10/1 Managerial candidates

FOX Sports and MLB Network’s Ken Rosenthal reports a name to keep in mind for the Cubs managerial opening is A.J. Hinch, current Padres assistant GM and former Diamondbacks manager. Hinch also was the Diamondbacks former farm director, so he has experience with young players. Rosenthal says that according to sources, Hinch is on the Cubs’ list of possibilities, and says he’s a “more viable candidate” than Brad Ausmus.

Hinch, 39, was a catcher from 1998-2004 with the Athletics, Royals, Tigers and Phillies, compiling a career .219 batting average. He took over for Bob Melvin as the Diamondbacks manager in 2009 even though he had never managed or coached at any level. He was fired on July 1, 2010, following a 31-48 start.

He’s currently vice president of scouting for the Padres. What may be appealing to the Cubs front office is that he has a psychology degree from Stanford. Hinch worked with Hoyer on the Padres staff.


A catcher….that’s a good thing. Also, not having any ML experience did not seem to hinder Matheny in St. Louis. I heard Ausmus may be in the running as well. Still hoping for Giriardi!

Well the psych. degree maybe needed these days, but I’d like to see Joe G. first, after that I’m not sure there would be a huge difference. I do like the idea of having an ex-catcher though, a lot of them seem to be very good of managing the game.

I do like the idea of having an ex-catcher though, a lot of them seem to be very good at managing the game.
Coming from a guy who can’t manage his own comment.

That’s funny Doug. Good humor.

The decision should also include teaching hitting and bunting.

How’d that famous Sveum bunting tournament in Spring Training work out for everyone? Cubs were LAST in the NL in bunts. Glad they spent some much time on it.

That`s an excellent point you make, KampOC. I said at the time that bunting tournament was silly and frivolous, and a meaningless exercise. {You can look it up in the archives.}

If Hinch gets the job, the Cubs might as well close up shop and turn Wrigley Field into an amusement park–if it isn’t already. Hinch was horrible in the short time he managed previously. When compared to Hinch, the incompetent Dale Sveum looks like Connie Mack and Joe McCarthy.

I do not care who you get,being a long time cubs fan,and spending just as much time playing hockey as baseball,i hope cub nation can feel the impact of the last 30 minutes just brought on by Blackhawks nation.Go Chitown,be proud!!!!!

Channel 4 in NYC reported tonight that Brian Cashman, the Yankees GM, wants Joe G. to return and that a generous offer will be extended to the current skipper. Cashman is scheduled to meet with Girardi`s agent tomorrow, Wednesday. I saw that MLB Network report re: Hinch. Reporter said the Cubs have interest because Hinch ran a farm system and therefore has experience working with young prospects. For what it`s worth, I`m skeptical about the dude.

Well, I think we should prepare for the possibility that Girardi will return to the Yankees without the Cubs even having a chance to talk with him. At least in that case, you cannot blame the Cubs for not getting him. As for Hinch, I’ve said over the past 24 hours that a guy who has a history of developing players is not good enough if he’s not good at managing games too. After all, working with a player in the batting cages or bullpen before the game is a whole different skill set than effectively managing your bench and bullpen late in a close game. Hinch’s brief record as manager is not good, but then again he had zero managing or coaching experience when he took over the D-Backs. Maybe he’s learned from that experience as well as his front office experience since then? Of course, Hinch is the first non-Girardi name to come up, not the last. They’ll be several more names that come up in the next week or two and we’ll see if any of them do anything for us.

Good points Doug. Why wouldn’t the Ricketts allow Epstein to hire someone such as Hinch to oversee player development IN ADDITION to a highly skilled FIELD MANAGER? Even if they work side by side. Combining both, or as many attributes as possible into ONE field manager may be asking too much. It will be a shame if Girardi is unavailable but if so I would hope the emphasis is on MANAGING the game and allowing the young players with the proper mind set to be ML stars to rise to the top.

Did not Brad Ausmus`s name come up prior to Hinch`s, Doug? Why is he managerial material, btw? Am not questioning that he is; just asking. Does anyone know?

I don’t know if Ausmus’ name came up as a candidate. The only place I heard his name mentioned is in comparison to Hinch, and Hinch seems to be favored over Ausmus. He could be a candidate as well, but right now it doesn’t seem like he’s at the top of their Plan B list. As for Hinch as a player development guy, organizationally-speaking that’s Tim Wilken’s job and the Cubs seem happy with him. On-field-speaking, player development is the job of the coaches, and if the Cubs hire someone else as the manager then it would probably be his call on who to bring in to fill out the coaching staff. And would Hinch leave the front office for just a coaching position? I guess it depends on if he wants his career path to end at General Manager, or if he wants to give being the Manager another shot someday.

Hinch would be an AWFUL choice…another short timer, place holder. If the Cubs are serious, they should pursue Jose Oquendo. He has 14 years of coaching experience that includes defensive instructor, bench coach, 3rd base coach, and manager of the Puerto Rican World Team. He’s been on championship teams and understand what it take to win and have a culture of winning. Theo, are you listening?


Am I too late to get in on this? OOPS _ CAT ON THE KEYBOARD>

I think they know who Jose Oquendo is. Sure, throw his name into the mix, but my only concern is why has he not become a manager somewhere yet? As you say, he’s been a coach for 14 years and twice led Team Puerto Rico in the WBC. In that time, every team has had at least one managerial opening. Heck, even the Cardinals didn’t hire him when they had an opening two years ago. Does Oquendo want to be a manager? Is he just waiting for the right opportunity? Or is there some kind of personal reason why no team has snatched him up yet?

FYI, Peter Gammons mentioned Ausmus as possible candidate

Hinch would be the worst choice, he was terrible as manager of the D’backs.
Bring him on staff as a coach? but not the manager.

Mary, I love it! “Cat on the keyboard” :)) I have the same kitty problem – they just have it be in on everything! The only positive I can see about Hinch having a psychology degree is that he might be able to figure out Castri’s attention deficit problem. Just saying ——-!

There are so many more candidates available,i think the front offfice has a board up,much like a draft board,the longer the wait maybe the better names that become available.This will not happen quickly,the longer maybe the better.How about Davey Martinez,Bob Brenly,Jim Riggleman,Sandy Alomar Jr.We can only speculate but i think the Cubs are moving forward.By the way those are just a few more names thrown out there.Reaction.

Dave Martinez, sure, bring him in for an interview and see what he’s got to offer. Bob Brenly, I know he’s well known to Cubs fans, but the guy hasn’t managed a game since 2004. That’s a long time to be out and even he admits that his window to get another managerial job has probably closed. Jim Riggleman, somewhat interesting, somewhat been there done that. He did manage some of the younger Nationals players, but he also quit his job in the middle of the season. Sandy Alomar, Jr., he’s been mentioned as a candidate for other jobs recently, so might as well bring him in and see what the fuss is all about. There are definitely some interesting names out there. Girardi is no doubt their top choice, but if he is not available then I don’t know if there is a clear #2 choice just yet.

Jim Riggleman??? Cat on the keyboard???

Of all those names you cite, I like Brenly. Had forgotten about him, frankly. I assumed he became persona non grata with the Cubs organization when he left the broadcast booth. Perhaps not? Could he have left in an amicable manner? I recall he made some intelligent observations about the Cubs when a broadcaster. Was impressed with him. Am I wrong? Am still waiting for someone to tell me why Ausmus`s name surfaced early on . Why could he be a candidate?

I just Googled “Brad Ausmus Cubs” and all that came up were a bunch of blogs making the case for Ausmus or just speculating that he could be a candidate. I did not see any actual insiders mention the Cubs and Ausmus, unlike with Hinch who has been linked to the Cubs by several insiders including Ken Rosenthal. Hinch and Ausmus both work in the Padres front office, the Padres GM is Josh Byrnes who worked under Theo Epstein in Boston and with Jed Hoyer in Boston and San Diego. Hinch and Ausmus are both former catchers, probably the position that generates the most managers and coaches in baseball. Ausmus was also in the running for the Astros managerial position last season, so his name has been brought up recently for other jobs too. So connections to Theo and Hoyer, connections with Hinch, played a position where you have to know the overall game strategy pretty well, and recent buzz for other managerial positions are probably why people are speculating about Ausmus. However, until an actual insider links Ausmus to the Cubs, it’s just internet buzz and nothing more.

Thanks for that, Doug. After i wrote that yesterday, I read somewhere that Ausmus interviewed for the Red Sox job in the past, but GM Ben Cherington preferred another candidate.

Rays Joe Maddon has become leading candidate according MLB sources.

I haven’t heard anything on Maddon leaving the Rays and considering they are still in the playoffs, I find it highly unlikely that the Rays would let anyone near him and that Maddon has given any thought to another job. Plus there is nothing about that on the mlbtraderumors website so who exactly are those “MLB sources” and where exactly did you hear that rumor?

There is no way…. Just bc u read it on internet doesn’t make it true…. U do this all the time ct…..

How can that be? Maddon is signed through 2015 by Rays. I would love for this to be true, Cubs Talk, but do not see how it`s possible. Please explain.

How can that be, Cubs Talk? Maddon is signed through 2015 by Rays. Would love for it to be true, but do not see how it`s possible. Please explain.

Where are you, Cubs Talk? I`ve been waiting for two days for you to tell us why it is plausible that Joe Maddon could become our manager.

Where are you, Cubs Talk? I`ve been waiting two days for you to tell us why it is plausible that Joe Maddon could become our manager.

A lot of speculation/opinions. There will be more names thrown out there, the bottom line is, Epstein/Hoyer will make the decision who the next manager is.
That makes me happy, that it is not the Fans choice. Not many of you will be happy and this Cub fan will support whoever Management chooses.
My only exception would be Dusty Baker, he is as a big of an idiot as some people that post here.

So we have a new “name calling” word of the day! Anyone who does not agree with you is an “IDIOT” ! It is amazing how one can think things are going smoothly on this site, that we are respecting all opinions and the very next moment we are back to being disrespectful. The Cubs lost on the field but the biggest losers are the fans who choose rudeness over civility!

Like a liberal, you twisted the words around.
Unless of course you include yourself in that last line?

Liberal??? Twisting??? Huh??? There is no getting around this comment Jasper regardless of what you think of WHITE’S comment. YOU are calling Dusty Baker an idiot and some people that post here idiots. YOUR point was that Dusty Baker is of the same LEVEL of idiocy as some of the people that post here. YOUR words. Calling people idiots is with out doubt disrespectful…you id…you….you…commentator!!!

Well, remember?? Dusty Baker was and is an idiot. How many starting pitchers arms did he destroy?
Lets not forget Dusty bakers racial comment while with the Cubs. White guys cant take the heat of day games.
Look it up.

I’m not looking anything up pal because regardless of what Baker said that does not make calling him or anybody an idiot justifiable. ESPECIALLY fellow commentators on a blog for ALL Cubs fans regardless of their “intelligence”. YOU called Baker an idiot, YOU called fellow commentators idiots. YOUR intelligence may in fact be in question more so than “some people that post here”, all of whom are contributing to the vitality of Carrie’s blog, hence the dialogue. You sound desperate and juvenile. “Look it up”. Oooooh…..what a fascinating challenge in futility as I would think a lot of us REMEMBER Baker’s comments and STILL would refrain from calling him an idiot and instead maintain our dignity and civility. Just when I thought you were turning the corner and joining in on some casual, fun bantering….it seems your true colors are “shining” through. “Look it up”…as you would so commonly offer: LMAO.

Joey, your getting more childish by the day. Grow up.

This site is sinking to new lows. Am still waiting for Cubs Talk to respond. Am losing more confidence in yourself as each hour passes. Do you follow me?

Lets face it Epstein blew it when he passed on Sandberg

Epstein did the right thing not hiring Sandberg. The negative history would never have left in Chicago, ask Grace, Palmeiro and Martinez about it.

I don`t buy that, Jeff. What has Ryne done to demonstrate he can excel as a manager? He has the opportunity now in Philly. Let`s see what he`s got. If he`s got the goods, the Phils and he will be in the play-offs in 2014, but until he does something, he`s just another warm body.

If having personality is part of the job description for major league manager, then Ryno is handicapped, as he is lacking in that department. Do you recall a Chicago writer back in the 80`s when Sandberg was still active, comparing Ryne`s personality to that of a Chia Pet?

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