10/9 Girardi update

The Yankees hope to get an answer from Joe Girardi before their organizational meetings next week. Hal Steinbrenner told Joel Sherman of the New York Post that they are eager to have Girardi stay with the Yankees.

“I told Joe that my family thinks he did a great job this year considering the adversity, which was considerable, and that we want him back,” Steinbrenner told Sherman. “We understand there are other factors out there to consider and other numbers to consider, something fair to both sides. We are talking to him. I think both sides agree — I don’t want to speak for Joe — but that something has to get done or not done fairly quickly because there is a lot of work to be done.”

The Yankees would like an answer before they hold organizational meetings in Tampa next week. GM Brian Cashman has reportedly offered Girardi, 48, a three-year contract in the $12-15 million range, which includes bonuses for winning the division and championships. Girardi’s current three-year, $9 million deal expires Oct. 31.


The Cubs could have tough sell on their hands…

I agree. Can’t think of one good reason for Giardi to pull up stakes to manage in Chicago. He has a great offer from the Yankees to stay, he and his family are well rooted in New York. Just because he has “roots” in Chicago doesn’t mean there is ANY positive reason for him to pull up his “roots” in New York.

There can always be a reason beyond our comprehension. Every man has his mountain to climb. It isn’t a hill any longer….Lord, this time you gave me a mountain…

Seriously, you can’t think of one reason? How about the Yankees are old and not getting any younger anytime soon? How about Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte are retiring? How about Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson are free agents? How about how the front office has publicly stated that they hope to get under the luxury tax, which would mean no opening your wallet to replace anyone who leaves? How about the A-Rod circus continues into the offseason and probably into next season as well? How about the Red Sox are clearly back, the Rays will probably win 90+ games again, and the Orioles and Blue Jays are competitive as well? We’ve been talking about this on here for a full week now and all those reasons have been mentioned multiple times by now. Have you idiots not been paying attention again?

Nice Doug, lol.

Doug – How about you stop calling other bloggers on this site “idiots”?? We pay attention, we form our opinions: ergo – you are not the “God of Baseball” any more than any other person who participates on this site. So just STOP THE NAME CALLING!

He can’t. And he has Jasper feeding his ego as well. “Nice Doug, lol.” Really? What’s nice about it? Even WITH all the negatives Doug points out facing the Yankees…they are still the Yankees and have a much better track record of being a team to be reckoned with much more so than the Cubs. Just because two of their good players are free agents does not mean they won’t be Yankees next season. We pay attention, know ALL ABOUT the Yankee’s “woes’ and we are STILL allowed our own opinion even if that opinion is that it will be quite a challenge to get a YANKEE MANAGER WHOM THE YANKESS WANT TO RETAIN, WHOM THE YANKEES WILL PAY BIG DOLLARS TO KEEP, AND SAID MANAGER’S CHILDREN/FAMILY ARE SETTLED IN THE YANKEE TOWN OF NEWYORK. It certainly is POSSIBLE that Girardi will leave the Yankees for the Cubs and I am hopeful of it happening but should it happen IT WILL TAKE THE CONQUERING OF A GREAT CHALLENGE and involve an intangible element for Girardi that cannot be matched by the Yankees. How does Duhg KNOW the Yankees won’t get younger anytime soon? He must KNOW things like Jasper? Is getting YOUNGER getting BETTER? Is YOUTHFUL players the big key to Girardi’s decision? Duhg and Jasper KNOW these things? OF COURSE THEY DO! THEY ARE BRILLIANT and omnipotent. (They are just rude, crude and impolite too…) Oh White, I almost forgot: NICE WHITE, LOL.

Girardi’s (and his wife’s) links to Chicago and the midwest are real. He’s at a point in life where stability and comfort-level matter. Give a man in his situation five guaranteed years at top salary in a city he likes — and that likes him back — and add a promise that the organization values being competitive (even it’s a couple of years down the road) . . . that has to be pretty tempting. He’s exhausted the possibillties in New York, he may be exhausted WITH New York, and the relationships he’s treasured there are gone, or are going. “Girardi/Cubs” is no sure thing, but I’d imagine it’s no pipe dream, either.

Now THAT makes sense and….no name calling. Hopefully you are correct and Girardi wants to embrace Chicago, The Cubs, and the CHALLENGE.

georgealtmanfan, that was a well put, perfectly stated post. I am happy for a guy like Girardi who has; gone to the top with class and dignity. Whatever his decision is, I wish him the very best.

Calling folk “idiots” is contemptuous. I thought you had more class than that, dude. What about the notion that Girardi could seek that broadcasting opening at Fox, the one being vacated by McCarver? Is the manager serious about that? It would involve much less stress; from that standpoint, I can see why he may have interest, but would also think that job could not compensate him the multi-millions he would garner managing.

I’m sorry, but none of this information is new. You are on here all day every day and people have been talking about Joe Girardi for an entire week now. If you can’t come up with a single reason why he would consider not returning to the Yankees, then you are an idiot because it’s been spelled out for you multiple times already! Pay attention or stuff your brownies in your mouth and leave the Cubs talk to those of us who have a clue or at least want to get a clue! And as for the Yankees prestige, so what? Joe Girardi is not being offered the Yankees managerial position in 1935. The fact the Yankees have won more than anybody doesn’t change the fact that they are an aging team with a poor minor league system, two big named free agents possibly walking because the team is trying to cut their payroll, and play in a competitive division that will eat you alive if you happen to slip for one season. Plus, it’s not like Joe Girardi still needs to fulfill a life-long dream of being the Yankees manager. He’s been there for six seasons now and won a ring, so I doubt he would be star-stuck by the possibility of remaining in the position he is currently in. And let me warn you all, if I have to repeat any of this to you at any point in the future, then there’s no doubt about it… you are an idiot!

Doug – You don’t seem to have ANY respect for any of your fellow Cub’s fans, that is unless we bow to your “Godly” opinion. AND you seem to have no respect for Carrie Muskat whose site you are using to insult others on a daily basis. Sad!
P.S. Anyone who would like to come to Oregon and stuff your faces with special brownies – come on out! :))

First off, it’s MLB’s site, not Carrie Muskat’s. And if I’m violating some kind of posting guidelines, they can delete my posts and block my IP address from the site. Otherwise, if you don’t like what I’m saying, then tough toenails! Second, I respect anyone who wants to talk Cubs and further their knowledge of the team and of baseball in general. But I lose respect for you when you willfully choose to be ignorant and a dumb fan. Saying “I don’t think Joe Girardi should come to the Cubs” is an opinion and I’m fine with you saying that and will respectfully tell you why I think Joe Girardi should come to the Cubs. Saying “I have no clue why Joe Girardi would want to come to the Cubs” is choosing to ignore the facts that have been discussed for a full week now. You might not agree with Joe Girardi coming to the Cubs, but the reasons are there for anyone who wants to listen. Since you are on here all day every day, that tells me that you willfully choose to be ignorant and a dumb fan. I’m sorry if it seems harsh, but willfully being an ignorant and dumb fan does nothing to improve the Cubs fan base and baseball knowledge in general.

Well Doug, you think Girardi should and will come to the Cubs. I don’t think he will. Let’s see what happens!

Oh…”tough toenails”…haven’t heard that one since I was five years old. Speaks volumes.
He certainly told us White, hard to combat a “tough toenails”. What’s next? “I know I am but what are you?” Ha! The juvenile, dis-respectful, inconsiderate posters are alive and well. Good times, good times. Who’s your second choice White now that Grirard has snubbed Duhg’s brilliant reasoning?

Well evidently Girardi DOES SEE A LOT OF POSITIVES REMAINING IN NY as he just signed the extension.
Well evidently Girardi DOES SEE A LOT OF POSITIVES REMAINING IN NY as he just signed the extension. DUHG.
I repeated….just for those of you who MAY be the real idiots. Not that you are, I would never call anybody an idiot. Never, uh uh. Not an idiot……DUH!

Have a brownie, joey !!! :)) :)) :)) :)) Getting ready for the Cardinal-Pirate game tonight!! :))

It’s going to be a great game White…calls for a pizza! GO PIRATES!

If your claiming this as a victory, you are indeed a idiot. Disappointed here, as I thought Girardi would have fit in perfectly going forward, but I respect his decision on what was best for him and his family.

Victory? I see no claim of victory here other than remaining much more respectful. White hands down is victorious. And she is not “a idiot” let alone AN idiot. We both saw the likelihood of Girardi remaining with the Yankees, yet remained hopeful he would join the Cubs. The likelihood of him remaining a Yankee proved correct in this case. No victory however validation
of our opinions.

As stated, it was Girardis decision, he made HIS choice. Everything Doug stated was fact.

Oh, HIS choice. Just like YOU calling some posters and Dusty Baker an idiot. YOU chose to call fellow posters idiots, YOU did that with free will. FACT. YOU chose to be dis-respectful of others that share a common passion for the Cubs. FACT.

You get more childish by the day joey! Now that Girardi is off the table, who is your choice?
Present your candidate and his positives on going forward. Besides complaining about Soriano & Sveum, then talking brownies like a little school girl. Make a commitment and present some facts on your candidate?

This is pretty hilarious! We are idiots if we do, we are idiots if we don’t, idiots if we will, idiots if we won’t! Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Don’t worry, joey. – the oven is on, the batter is being mixed! Pizza sounds good for tonight! Go Pirates!

How about I just comment however the hell I want instead? Like anybody has the right to do?
Like I’ve always done? Yeah, I think I’ll go with that FREEDOM Jasper and not your RULES.
And all the while NOT call anybody AN idiot. You Idio….oops, THAT was close!

Exactly my point Joey! you do not have the knowledge to select a choice, then back that choice up with facts of any kind. Your afraid to look bad. Your afraid you can present no justification for a choice.

Why else do I call you idiots? Because you put words in my mouth, or like with everything else on here, you ignored what was actually said and just pretended to hear what you wanted to hear. I never said that Girardi will come to the Cubs… I said leaving the Yankees to come to the Cubs would be a smart move because the Cubs future looks brighter than the present and the Yankees future looks murky at best. Just because he returned to the Yankees doesn’t change that fact. I never guaranteed anything because the decision involved Joe Girardi’s family and since I don’t know Joe Girardi personally, I cannot guarantee how they would feel about moving to Chicago. From a baseball standpoint, leaving the Yankees for the Cubs made sense, but this was never simply a baseball decision. So go ahead and gloat like idiots over something I never actually said.

They are gloating over? A huge loss to the Organization. Girardi was a great candidate for his knowledge of Pitching, in game managing and very good with a youth movement as proved by his 1st year as manager of the Marlins.
Claiming some kind of victory over losing a great candidate; is like what? Not wanting the Cubs to contend so you can constantly gripe & complain?
Will either one state who they would like to see as manager and why?

Childish? A new label? Geez, joey! Time to ignore, ignore, ignore! Let them wallow in their own venom. Let’s be done with them and enjoy the rest of the day! AND Carrie does NOT need this on HER site! Eamus Catuli

You keep bringing up Carrie like she will come to your defense. Carrie knows this is a baseball site. Carrie knows the Cubs just lost a very good candidate.

Again, this is MLB.com’s site. Carrie Muskat, or Carrie as you call her because you are such good friends why not be on a first name basis, simply works for the Cubs as their MLB.com beat writer. This is not some blog she started up to give her something to do while she searches for a new job, this is her job and it’s her employer that owns the site. And I’m sure here employer is happy with all the page clicks on this site, so unless we are threatening each other or using profanity or hate speech (and no, calling someone an idiot does not qualify as profanity or hate speech) or advertising something else, I’m sure her employer doesn’t mind this on their site. And no, I doubt they have a name of someone they want to see as the Cubs manager. Because as much time as they spend on this site, they know virtually nothing about baseball and worse yet, they choose to remain ignorant. Go ahead tweedle twins, prove me wrong. I double dog dare you.

Just to clarify, Doug, I don’t work for the Cubs, I work for MLB.com, which operates the site

Thanks. I figured it was one or the other, I just guessed the wrong one. I do enjoy your section on the site and find it very informative. Keep up the good work!

Ooooh first “tough toenails” and now the all powerful “double dog” dare….oh my!
What are we to do? Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but I am headed to Gene N’ Judes!! “DARE” I will find a DOUBLE DOG!!!???

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