10/9 Girardi to Yankees

OK, Cubs fans, it’s time for Plan B. Joe Girardi has reportedly signed a four-year contract with the Yankees.

A Cubs source said Tuesday that the search for a new manager will take several weeks. Theo Epstein has said he’d like to get the manager in place by the GM meetings, Nov. 11.


Who’s the ” source”?

MLB trade rumors

It’s being reported all over now that the Yankees officially announced it, so I guess it’s a done deal. On to Plan B, which will no doubt be a no-name, but hopefully someone who will turn out to be a success as the Cubs begin their climb back to respectability.

Actually, no, it wasn’t Trade Rumors.

Actually, thats where I seen iy first.

This is discouraging, Girardi remaining with the Yankees puts the pressure on Hoystein to come through with a great alternative. Frankly, I am afraid we are more than likely rolling the dice for plan B to be better than Sveum….what am I saying???!!! I think just about any of the mentioned plan B candidates will be better than Sveum. No matter who it is, the new manager will certainly instill a new hope in us fans just because he is NOT Sveum. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Mike Maduxx and Sandy Alomar Jr. in the mix.

I agree 100%. Sveum was gone regardless of Girardi’s availability, and I’m sure the Cubs feel that they can find a better manager out there even without Girardi on the table. I think those are two qualified candidates who should be considered and hopefully the Cubs will make the right call. We’ll see what happens going forward, and thank you for proving me wrong.

I am curious,doug,jasper jiggs,what is your backup plan now.You guys have been more than outspoken the last couple of days,idiots,namecalling and so forth.Are you now going to talk about the draft board,the fall back plan i talked about having in place a week ago.IDIOT!

I’m not sure what draft board or fall back plan you are talking about. Joey did name Mike Maddux and Sandy Alomar Jr above and I said I would be fine with either one. Now that Girardi’s off the table, there’s not really one guy you can pinpoint and say he’s the one the Cubs should get. For all I know, Rick Renteria would be a great choice, but since most fans know nothing about him, I am hesitant to say the Cubs should or shouldn’t hire him. So go ahead and throw out your favorite coach to take over as manager and that name would probably be as good of a choice as any as far as I know. As long as the reasons you have for that name make sense, then who am I to argue? Then again, if you want Bob Brenly because he used to be an announcer here and he managed a World Series winning team 12 years ago, I might voice some objection to that. Oh, and any ex-Cubs player for the single reason that they are an ex-Cubs player… I would probably voice some objection to that too. But really, it could be anyone I guess.

Kenly cub, dont really understand you taking a position on this, but this idiot will try to address your question:
I thought Girardi was the perfect candidate, i have mentioned over the past week his experience with the youth, Marlins. His work with a pitching staff, his in game manager decisions. I also stated that whoever Theo/Jed chose would be supported by me 100%
Other than Girardi, can I name a candidate? No ! Why? Because I do not pocess the inside knowledge that Cubs Management has, I am not privy to the dinners and interviews.
Can I throw a name out there, like M Maddux or Alomar? Of course I can, but I would not know what I am talking about. Why?
Because I do not know if they can work with youth? I do not know their in game manager skills. I could say M Maddux because of his Pitching Coach success, but that doesnt mean he knows how or when to call a Hit & Run.
I was really hoping for Girardi, after that, I must wait for Managements decision and support their decision. Why? Because I want to see the Cubs as an Organization succeed.

How about Bob Brenley? Didn’t he win a world series?

12 years ago. And he hasn’t managed a game in 9 years. And he won in Arizona with a bunch of veterans. The Cubs are looking for someone with experience working with younger players and developing them at the big league level. I like Bob Brenly as a broadcaster, and that’s why I’m sure his name comes up in fan discussion, but I don’t think he’s what the Cubs are looking for to take them back to respectability.

Chip Kelly was the Univ. of Oregon football coach, a winning team, and has become the Philadelphia Eagles football coach. We could draw from the most outstanding and winning college baseball coaches and not from the few MLB managers who haven’t had any great winning seasons. Since we are looking for someone who is good at working with young players there might be a college coach out there who would meet our needs.

Am pleased Joe G. is no longer an option. He`s a retread close to burning out. I know ownership was enamored with Joe G. and heard tell Theo was not. Am hoping the next hire is someone sans a high profile, and who has never managed a major league team, but is knowledgeable and hungry to prove himself. That description fit Joe Maddon when he was first signed to skipper the Rays. Do you follow my drift?

Enjoy the game tonight jhosk! Go Pirates! :))

Thanks for that , White. I live in Pa. as you know, and am for certain pulling for the Bucos, but would cheer for any team vs. the Cardinals, even were they from Mars. Let`.s hope the Byrdman has an exceptional game and contributes to his team`s victory. Wainwright is stellar, and is going to take superb pitching by Pirates to vanquish the Cards.

As you were, the Pirates lost. Are you shocked? I`m not. Pittsburgh is in a no better place than our Cubs. The Bucos had a great regular season, but came up small in the play-offs. Now we have to endure a Dodgers/Cards series, two clubs I do not admire, to put it politely. Do you all follow me? We can modify this scenario in the future if we are smart. Are we up to the challenge? We need to field a club which can defeat the Cards and all other competitors. Is not that complicated. Let`s get real. If you disagree with myself, bring it on. I covet controversy. Do you follow myself?

jhosk, see if you follow this?
Discussing baseball with White or Joey would be like playing chess with a pidgeon.
first they would get on the board, knock over all the pieces, crap on the board, then strut around like they won the game.

I follow yourself jhosk. Although the two teams leave a void when it comes to rooting for one or the other…the decision is easy. I will root for the Dodger because they are playing the Cardinals.
The word “endure” was spot on. Have a great day.

A good morning to jhosk and joey! Yes, jhosk I follow you! You enjoy a good polite debate about the Cubs and their future as do joey and I. Sometimes we have to wend our way through the “muck” but I think we will be able to stay the course! Sad to lose last night and not much to root for tonight. Detroit might be the one. Perhaps Carrie will have an update for us on the manager search. Have a great day!

Maybe Girardi should’ve gone to the AZ Fall League game Wednesday to see Almora, Soler and Bryant. That might have changed his mind

Good one Carrie! If the next manager bargains (insists?) on a FIVE year contract he will most assuredly see a legit playoff run during that time. Three years or less may be pushing things but that could all change if the vault is opened for some ACE pitchers.

Then again, it could be a few of the Pitchers joey speaks of, are already in the system.
Loux, Kendricks, Viscaino, Jokich, Cabrera, Beeler, Rhee, Black, Wells, Franciscan, Loosen, Johnson, Pineyro, Edwards, Burke, Blackburn, Pugliece, Maples and Underwood.
All of the above with decent to very good years. Loux and Viscaino on the DL. Of course we all know, not all will make it.
But with that group above, it is possible there will be an ace or two. It is possible there is a #2 or two. It is possible there is a #3 or two.
If even three of the above come up and do well, there will be no need to spend on FA pitching, saving many more dollars.
It is my believe this is the reason for young prospect Pitchers in just about every trade, after drafting the best player available, the concentration is on Pitching.
Epstein and Hoyer are doing a great job building from the bottom up.

It`s the Tigers vs. the Bosox. Am predicting the Red Sox will prevail, as they have far more weapons. The Dodgers/Cards series is more problematical to call. I can`t do so. Am welcoming your opinions.

Good morning jhosk. Well it is sure getting down to the “nitty-gritty” of these playoffs! I think the Red Sox will prevail. I will also root for them because Ellsbury is one of our Oregon State players who was coached by Pat Casey. Several of his players have gone on to the MLB which says a lot for his ability to work with young players. While it is a hard pill to swallow I think the Cardinals are looking pretty good and will prevail. No matter who wins I am thinking these will be great fun games to watch. My husband, who grew up in LA, may go Dodgers! Have a great day!

Good morning back at you, White. Is interesting background info. regarding Ellsbury. There is the possibility he could be signed by the Cubs, albeit remote, as he will be a free agent at end of this season. He`s a keeper, and many clubs are expected to demonstrate interest in the young man, and he will surely be reaping boatloads of cash money.

Very disheartening on Joey g decision…. My plan b would be a duo actually…. The Maddox bros…. I’m not saying this happens at all but I think these two guys are great baseball minds. Do they have experience? Not enough… But they got the smarts and respect to do a good job

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