking a 200 hit per season player and turning him to the 2013 Castro. IF that is the case Svuem should be dismissed for ruining a good thing and not understanding Castro’s value as an aggressive hitter. WE DON’T KNOW THIS to be the case and can’t judge Sveum by this standard. However based solely on Svuem’s ability to MANAGE a game using….ahem…STRATEGY he should be fired. His insistence on leaving Barney (talk about regression….) in for key AB’s late in games to SWING AWAY and or NOT having him sacrifice bunt alone justifies his dismissal. Look at how the Cubs lost in St. Louis on Saturday…GAME ENDING GROUND BALL DP BY BARNEY AND HIS .208 BATTING AVERAGE. What GOOD manager accepts this as proper strategy when seeing it happen ALL YEAR?

If this is intended for myself, I hear you. Your point is well taken. If it is a matter of replacing Sveum with Girardi or Scioscia, I`d suggest sticking with Dale, as those two options offer no upside. If one has candidates who are more inspiring and can motivate players to overachieve the way Joe Maddon can, I`m all ears.

Positives and negatives. Let’s get a couple of young exciting prospects around Rizzo, Castro and the rest of this team. Spring training will be exciting! The year the Cubs win it all there will be a celebration in sports like we have never seen. Go Cubs!!

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