10/1 Yankees and Girardi

Yankees GM Brian Cashman met with the New York media on Tuesday and said they’ve started negotiations with manager Joe Girardi on a new contract.

“We’re going to give him a real good reason to stay,” Cashman said.

If Girardi returns, Cashman said they would like to bring the entire coaching staff back as well.

The former Cubs catcher has been mentioned as a possible successor to Dale Sveum, who was dismissed on Monday after two seasons as Cubs manager.

— Carrie Muskat


Oops! There goes Girardi! Maybe…..

C’mon White…DON’T GIVE UP HOPE. We survived the 2013 season, we can survive the Yankees’ threats…..uh…right? Girardi would give the entire organization the much needed shot in the arm!!! (Send him a brownie, no make that a DOZEN brownies….THEN get him to sign a contract)

Oregon Brownie Voodoo at work! Abra Kadabra! :)) :)) :))

Sounds like Epstein/Hoyer gave Yankee Management a sense of urgency on Girardi and new contract. The other day, Girardi stated that contract amount had nothing to do with his decision, now we will see if thats true.

Even if Girardi accepts a higher amount from the Yankees that does not mean we will see if “it is true”. Girardi may very well accept an offer from the Yankees for reasons OTHER than money. It won’t be his fault the Yankees may offer more than the Cubs, and at the same time Girardi may simply want to keep his children in NY schools etc.
I give the man the benefit of the doubt for choosing a job offer regardless of money and I will not ASSUME he accepted either offer because of JUST a higher amount of money. We may never “see” if it’s true as we don’t personally KNOW the man. But of course some of us KNOW things….

Maybe you right once Joey, not we. ME!!!!

If we could get Girardi, Maddux as pitching coach, and someone, anyone, who can teach the “kids” how to hit and to forsake trying to get a homerun…..then perhaps we have a chance to go better than .500 next year, and the playoffs the following yearS……..wishful thinking?????????????????

It is wishful thinking….but I am with you!!

I highly doubt Greg Maddux (if that’s the Maddux you were talking about) is interested in being a pitching coach. His post-playing career has been spent as an “adviser” in the front office, which means he’s able to play golf and spend time with his family for most of the year, which he definitely could not do if he were a coach. I wouldn’t mind Maddux returning to the Cubs front office in some capacity, but it’s unlikely that he will be in uniform on the field of play.

Let me give this a try. The Yankees have heard the rumors and it would be dereliction of duty for Cashman not to try and head off any other major league club from trying to get the inside track. But I would say this to Joe Girardi. What is in NY for you to accomplish there? If you want to stay with the Yankees and help them rebuild, it’s a noble gesture and loyalty is a positive character trait. But, the Cubs offer you an opportunity to use your skills to help a franchise that is starving for experienced leadership, a fan base who would bear with you the trials and tribulations of bringing a pennant and a possible World Series Championship to a part of the city that would immortalize the very essence of your accomplishment. Not for just that year or years, but for decades to come. And what better place than to leave a legacy? In your home state and at the very place you started your career. How many players, managers, front office people can say that or done it. Come on home Joe. We’ll all pitch in to help you getter done!

WOW! Awesome Diamondjim, way to go bud.

That was well put Diamondjim, awesom!!!

Girardi,and then what? The freakin’ Cardinals are still in the division!!

Baby steps Dave…baby steps…

So what? They didn’t win the division last year. And this year they didn’t clinch the division until the final day of the season. Yes, they are usually tough to beat, but it’s not like they’ve won the division by 20 games every year for the past decade.

Hi Carrie; I know there are many candidates to fill the shoes for a CUBS manager, but there are 2 guys that will be nice the CUBS take a look at them. 1st, Dave Martinez who is been working closed to Joe Maddon driving the Rays 4 times in 6 years this team to the post season, Martinez is a veteran and know how to handle young players and get the best out of them; 2nd Tony Pena Who has been working closed to Joe Girardi with the Yanks also Drove the Dominican team to the World Championship, He has character and earned the respect to the young talented kids who were part of this team.

I like Martinez and the fact he has worked close with Maddon. I would have to say I would prefer him over HInch if Girardi is unavailable. Great point Guillermo.

Just posted on the first article,this is gonna be interesting because the Cubs job is very interesting.Is there actually someone out there that can help the unthinkable,a World Series for the Northsiders!

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