10/14 Cubs meet with Renteria; Martinez next

On Monday, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer were in California to meet with Padres coach Rick Renteria about the managerial vacancy, and plan on talking to Rays bench coach Dave Martinez later this week. The Cubs brass has talked to Manny Acta and A.J. Hinch already. Renteria, 51, managed four seasons in the Padres Minor League system before joining the big league staff as a bench coach. He also managed Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. He played parts of five seasons with the Pirates, Mariners and Marlins, and has managed in the Marlins and Padres organizations. Martinez, 49, was drafted by the Cubs in 1983, and made his big league debut in ’86. He played 16 seasons, including four with the Cubs (1986-88, 2000). He’s been part of Joe Maddon’s staff in Tampa since the 2008 season. The Cubs’ search began Sept. 30 when Dale Sveum was dismissed after two seasons as manager. Epstein has said he’d like to have the new manager in place by the GM meetings, which begin Nov. 11.

— Carrie Muskat


We predicted the next hire would be a first-time major league manager. Note that both gentlemen referenced here fit that description.

Martinez understudied Joe Maddon, the mad scientist among baseball managers. Please do not underestimate that advantage.

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If the next hire does not prove out, the troops will be restless and the fans will be in retreat to the old ways with no hope of grabbing the ring. With all the hope of a new season and new players the two guys mentioned seem a little unseasoned to me. But one never knows, do they?

I agree with you, this hire is it. An unseasoned manager makes sense to me. If we could go back in time, make Mark Cuban owner. Things would be different. This is Ricketts third manager choice already. Hire one of these two, bring up some of these young players and watch them grow together. TomnTex.

This is Epsteins 2nd manager, Ricketts may own the team, but Epstein is President of the team. All Ricketts has done, which I am betting you have no idea, then you put him down.
Try reading some articles.

Why are people so ga-ga over Mark Cuban? Yes he’s outspoken and visible, but he’s also spent the last five years fighting insider trading charges. He was found not guilty yesterday, but the Cubs didin’t exactly need any more negative headlines surrounding the team over the past few years! Second, Ricketts is trying to avoid being the decision maker on the baseball side of things. That’s why Theo Epstein was brought in. Ricketts might be the one who approves the salary of the new manager, but I doubt he was the one who made the call on Dale Sveum or whomever the new manager will be. All you want from Ricketts is to put up the money so that Theo can do his thing and to work with the city to get the Wrigley renovations completed and so far that’s exactly what he’s doing. If the Wrigley renovations fall through or if Theo wants X amount to spend on the team and Ricketts denies him, then you can blame the ownership. If the next manager sucks, if the Cubs big acquisition this offseason is another Edwin Jackson, or if the prospects coming through the Cubs system all end up busting, then you blame Theo instead of Ricketts.

Epstein and Hoyer are probably just looking for another scapegoat manager for the 2014 and 2015 seasons just like they did with Sveum for 2012 and 2013 seasons. I thought it was totally unfair for Epstein/Hoyer to criticize Sveum when it was the Epstein/Hoyer upper management team who kept trading away anyone that was half-way decent without getting any MLB ready talent in return. Honestly, did Epstein/Hoyer really expect Sveum to win games when they kept on trading away our best players, especially when the players traded to the Cubs were all sent down to A through AAA baseball? Sveum was set up to fail. I don’t think the greatest managers in baseball history could have done anything different with the subpar teams that Epstein/Hoyer gave Svuem. I want to know when we can start holding Epstein/Hoyer accountable for the pathetic teams they have been fielding???

I hear your frustration, Joe HR, and understand it. I do not believe the W/L record of Sveum was the principal reason he was terminated. The young players regressed this past season, and he lost some control of the players to a degree. Witness the dugout confrontations late in the campaign.

Sveum wasnt fired for lack of success. He was fired for terrible in game decisions, but mostly for the non improvement of Rizzo, Barney & Castro. All three, AVG down & OBP way down. You cant win games like that either.
Epstein & Hoyer are doing a great job.

Pitching, pitching, pitching! No matter who the new manager is —- if we don’t find some stellar pitchers we won’t stand a chance! Watching the playoffs – their pitchers are awesome.

You are so right, White. I`ve been stressing for a long while how critical pitching is, and is why I lobbied that we take a hurler with our #1 June draft selection. However, it is hard to argue with Bryant and the super progress he has made since being signed. The pitching in the play-offs has been remarkable, especially with these Final Four clubs.

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Then again, it could be a few of the Pitchers White & Jhosk speaks of, are already in the system.
Loux, Kendricks, Viscaino, Jokich, Cabrera, Beeler, Rhee, Black, Wells, Franciscan, Loosen, Johnson, Pineyro, Edwards, Burke, Blackburn, Pugliece, Maples and Underwood.
All of the above with decent to very good years. Loux and Viscaino on the DL. Of course we all know, not all will make it.
But with that group above, it is possible there will be an ace or two. It is possible there is a #2 or two. It is possible there is a #3 or two.
If even three of the above come up and do well, there will be no need to spend on FA pitching, saving many more dollars.
It is my believe this is the reason for young prospect Pitchers in just about every trade, after drafting the best player available, the concentration is on Pitching.
Epstein and Hoyer are doing a great job building from the bottom up.

Problem with drafting pitchers is the risk…. We have been drafting pitchers in bulk … Just none in the first round bc the hitters are a safer bet…. Plus we have holes everywhere so why not take the safer bet? You can always spend money on pitching…. And you always will have to spend money on pitching… It’s the nature of the game…. Look at those final four teams rotations and realize it costs a lot of money to be that good….. The cubs will start spending but it will be for the right pieces…. Young guys are going to start coming up that will allow us to allocate more money for guys needed in the rotation and bullpen…. And lead off hitter…. Manager… It all costs money and we have plenty of it to spend…. Spending wisely that is… Don’t be afraid of the big contracts…. Be afraid of the 7&8 year deals….those are the ones that hurt

Very well stated petrey10, I also like the fact that Epstein/Hoyer do not offer the ( no trade clause ) in contracts.

Btw…. Dodgers have 80,620,166 in pitching….. Detroit has 55,417,000….Boston has 72,127,771….. St Lou has 32,948,000

Another very good point. As much as I hate to say it, being a Cubs fan; St Louis does it the right way with, Garcia, Kelley, Wacha, Lynn, Wainwright & Miller all arriving on the Major League seen from the Cardinal farm system.
No big money spent on FA pitching with the exception of Westbrook. Looking at their Starters, even Westbrook would not be needed next year, just INS for injuries.

St. Lou does well but honestly they seem to turn their prospects into gold … I think next year they realize some of these guys are playing way over their heads…. U always need pitching

You could be right Petrey10, Garcia was hurt this year, but seems like they always have someone to step in. I think one of the things you have to respect is the Cards are a true team. They pick up after each other, they pull for each other, the bench players get playing time. Some people might call Holliday or Beltran Super stars, I wouldnt, they just signed two very good players that fit in perfectly.
Molina is the glue in my opinion. Calling a game, brilliant behind the plate, keeping the young pitchers focused, cannon for an arm. They lose Molina, they are weakened, big time.

Dave Martinez is the Perfect Choice with Tampa Bay experience at p

As far as Martinez goes jhosk, let’s also keep in mind that he’ll sleep with your wife if he gets bored with the job & you’re not paying attention……….he’s trash!!!!!!

It would be interesting when the Cubs play the Phillies, thats for sure. However, that was many years ago, I am sure he has matured since then.

I must admit I had no clue about his history and character issues. Thanks for that. On another subject, I want to praise White for getting the two picks right; i.e. the Bosox and Cards. I agree with Harold Reynolds that we have the two best teams in each league competing in the Fall Classic. Has the potential to be a compelling Series as two of the best baseball organizations, each with very passionate supporters, go head to head. Makes one salivate to envision this potentially being a role for the Cubs to play in the not too distant future, i.e.we could be one of these competing clubs in the W.S. Do you follow me?

Addendum: And we know that could happen in short order because the Red Sox proved it; they were the worst team in the AL last season and lost almost as many games as our Cubs. Bosox went from Worst to First in one season.

Bostons problems lasy year, Can you say Bobby Valentine? Destroyed that team, he will never manage again.

That`s an excellent point you make about Valentine, Jasper. He was a disaster. Don`t comprehend your remark about the Phils and Martinez, though. What is the connection?

Good morning jhosk and everyone. – I believe Jasper was referring to an unfortunate, to put it mildly, incident which supposedly occurred between Sandberg’s “better-half ” and Martinez many years ago. Hopefully all parties have moved on to better things and, hopefully, time heals all wounds. I believe their professionalism in the world of baseball will supersede past grievances.

The point madawg23 made about wifes. Rather not get into it, respectfully to you, just tons of drama on the late 80’s team.

Thanks for that, White. Guess I should have known. Is hard enough keeping track of the on field drama sans the off field variety. Series opens in Boston because the AL won All Star game in 2013.

Any predictions jhosk? :)) it always boils down to pitching prowess but at this time of year a lot of the players are battling injuries, bruises, strains, etc. and it could also boil down to who can hold up the best through their pain. As they dream of winning the championship I bet they are also dreaming of going home, resting and recouping and having some time with their families.

Can`t make a prediction just yet, White. How about yourself? Have you seen that “Boston Strong” sign in Fenway Park on your tv screen? Refers to the bombing incident in April close to the Marathon finish line. Many believe the Red Stockings have that incentive going for them and is their destiny this season to win the Series. But the Cards have some things going on which many believe favor them, one of which is having a boatload of cash which was not expended on Pujols and instead went to studs like Wacha. Stay tuned. Cards have better starting pitching on paper, and Bosox have excellent relievers, and both have lights-out closers. This could get interesting. I plan to make a prediction by opening pitch Wednesday.

Speaking of boatloads of cash, that`s what it`s going to take to satify the speeding ticket I received less than an hour ago on the way to my abode tonight.

Seeing as White put it out there, she mentions Martinez, but did not mentiom Palmero and Grace.

Actually Madawgz23 put it out there and it mushroomed from there. Subject is closed as far as I am concerned.

Mushroomed?? That explains alot, I understand now. lol

OUCH! BUMMER, jhosk! So you like to drive fast! I can’t drive anymore due to my MS but I remember the fun of “putting the metal to the pedal” all those years ago! :)) I too am having a hard time predicting a winner. You stated so well all the assets of each team and they do seem equally able to get the wins. I will look for the sign at Fenway! As you said, the memories of the marathon bombing might provide the incentive to excel! Will they shave their beards with a win do you suppose? :))

I`m thinking you were “Hell on wheels” when you were in your prime, White. Want to say it`s a no-brainer I`ll be rooting for the Red Sox in the Series, and I will be shocked if you will not be doing likewise. But when it comes to picks, I try to not permit the heart to rule the head. The fact that Boston has the home field advantage is big. Don`t know how that beard look received its origin, do you? Would not doubt the plan is to shave the beards if they do indeed win; but what to do if the opposite results? I don`t think they want to ponder that.

Good morning jhosk. – You are absolutely right! I am a Red Sox fan! Having the same problem you are predicting a winner. My heart is in Boston along with the memories of my youth. – Harvard boyfriend, football games, Red Sox games! I do believe this is going to be an amazing series to watch play out. Can’t wait for 1st pitch! Have a great day!

Hello White. Regarding that citation I received last night, actually I do not like to speed. That was a speed trap where I was collared; was doing 55mph. As my brother pointed out today, the Bosox have a history with beards. Recall many years ago when Johnny Damon went from Red Sox to the Yankees, and he had to shave the thing as Yanks do not permit them. Heard today over radio that only handful of folk in Oregon have signed onto Affordable Care Act due to glitches.

Well Gentlemen, I will be at game 4 in St Louis next Sunday, I am sure you can guess my hopes.🙂

I envy yourself, sir; enjoy the contest in St. Louis.

Thank you jhosk, that was kind. Normally I would not be there, but I raised my son near Fort Leonard Wood MO. He became a DIE HARD Cards fan, much to my dismay. lol Anyway, he wants to take his ole man to a WS game.

Just saw on the Internet that Leyland is stepping down after Tiger’s loss to the Red Sox. He is 68 yrs. old and says they need younger leadership. And the “youth movement” marches on. Wisdom comes with age and I sometimes wonder if we push the older seasoned players and/or managers out too easily. Any opinions?

Guess I`m not totally surprised. As I observed Leyland in the dugout during this last series, he always looked troubled and unhappy. I thought to myself, does this guy ever smile? I understand why he is exiting; when one no longer finds satisfaction in his/her work, it`s time. Also, he may be burned out.

Interesting observation jhosk. The announcers did mention what you too observed. They said he always looks like this in the dugout but that when off the field he has a tremendous sense of humor. I am waiting to hear from Carrie if there has been any progress made for our manager “hunt”.

Also, it feels as though Leyland has been at this for a long while; he was Barry Bonds manager in Pittsburgh for goodness sake; that seems like a lifetime ago.

Well – Today I hope the Cubs consider adding another great baseball mind that has a life long dream of Managing the Chicago Cubs – at least let him interview – Jim Leyland. He is now available and I believe he would be a great asset to have as the Cubs new Skipper!

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