10/8 Manager search

There are reports that Joe Girardi will let the Cubs know today whether or not he wants to be considered for the manager’s job. Girardi played for the Cubs, grew up in downstate Peoria, Ill., and attended Northwestern. But he’s also pointed out that he’s made a home in Westchester County, N.Y., and his children are involved in the schools there. His Midwest ties aren’t as strong as they were in the past. Girardi is under contract with the Yankees through Oct. 31.

Former Indians manager Manny Acta and Padres bench coach Rick Renteria are the latest candidates added to the list for the Cubs managerial vacancy. Acta, 44, met Monday with Epstein, GM Jed Hoyer and assistant GM Randy Bush.

“I’m sure they have more people to talk to … so we’ll just let the process play out,” Acta told the Chicago Tribune.


At one time, I think I heard that Dave McKay was writing a list of baseball instructions as to how the Cubs should be trained and playing. I believe the old Dodgers had a similar instruction book which was a must for all players in their system at every level.
This would included simple directions, such as throwing to a cutoff man and not over the catchers head as I saw Eddie Lake do from center field. Hope Dave continues with his instructions and also hope he sticks with the Cubs.

Who is Eddie lake….. Geez

I’m officially worried that TheoJed thought Acta worthy of an interview.

Why JimOC? What is wrong with looking at every available option, there is plenty of time.

Because I was hoping they wouldn’t consider him as an option, based on his experiences.

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