10/9 Sosa: Bring me back to Wrigley

Sammy Sosa hopes the Cubs will retire his No. 21 and he can return to Wrigley Field.

“I hope one day, we can come to the conclusion we can be friends again and they definitely can bring me back to Wrigley Field,” Sosa told WGN Radio in an interview Tuesday night.

Junior Lake wore No. 21 last season with the Cubs, and Sosa said he expects the young outfielder to “perform very well because it’s a responsible number.”

In 2003, Moises Alou and Aramis Ramirez had each booked flights home after losing Game 6 of the National League Championship Series because they did not think the Cubs would win the seventh game against the Marlins. Alou and Ramirez were correct but Sosa was miffed. Sosa said it took two months to recover after losing the NLCS.

“I can’t believe that happened to us,” he said.

Sosa left Wrigley before the final game of 2004 ended, but he said manager Dusty Baker gave him permission to do so.

“I don’t feel guilty,” Sosa said. “I go early that day, and they said, ‘Yes, go ahead,’ but they were looking for someone to blame. Right now, I’m paying the price. It’s something we can resolve that just to have a conversation. That was the only thing was leaving the park. They think I made that decision on my own. I’ve always been disciplined when it comes to the game and respect people.”


Bring Sammy back, and show him some love!

Sosa is an interesting case. Presumed steroid user and a user of a corked bat. However, he was a fan favorite for a number of years and helped to pack Wrigley to the rafters. He also played hard on the field. I never saw him phone it in, as they say. Much like the HOF, it’s a confusing issue for fans. I would like to see the hatchet buried but question if his number should be retired until steroid allegations are cleared up.

One thing you are absolutely right about is that Sammy never phoned in his game. He hustled.

Nothing but fond memories of Sosa here. Yes he played in the steroid era and like many others, he may have used them. It isnt for me to judge any of them.
Just my opinion and others may disagree and thats ok; Dusty Baker was the problem, he did not seem to care for Sosa. If Dusty had a problem with Sosa, instead of talking to him like a leader, he spoke to him through the press.
Carries column mentions that Dusty Baker gave Sosa permission to leave the last game of the 2004 season. Did Dusty? I have no idea, I wasnt there.
I do remember an article after that game, that Dusty told Sosa’s team mates, ( after Sosa left ) that Sosa just left. Dusty did not state he gave Sosa permission to do so.
With that said, the team thought Sosa just went AWOL and left them.
Remember after that game, the reports of Kerry Wood beating up Sosa’s Boom Box with a bat??
If Dusty gave Sosa permission to leave, Dusty set Sosa up.
I believe Dusty did set Sosa up. I believe Dusty wanted to be THE MAN, but as long as Sosa was a Cub, it was Sosa that was the man in Chicago.
Thats the way I remember it, my opinion will not change. You can state yours, I will not debate it with you.
Bring Sosa back, Dusty Baker was and is a certified idiot.

To put it simply, I wouldn’t be a Cubs fan if it wasn’t for Sammy Sosa. I was six years old in 1998 when him and McGwire had the home run race, and it’s been history for me since then, I fell in love with Sammy and the Cubs. It may just be my childhood nostalgia, or whatever, but I have always loved Sammy and I always will. He was simply a product of his generation, I guarantee there were hundreds of players back then that were never accused of doing steroids, but definitely did them. Sammy was a once in a generation player who was a fan favorite for years at Wrigley, he and Big Mac brought baseball back from nowhere to the center of attention. Sammy deserves some love, no doubt, and I’d personally love to see 21 retired.

Growing up Sosa was one of my favorites! But I still don’t think it was right for him to leave or the other players to book flights but I think they should retire his number. He was a big part of the Cubs, and just like everyone else he made mistakes.

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