10/4 Girardi update

According to ESPNNewYork.com, the Yankees have made Joe Girardi a new contract offer and are waiting for his decision. Girardi’s current three-year, $9 million contract runs through the end of October. A source told ESPNNewYork.com that Girardi may take the weekend to decide whether he’ll accept the offer. If Girardi says no to the Yankees, and the Cubs want to speak to him, they most likely would have to wait until Nov. 1. Theo Epstein has said he wants to have the new manager in place by the GM meetings, which are Nov. 11-13 in Orlando.


One could say in the old days, these kinds of negotiations were for show and maintaining fan interest, post season. But in today’s world with instant communication and the amount of money involved, for any organization which doesn’t have there manager and field leader signed, in my opinion, spells trouble.
And it means Theo better have his best offer ready come midnight Nov. 1.

Diamondjim, I am sure there are a few plans in place. If Girardi is the main target, as stated, it wont be until the end of OCT. Epstein stated he would like to have a manager in place by NOV 11-13. I don’t see the rush?
Even if Girardi is the main target and the Yankees sign him, there are back up plans in place. No biggie, just something to write about,

I’m going to get my comment in before Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dumb show up and start talking about brownies and other things that demonstrate that they are idiots. I don’t get why the Yankees would not allow the Cubs to speak with Girardi even if Girardi says no to the Yankees offer. If Girardi says no, the Yankees would have to move on to Plan B anyway, and pissing off the Cubs front office would make them less likely to be willing to talk potential trades in the future. As for the Cubs having a manager in place by November 11-13, I’m sure if they could make an official offer to Girardi today, they would. As for other candidates, they’re just waiting to see how the Girardi situation plays out before the start bringing people in. In the next few days, the Cubs will know if they can talk to Girardi or not and will no doubt proceed with their managerial search one way or another.

Geez – What would we idiots do without your brilliant baseball savvy? Am I Tweedle-dum or Tweedle -dee? Looks like this is going to be another brownie baking day to get us through. Anyone who needs a sweet treat contact Connie White, Idiot At Large, Esq. :))

Brownies and other things…other things…other things…oh, like other things such as name calling and intolerance? Yep, I guess those are other things to talk about on this blog since they are part of the blog. But I would much rather talk BROWNIES! Going to get some now White…
Blessings to you!!!

Very nice to see baseball talk Doug. As for the Tweedle twins, they own this board.

Tweedle-dum and Tweedle -dee went to sea in a fishing boat! They packed their bags with brownies and Cub’s hats and delicious Wrigley hot dogs and fries. They made sure to take a beautiful Cub’s blanket along and they sang and sang “Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the ball game” all day long! And they found hundreds of fellow Cub’s fans along the way! They formed a flotilla of cheering Cubbies and what a sight to see! Eamus Catuli

And YOUR reply to Doug was “Baseball talk”? it was a veiled slight and of course you KNOW it because you KNOW all things. You are as prone to non-baseball, bantering comments as the next Tweedle Dee Jasper which you’ve proved time and time again with your comments toward White and myself but your narcissism prevents you from realizing it. You may be up to speed on the draft, the minor league system and gosh a whole bunch of stuff that we idiots would never dream of existing beyond the ML ball club but you sir are no more a fan than any other fan as being a fan is not based on the STUDY of an entire organization’s business. I take heart that at least you keep your language clean, at least the world at large has that little “gift” from you, thank you so much your majesty. My twin may be Tweedle but your twin? Sends shivers through my soul (a soul is…oh forget it…) thinking of WHO your twin is and the dark place he resides. I prefer the civil company I keep and the fans on the boat!!

Lol agree with u in more ways than one

I meant Doug….keep it up Doug u r needed

White i did not even finish reading the comment above.Lets keep it positive doug.What you said is true as far as the manager search,i am glad that you are the only one that realized that.I bow to you,for your are much more knowledgable than we Tweedle-dums and dees. By the way i am sure Whites brownies ROCK!

I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Girardi in a Cubs uniform again. We need a manager with winning experience, someone who can handle the pressure, someone who understands pitchers (and catchers!). Girardi fits the bill on all three counts. He did an impressive job in NY considering how much talent they lost due to injuries and other, um . . . circumstances this year. I for one am glad that Sandberg didn’t get the job a few years ago because he most likely would have done no better than Sveum with the current lack of talent at the big-league level—and then we would all be griping about his shortcomings instead of remembering what a great player he was back in the day.

Very well stated D-man. I know not everyone agrees, but this poster does.

Decisions, decisions — having cheered on Ted Williams at the Red Sox games years ago and having an ex-Cub David DeJesus playing for Tampa Bay. — who shall I root for today?? :))

Anybody on the Pirates White!

Guess not. I can root for the Pirates because I was born in Philadelphia I guess. That’s all I got! :))

Cub’s management is not allowed to talk to Girardi yet? If that is the case and a ton of Cub’s fans are wanting Girardi as the new manager why can’t the fans talk to him? I bet there is no law against that!! So. – while he is “thinking” about staying with the Yankees this weekend why not BARRAGE him with tweets, E-mails, telegrams, any form of media we can find that will let him know he is needed in Chicago! It would be great to have the fans have an impact on his decision! No harm in trying!

White you actually might not be pulling for the BUCS as much as not pulling for the Redbirds.By the way you have a friend,as the license plate says,from Pennsylvania,only the Pittsburgh side.Enjoy your Sunday.

Go Pirates! Beat the Cardinals! :)) Yes, Kenly cub I am a transplanted Easterner! Lived in PA, NJ, CT, MAINE. Been a Web-footed Oregonian for 55 of my 78 years! Waiting for the game today! Waiting to hear who will be managing our Cubs next year, waiting for the 2014 games to begin — hoping we will be closer to the playoffs in the future! YOU have a great day too. :))

Marlon Byrd, a former Cub, is a Pirate and another reason to cheer for the Bucos. The Byrdman is not just along for the ride; he`s a key factor in the series. How is a web-footed Oregonian distinguished from the common garden variety state resident, White? Am curious.

i thank they should sign FIESTA

Good morning jhosk! Being a web-footed Oregonian means you have withstood many years of the relentless Oregon rains and that in the process you have grown web feet which makes you a “tried and true” resident of the state! :)) the athletes of the Univ. of Oregon are called the “Ducks”. True Oregonians do not carry umbrellas! :))

So who was the PTBNL in the DeJesus trade?

White, thanks for that explanation. Is one more reason to admire Oregon and the folk who reside there. Is one of my favorite states to visit.

I think cash considerations.

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