9/29 Thank you

Just a quick note to say thanks and tell you how much I appreciate the comments, good and bad, and your passion for the Cubs. It was a long season, and now it’s time to look ahead to 2014.

— Carrie Muskat


THANK YOU CARRIE! YUP – all in caps because you are appreciated in a big way. You have given us so many articles, reports, updates and interesting news worthy reports this year! It has been a pleasure to see what we have on our plate to discuss every day. I hope you will be around this winter to keep us updated, arguing with each other :)) and in touch with the latest developments. Again thank you!

And I projected the Cubs will win 88 games this season…………..WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?

At least I am still holding to that Braves – Rays World Series prediction.

Carrie you did a A PLUS JOB. Can we see your comments off season? God bless. STAY WELL

I thank you for the many updates during the season. First class performance. I look forward to your reports during the winter months.

Have a great summer, Carrie. Can’t wait to see your updates this summer, if we get any. If not, take a break.

You are so busy doing what you love to fo, you probably don’t realize you are the number 1 MLB reporter in terms in depth comments. Check out the other MLB journalists over the off-season. You deserve a big raise. I, for one, am very thankful for your insights.
Thanks, Carrie. Dan Die Hard (since ’53)

Thank you. You do a wonderful job and I enjoyed my first year of being able to post on your site. Have a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to next year. Go Cubbies!

Carrie, your site is better than having a “shrink”. Thanks for allowing us to vent, befriend, banter and OPINE!!!! Ahem…any word from Girardi yet?🙂


It was a fun year, in chat anyway. So does the chat room shut down now? Does Carrie stop writing updates during the winter?
Who answers questions Cubs fans may have?
Diamondjim will miss his continued education.
Joey will miss his Sveum and Soriano bashing?
White will park her shrimp boat for the winter.
Petrey10 going off on people, AWESOM!!
Kenley cub and his positive attitude while losing.
Jhosk ocassional posts about??
Jasper will miss giving us things to think about and messing with the brownie bag.
But most of all, I will miss the recipes, hearing about peoples health problems, where your from and all that other BS. LMAO

I go off only when needed… most of the time Im fine with Ur logic BC u use some info to back it up… others here think its better and smarter to impose their opinions on everyone bc they think so

Thank you for your kind comment petrey10. Likewise I respect your opinions, I also enjoy when you just go off. Comical yet, informative.

I can be kind when facts and reason are involved … interpret the facts then give Ur opinion …. why is just throwing random comments about misinformed things OK? I’m freedom of speech is great but at some point there is even abuse of that … OK I’m done ranting… here’s to hoping we win the flip for the 4th pick… and I hope we keep sveum or have girardi a done deal before we let him go

I will not miss bashing Svuem and HAVEN’T missed bashing Soriano. One down, one to go…
Thanks for your interpretation of the facts, and more importantly for your opinion as one’s opinion(s) can be so much more interesting for a blog than facts. Facts are good, opinions are good. IT’S ALL GOOD. You know Jasper….you can be so KIND :)!!! THAT’S A FACT AND AN OPINION…is that ok?? Don’t want to confuse anybody, some people may not be able to grasp the paradox.
Thanks for all your comments on my…er…CARRIE’S blog!

Its all good joeydafish, lol. I just have fun with it.

Thanks (I think) — I’ll keep posting throughout the so-called off season, which isn’t an off season after all.

O u mean this is carries blog and not joeys… hmm.. weird

Thanks for all your diligence and heavy lifting in a season, to be polite, has been challenging. We were well informed, and thanks also for letting me continue to post, as there were times I surely deserved to be bounced.

jhosk, I cant think of a time you should have been bounced. Just bad grades for your recipe chat with the brownie bag. lol

I LIKE this side of you Jasper!!! (right White????)

Here is your daily “Brownie Bag” report from Oregon:
1. Shirley Purrl is sad and meowing for more games!
2. “Brownie Bag” is having trouble walking today .
3. Have found a great recipe for roasted tomatoes. (Home grown)
4. Am loving all the “warm and fuzzy” comments being made on this blog! Haha :))
5. “Lobster Boat” is parked til spring.
6. Hoping Carrie will still be bringing us the off season news.
7. Forgiving those who trespass against us and loving those who don’t!
8. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy day!

Not really into speaking of this kind of thing in the chat room brownie bag, but I do have an idea for your tomatoes. Next time you get in your car, take a poke of tomatoes with you.
When you come to a intersection and there is a person with a sign needing help, give them the tomatoes, you will feel good about yourself and when the person looks in the bag, their expression will be priceless as they are wondering, what the _ _ _ _!!!

As always it was my pleasure reading your blog every single day. Thank you, Carrie.

Sveum is officially gone

I guess someone FINALLY interpreted all the facts, figured out Sveum was fired quite a while ago and is of the opinion he is OFFICIALLY gone. It MUST be “official” now….hearing it all over the news channels just wasn’t confirmation enough for me but NOW?. I feel so much better NOW. duh.

Sorry I couldn’t post something sooner on the blog about Sveum. Spent most of today outside Wrigley Field, waiting for word.

Take a break Carrie, you deserve it.

Thanks for all the updates throughout the year. As an eternal optimist, I look forward to next year. At least now we can start rekindling the fires of hope!

I have enjoyed your blogs all summer

Thank you Carrie! I appreciate the extra insider info on the happenings of the Cubbies. Come back next year!

Carrie, Im sorry I haven’t been around this season but the Internet was costing us a little too much and my parents had to cancel it. So I din’t really have a lot of chances to use the internet. But I did watch the games and everything! I hope that next season I can keep up with you, I really did miss being the first to know everything before my dad.!😦 But I did miss everyone on here </3 Next season guys!
~Barney's #1 fan❤


I totally concur with joey, Isabel. I wondered what had happened to yourself, and am ever so pleased to have you back.

Don’t you dare go away again, Isabel!! You have been missed! AND I need someone to “pick on” about OUR Barney! :))

Aww thanks you guys! I have missed it here…I had no one to tell my opinions to except my dad! And when I tell him something it goes in one ear and out the other! haha. But I hope we can have our Internet back, I really did miss you guys! </3 And White I met Barney again and this time I could talk to him! He took a picture with him and we talked for a bit,❤ It was so awesome!!❤ I cried infront of him, haha. But I don't want to leave anymore! </3

Isabel, you were missed. Welcome back.

Oh my goodness Carrie, thank you very much! That means a lot coming from you. I really hope to be back soon! Hopefully the Internet will be up soon again. Thanks you guys for everything🙂

Is impressive to see you complimented by the blog`s author, Isabel. You are highly regarded and in rarefied air, and that is a class act by the site`s originator.

I know! I feel so happy!! And also loved hahaha! 💕

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