10/22 Manager search

With Jim Leyland announcing his resignation on Monday, there is now another team looking for a new manager besides the Cubs, who have talked to Dave Martinez, Rick Renteria, A.J. Hinch and Manny Acta. Those four are believed to be the only ones the Cubs have interviewed. Leyland, 68, told the Tigers in September that he wanted this to be his last season; he will remain in that organization in another capacity. He’s not an option for the Cubs.

The Tigers now join the Cubs, the Mariners and the Nationals who are in the market for a new skipper. The Reds were expected to name pitching coach Bryan Price as their manager on Tuesday. There were reports that Theo Epstein wanted to interview Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo, 48, who Boston manager John Farrell felt was ready for a promotion. Lovullo’s name also was mentioned as a possible successor in Detroit. Epstein hired Lovullo to manage the Red Sox’s Triple-A Pawtucket team in 2010.

MLB discourages teams from making announcements during the World Series, so the Cubs most likely will not be having a news conference at Wrigley Field any time soon to reveal the team’s 53rd manager. The only deadline Epstein has set is to have someone in place by Nov. 11 when the GM meetings are held.


Add the Dodges to that list…….seems Mattingly is uncertain if he will return……wants a longer commitment.

Shame on the Reds for breaking that MLB postseason rule.

The Reds didn’t break the rule. The World Series starts tomorrow, so teams can make announcements today if they want. The Cubs just aren’t in a position to make a hire yet, as they probably want to talk to Torey Lovullo, who is a little busy right now.

What is going on with Mattingly and the Giants? Sounds like he is venting some pent up anger at their press conference. Has he burned his bridges with them?

I meant the Dodgers!! What was I thinking? :))

One too many brownies White…it’ll do it to you.

:)) :)) :)) You are probably right, joey! Time to switch to chocolate mocha ice cream! :)) very excited for tonight’s game!

Yes, White, I heard today on ESPN that the Dodgers` brass has said it would be okay either way with Mattingly`s decision; i.e. if he accepts the one year deal or rejects it and moves on. That there should tell everyone they do not want the man back.

White, am ready to make my Series pick: the Red Sox. It`s strictly based on personally liking that club more, as I see these clubs as very evenly matched. The Red Sox having home field is big; i.e. until the Cards win a game at Fenway.I see the Red Sox winning in St. Louis as more problematical than the Cards prevailing in Beantown. I`m far more confident in predicting the weather conditions in Boston tonight and Thursday: COLD.

Good morning jhosk — I too am going Red Sox all the way! Everything you said about home field advantage, etc. is spot on! Now we will just have to hope the Sox will be HOT in COLD Boston tonight! Winning the first game can be a huge factor in momentum! Still having summer temps here in Oregon! Nice.

White and Jhosk, I’m a little concerned about St. Lous’ starting pitching trumping the BoSox’s….. *&^% Cards!!!

Me too, joey! But I also like Red Sox closers, especially Uehara! The only one without “the beard”!! :))

I agree, joey, the Cards` starters do have the edge, but that was the case with the Tigers, also. The Red Sox plan of getting into the Tigers bullpen worked because their pen was vulnerable; the problem with this Series is the Cards` bullpen is superb. Actually, I do believe the Cards overall talent is better than that of Bosox, but am counting on the Red Sox`s intangibles and home field advantage to counter that. I like Joe Maddon`s quote regarding Shane V. Said “Victorino drips intangibles.”

Lester starting for the Red Sox today. – another cancer survivor! Amazing wonderful story of his return to the game! Go Lester!!

Boston does have some serious Starting Pitching concerns, then again, they have Dempster!
Wonder why they dont use him? lol

Am loving the 1st inning!!! WOW! Not so happy with the ump (the blind one) at 2nd! :))

THAT’s funny White. What the heck was he looking at???

Hi joey, See below where the “blind” ump made that awful call at 2nd! :))

Yes White, I saw the play live….what I meant was “WHAT WAS HE LOOKING AT???!!!”
(as in he was blind….)

Doesn`t it stretch credulity, White? The umpires are supposed to be here based on merit; i.e. the best are working the Series, just as the best teams are part of the Fall Classic. The age old imperative “blind as a bat” applies. At least the other umps all agreed Dana DeMuth blew the call and in the end got the call right.

Right, jhosk! They should be getting it right! I was furious but then when Molina and Wainwright watched the ball drop between them I was laughing so hard I scared my kitty, Shirley Purrl, right off my lap! :))

This proves the point that umpires can “burn out” just as managers can and do. DeMuth is a veteran of many campaigns, but may be ready to surrender the job to others who actually have good eyesight. Is that too much to ask? Hoping Shirley Purrl had a safe landing.

Good morning jhosk and everyone! Well, Shirley Purrl did survive the 1st game but is reminding me this morning that she only has “nine lives” and would appreciate a bit less excitement in future! I am guessing the Card’s manager had a few words for his guys after the game! And maybe the umps are having eye examinations this morning. – just in case. :)) Counting the hours for tonight’s game!

Gosh it does my heart good to see the Cards play so, so…BAD!!! HA!

Now I get it, joey! Must be that dang brownie problem again! :)) Can only hope the Cards are eating too many of those famous ” Boston Baked Beans” to think straight!

Don`t want to be a killjoy, but there is a big drop-off with Boston`s hurlers after Lester. Lackey who goes tonight is unpredictable; was excellent in last start vs. Tigers, but have seen him stink it up too. Bucholtz has an injury issue and is penciled in for game 4. Peavy (game 3 of WS) was poor in his only effort vs. Tigers. Am thinking Bosox had better rake in next few games in order to triumph. Wacha has been impressive. How were 18 other players selected before him in the June 2012 draft, with seven of them being pitchers? Is mystery to me.

Disturbing to say the least jhosk. The phrase “we shall overcome” comes to mind when faced with pitcher abilities to keep the Sox above water. Have just read on the Internet that a Card’s minor league pitcher tweeted that he thought Lester had something hidden in his glove when on the mound and now “vasoline” is being suggested. Will the drama never cease?? Tyler Melling has since removed his tweet but the damage has been done. Any thoughts?

Yes, White, I read something about that just before you raised the issue. Is my understanding MLB looked into the matter and could not draw any conclusions. The suspicion on the part of the Cards is another reason there is building animosity betwixt these clubs. Recall last night when Victorino attempted to throw out Freese from right field on a single. In an 8-1 blowout, the Cards are going to view that stunt with a jaundiced eye. The Cards are going to be loaded for bear tonight after being embarrassed in Game 1. These clubs are going to like each other less and less as the Series unfolds. If Lester did indeed cheat, that is going to be big. Proving it may be difficult. Recall Gaylord Perry back in the day. Everyone knew he altered baseballs for years with grease or who knows what, but I do not recall proof being definitively ascertained all that often in his case. What is your opinion?

Jhosk, It makes me sad when such a great sport as baseball turns ugly due to such occurrences – possible cheating, player animosity, etc. Lester is such a good pitcher – can’t see any reason he would think to cheat and any accusers should be pretty darn sure he did before spreading such news on the Internet! What proof would a Cardinal minor league pitcher have? Sounds more like “sour grapes” to me. I hope that cooler heads prevail tonight so that we can enjoy a truly sportsmanlike contest. Shirley Purrl has her seat belt ready for game 2 so that she won’t fall off my lap again! :))

Well said, White. Well, the Series is even going to St. Louis Sat. eve. I`ll be suffering withdrawl symptoms with no game Friday. We should not be surprised the Series is tied as these are two best teams in each league and the Series was predicted to be highly competitive. Big Papi will not be able to DH in Missouri. Will he play defense at first base where he`s a liability? And what about Napoli? Will he be the backstop, which is not his strong suit? The Red Stockings are at a definite disadvantage in the Cardinals` building. They need to win one of the three contests there to get the Series back to Beantown.

We are behind the “8” ball now, jhosk! But we are also ” Boston Strong” !! The Sox need to carry that slogan all the way to St. Louis with them! So close last night until the horrible misplays all at once! The Cards goofed up the 1st game with errors, the Sox did the same in the 2nd game. You are correct that we need just one win in St. Louis to clinch it in Boston. WE WILL OVERCOME! THE BOSTON STRONG! :))

The Cards did not make an issue of the alleged possible foreign sustance in Lester’s glove Wednesday, and that’s to their credit. That contentiousness between the clubs I predicted, did not ensue. Perhaps they will respect each other and battle fiercely on the field, and that’s how it should be. I’m attending the Bernard Hopkins /Karo Murat prize fight in Atlantic City, White, and will miss tonight’s game.

Good morning jhosk — It is probably a good thing that you missed last night’s game! You might have had a heart attack on the spot!! I just sat there saying ” WHAT, WHAT, WHAT” in disbelief. An awful loss for our Sox! One of the most bizarre sequences I have ever seen to end a nail- biting game! Well we still have two chances to get back to Boston and can hope last night’s shock will inspire the BOSTON STRONG! :)).

Thanks for that , White. I did record Game 3 and will view it Monday, believe it or not. The Bosox have a tall order. They need to win three of next four games to be declared WS victors. If they lose Game 4 tonight, well, you know the task becomes even mor challenging. Some of their offensive position players have been in a slumber and need to be awakened pronto.

It`s the best of three now, White. Even if the Red Stockings lose tonight`s contest, means they go back to Massachusetts and need two straight, something they`ve done too many times to count.

Good morning jhosk! The excitement builds and builds! The hope grows and grows! Had our Barney family here yesterday to watch the game with us. The two great-granddaughters could care less so they spent their time rearranging all the household knickknacks. :)) Today I will be finding odd things in odd places! :)). Lester and Wainwright tonight! Let’s shock those Cards again!

They may develop an interest in the game as they progress through the years, patterning themselves after their great-grandmother. Was their daddy amongst your guests?

Yes jhosk, The little ones like the Cub games at Wrigley when they see their daddy on the field AND they can have hotdogs! :)) Yes their daddy was here yesterday too. Very kind man who helps to keep me from falling with my MS! Do you think the Sox can prevail tonight? Can hardly wait to see the fans in Boston. They must be crazy with anticipation!n

Bosox have a shot, for sure, considering their best hurler is going; is the case with the opposition too. Expect Lester and his glove to receive major scrutiny. This is a big game tonight, White. Cards will be feeling the pressure more than the Red Sox, don`t you agree? Let`s see how they handle it.

I hope the attending BoSox fans wave Vaseline jars and get on the crybaby Cardinals nerves….
OK, jars won’t be allowed in the stadium….oh, I long for the “good ol’ days”!!! How about a sign

Joey, did you see the look on Beltran’s face when Uehara nabbed Wong at 1st? Priceless! I think we got the Cards nerves jangling even without the “Vaseline” threat! :))

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