9/27 Wood to get 200 and that’s it

Travis Wood started Friday night against the Cardinals but was done after one inning. The lefty was one inning shy of 200, and will be allowed to reach that mark.

“[Being shut down] is just to protect him and get his milestone, the 200 innings,” Dale Sveum said. “We made that decision and he was OK with it. It’s trying to protect him. There’s no need to push him any further.”

There have been no red flags regarding Wood’s health.

“No, it’s just a lot of innings, pitches,” Sveum said. “He’s thrown about 100 pitches every start. He can get that milestone out of the way and he doesn’t have to prove anything else.”

Did Wood fight Sveum and the Cubs management on this?

“No,” Sveum said.

The Cardinals batted around against Wood in the first, and tallied on a two-run double by Yadier Molina and a RBI single by Jon Jay.

— Carrie Muskat


Well I guess the bullpen will be extra busy tonight! Not exactly a hopeful situation! We shall see —– Go Cubs!

This stinks! You’re playing your arch rival who needs wins to advance towards the World Series and your ” horse ” is going to sit down after one inning? So personal achievements are more important than team accomplishments. Maybe the Cards will reciprocate someday, but it won’t be soon because that organization knows and wants to win ballgames. Good thing I’m not the Commissioner. Someone would be getting a call in the front office and the language would be adult and to the point. After the first inning, why don’t we all walk off the field, send the white sheet up the flagpole and take the first train out of town, eh? What a bunch of baloney.

Well said Diamondjim23! Even if the FO ordered this move the manager needs to step up and show some leadership. Sveum should have either defied the order and told the FO that HE decides during the game how long HIS starter will go, not BEFORE the game or he should have just sat Wood’s but on the bench and ran out another pitcher to the mound with the intention of him going as long as possible. Sveum is on a slippery slope with Quade waiting for him at the bottom…

I agree with Diamondjim23. This is absurd and bogus. Another reason why the manager needs to go; and if the front office ordered this decision, they are culpable of ineptitude as well, and deserve condemnation. We fans deserve more than this incompetence. Do you follow me?

I hate the Cubs, but loved them and look at that. Thanks Carrie

Kurt, you are soooooo inspirational AND a true master with the written word. OMG…..

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