10/3 Girardi update

The New York Daily News reports the Yankees aren’t willing to give the Cubs a chance to talk to Joe Girardi. Yankees GM Brian Cashman would not say whether the Cubs have asked for persmission to talk to Girardi, according to the Daily News’ Mark Feinsand. The Cubs are searching for a new manager after dismissing Dale Sveum on Monday. Cashman has met with Girardi’s agent this week to discuss a new contract. Girardi’s contract expires at the end of the month. Girardi, 48, was drafted by the Cubs in 1986, and played for the team from m1989-92 and again in 2000-02. According to Feinsand, Girardi would return to the Yankees if given a new three-year deal. He did attend Northwestern University, but does not have the strong family ties to the Chicago area as he did in the past, plus his children are settled in New York area schools.

There also are reports Girardi could talk to FOX Sports about filling Tim McCarver’s spot. McCarver is retiring after this season.


As I said the other day. – oops, bye bye Girardi! He has become less and less of a candidate especially knowing that his family is pretty much settled in New York!

And da gotta da nice Italian food der too!!

No brownies???!!! :))

I thought Girardi’s contract was up. Why would they need permission to talk to him?

It expires 11/1.

Contact expires end of this month. October. What is interesting is that the contract has not been finalized before now. It isn’t as if Cashman was unaware that his manager’s contract was coming to an end. To me that is a big question mark as to his relationship with the Yankee front office. If Girardi wants to manage, his best option is Chicago, notwithstanding any noise we hear about children and schools. Is Joe’s kids in a public school system in NY? I don’t think so. Most anyone would be better in the Fox booth than McCarver, but if Joe thinks that’s where he thinks the grass is greener, he doesn’t know the business in this day and age. Just ask Lou Pinella.

But ask yourself why, from Girardi’s perspective? So he’s from Peoria and went to Northwestern and once upon a time played for the Cubs. So what. He’s been a Yankee much longer than a Cub, family grew up in NY, and the Yankees aren’t settling in to sucking for the next 10 years. Why oh why would Joe want anything to do with this job. Why not stay where the family is and continue to compete and win regularly, as opposed to this mess?

I agree with you – why leave New York. At least the Yankees have a winning tradition, rather than the promise wait till 2015 or maybe it may be 2016. What happens if the Cubs “great” prospects don’t pan out? Will the new manager face the same criticism that Sveum just went through.


I hope he comes back to manage the Cubs but I too must agree with your astute observation KampOC. Could the allure of bringing a WS appearance to the Chicago Cubs be THAT intoxicating? One can only hope so. Maybe Girardi can put in a clause that if the payroll is not at or above 200 million within three years he can opt out? That might give him some reason to believe the Ricketts will spend some dough on the field and not just boast about the rising stars that have yet to even make an ML debut? And if the Ricketts refuse….that may be a red flag regarding how willing they are to a committed, winning roster. We all know that the youngsters will not be enough to bring a WS appearance. PRICY veterans either by trade or free agency will be an absolute ingredient to this recipe. Especially starting pitchers.

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