10/16 AFL update

Albert Almora was 2-for-4 with two doubles and two RBIs in the Mesa Solar Sox’s 7-4 victory over Scottsdale on Tuesday in Arizona Fall League play. Almora, who hit a two-run double in the third, was batting .571, tops in the AFL. Jorge Soler was 1-for-5 with a single and Cuban pitcher Armando Rivero, another Cubs prospect, gave up one run on two hits over one inning in relief. On Wednesday, Mesa faces the Peoria Javelinas in Surprise.

On Tuesday, Cubs prospect Kris Bryant was named co-player of the week in the AFL.


I believe it should be mentioned the other co-player of the week is the Brewers` Mitch Haniger. I advocate for fairness; is not all about the Cubs; give credit to others when earned.

Yeah, how dare they think that the Cubs website should be all about the Cubs. And how come they don’t report on the other AFL teams? I mean, it’s not fair to the other prospects who have worked so hard on other teams. And where’s the talk about the Japanese teams? It’s hardly fair to think that American baseball is the only baseball played. After all, when I go to cubs.com, I expect nothing less than a full recap of every single baseball game played in the world that day. Come on, Carrie, stop being so Cubs-biased and be fair to the rest of baseball. Who do you think you are anyway, the mlb.com Cubs beat writer?

Doug, you are a first class a-hole.

Says the person who complains about stupid things like not listing who the co-player of the week was. Get a life, loser!

Good morning jhosk! You are a true “baseball” fan! It is nice to mention the accomplishments of others in the MLB when merited! Hope you are enjoying the playoffs. I am more and more convinced in watching these games that the Cub’s focus needs to be centered on our lack of pitching success. What do you think?

Good morning, White. Thanks for being magnanimous. I surely agree with your pitching observation; have been beating that drum all season and longer. Your Bosox prediction is looking prescient; do not see them losing two straight at home, in spite of facing the Tigers` two best starters who have been superb. Want to see the NL series go seven games; love seventh games in any sport as one wants to see the athletes perform under the high stakes pressure. What is your opinion?

Hi jhosk, Kershaw and Wacka tonight! Are you ready for a great game? :)) I think you are right about the Red Sox having a huge advantage on their home field! I hope the weather holds for these games. My sister lives in Lyme, CT and says it is raw and overcast back there. We in Oregon, on the other hand, are having 70 degree summer weather! Enjoy the games!

Oops! Wacha, not Wacka! :))

I do have uncommon anticipation for tonight`s NL match, White. Love low scoring contests where pitchers dominate, and on paper we are likely to see that this evening. Isn`t it true Lyme disease is named after the community where your sibling is domiciled? The weather has been remarkably mild here in the East all of October, but is going to change soon. Will be more fall-like, if you will, but the conditions will not be a factor in the games in Boston. Their passionate fans will not permit their beloved Bosox to blow this opportunity, I`m thinking. Enjoy!

True jhosk! Lyme disease is named after Lyme, CT. My sister’s husband has had it 3 times over the yrs. !! They live on 75 wooded acres filled with tick carrying deer! Game on!!

Thats very informative information white, especially if your playing a trivia game called; Who Gives A crap.

Looks like we are irritating some of the lovely, kind, polite, always right folks on the site tonight, jhosk! Do you care? I sure don’t! ALWAYS enjoy exchanging thoughts with you, ideas about any and all games and players with a bit of personal info peppered in! Watching the Cardinals wallop the Dodgers as I write this. Too bad!
On to the Red Sox tomorrow!

ROFLMAO. Did your brother in law who had lyme disease 3 times play baseball? lol
I am sure jhosk enjoyed that tid bit, so much in fact, hes at a loss for words. Now I must wah the tears of laughter from my face. lol

No Jasper. – he only received 3 Purple Hearts in WWII. Not a baseball hero, just an American hero. So go ROFLMAO or anything else you can think of to entertain yourself while putting others down.

White, this is a perfect example of why I attributed the quality of magnamimity to yourself. You refuse to stoop to the level of your detractors. Last night`s game underlines why contests are not played on paper. Who could predict Kershaw would mess the bed and endure one of worst performances of his career, if not the worst. Oh well, perhaps we`ll get that seventh game in the AL series. Also, congrats on getting this NL pick right. Can`t feel too bad for the Dodgers actually, as one does not savor seeing any club buy a pennant.

For Doug: As a matter of fact, I do have a well rounded life, and it does not permit room for arrogance, self-centeredness, and tunnel vision as does yours, and for that, I`m ever so grateful.

Good for you. Too bad it’s all bull though. If your life does not permit room for arrogance, self-centeredness, and tunnel vision, then how come you presume to judge my life? Seems pretty arrogant and self-centered of you. The same can be said about coming on a Cubs website and complaining that they aren’t talking about non-Cubs players. If you don’t like it, you’re free to go to a site that does talk about non-Cubs players. But to presume that the Cubs website should cater to your needs and expectations is pretty arrogant and self-centered, is it not?

You attacked me first, is what I know. I`m not magnanimous, as is White, although I would like to be. Can`t I have an opinion? What I concluded about you was based on multiple posts over time, not yesterday`s or the one from the day before that, or last week`s. Is a cause for bafflement that folks on here do not have long memories, but that`s just me, I reckon, and perhaps is a good thing. I do know I`m not going to waste my Saturday debating you, as the temps here are mild and there is abundant sunshine, and am going to take advantage of those conditions. Also, you are not worthy of keeping me from enjoying the outdoors. Have a great day!

You’re not going to waste your time… you live in good weather… you’re spending time in that good weather because you can… others are not worthy of your attention… I’ll take things that have nothing to do with anything and only someone who is arrogant and self-centered will say for $200, Alex. Enjoy your time outside, it doesn’t change the fact that you are among the morons on this site who think just because they have an opinion, they are entitled to giving it without anyone disagreeing with them.

YAWN! Boring, boring drivel. While jhosk is enjoying the beautiful weather you are still spewing and spluttering.

Speaking of boring, how are you white?

Good morning jhosk! Since we are enjoying watching the playoff games let’s talk about some players OTHER THAN CUBS on the CUB’s WEB SITE! Wahca = WOW! His future looks golden! It was very hard to see Kershaw’s shock and disappointment when he left the game last night. I hope he can get over his loss and continue to be the very fine pitcher he has been! Now the waiting, waiting for tonight’s game. Perhaps the Tigers will surprise us into a 7th game! Have a good day and remain steadfast in warding off any and all arrogant attackers.

Your comments are oh so welcome, White. Yes, is interesting about Wacha. I believe I heard the commentator on the broadcast last night say the 22 yr old attended Texas A&M and was drafted in 2012. This shows you how quickly these young players can advance to the bigs. Is remarkable. It bodes well for all those Cubs who were drafted in June. Is possible some could play in Wrigley next season. Enjoy your day as am I leaving for the outdoors this minute.

Doug u r awesome bud…. Keep it up…. Glad I’m not the only one

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