10/7 Manager update

Former Major League manager Manny Acta and San Diego bench coach Rick Renteria are among the candidates for the Cubs’ managerial vacancy. There were reports Monday that the Cubs front office has talked to both Acta and Renteria as they search for a replacement for Dale Sveum, who was dismissed one week ago.

Acta, 44, managed the Nationals and Indians, and was dismissed from both jobs. He compiled a 158-252 record with the Nationals from 2007-09, and a 214-266 record with the Indians from 2010-12. Renteria has spent the last two seasons as the Padres’ bench coach and was the manager for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. He played parts of five seasons with the Pirates, Mariners and Marlins, and has managed in the Marlins and Padres organizations.

The Cubs have not asked for permission to talk to Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux, who was interviewed for the manager’s job prior to 2012.

Joe Girardi has yet to indicate whether he will accept the Yankees’ latest offer. His contract with the team expires Oct. 31.


Acta makes zero sense. He doesn’t fit the criteria of successful experience at all. His teams were horrible, and suddenly starting winning shortly after he left. He wasn’t with the Nats when Harper and Strassburg rolled into town so no experience with that development. Indians were bad last year, in the playoffs this year.

If Epstein & Hoyer are using these two as an approach for making an attempt to hire a new manager, then they already have lost the argument. Is there any rational in courting two “loser’s” with track records to prove it? It certainly looks like a “good old boy’s network thing” to me. Which means fans can hold there feet to the fire by writing letters, emails, carrier pigeons, whatever to get serious or forget the loyal support for an obvious insult to our intelligence.

Its nothing more than gossip and rumors, there is not one thing to get upset about.
If Girardi is the target, the Cubs cant talk to him for 24 more days.
In the mean time it does not hurt to look at and discuss all other options.

Diamond, one can’t help but get upset when we hear anything other than Girardi coming to the Cubs. And when we hear names such as Acta and Renteria we just shake our heads with wonder….BUT, when you think of it we really don’t know if and when any of these “alternate” candidates will come in to their own and things will click for them, possibly like Matheny or Mattingly?? I know, I know….we could have said the same about Sveum…. your point is well taken. We are left with only the hope of Hoystein getting it right THIS TIME. Keep the faith.
You would think Alomar would be getting more serious consideration than these two guys, no?

I wish people would stop over-reacting to every name that gets thrown out there. Girardi is still the Cubs’ #1 choice and they would not hire any of these other fools before Girardi makes his decision on the Yankees. The Cubs are simply doing their due diligence on their Plan B so if Girardi decides to return to the Yankees, they’ll already have some insight as to who the #2 choice would be. Of course, if Girardi announces today that he would like to talk to other teams, I’m sure the Cubs would have him in Chicago tomorrow and he probably wouldn’t leave town without an offer being made to him. As for the names they are looking at for Plan B, there really is no other sexy name out there. Dusty Baker? Been there, done that. Jim Riggleman? Ditto. Eric Wedge? No thanks. Bobby Valentine? Did you not watch any of the 2012 Red Sox? Charlie Manuel? How about no. Ron Gardenhire just resigned with the Twins, Mike Scioscia doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and Ryne Sandberg is locked into the Phillies job for three years. So if not Girardi, it’s going to be someone who has never managed before at the big league level, or had a brief and unsuccessful stint the first time around a few years ago. It won’t be a name that wows you, so just get used to that now and hope that Girardi decides to bolt New York.

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