10/25 Barney, Rizzo Gold Glove finalists

Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney and first baseman Anthony Rizzo are finalists for the Rawlings Gold Glove award, announced Friday. Barney, who ousted Brandon Phillips last year to win his first Gold Glove, is one of three National League finalists along with the Reds’ second baseman and the Dodgers’ Mark Ellis. Barney led the NL in fielding percentage. Phillips won the award in 2008, ’10 and ’11. At first base, the Dodgers’ Adrian Gonzalez is vying for his third Gold Glove and first since 2009 (he also won in ’08). The other finalist is the Diamondbacks’ Paul Goldschimidt.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday at 6 p.m. during a one-hour ESPN2 “Baseball Tonight” show.


Barney had another solid season in the field, but wasn’t quite as good as last season. Phillips did have some highlight plays and has multiple GGs in his career, so I think he edges out Barney this year. Rizzo could easily win it at first, but Gonzalez has won before and Goldschmidt had an all-around breakout year, so it’s a toss up. Aren’t they supposed to factor in fielding statistics this season? If so, maybe that will give Barney the edge to win it again.

I am obviously going to see Barney recieve his gold glove again this year❤ He is going to win, I already know it! He is the best in my opinion and I know that if he loses he's just going to say "I'll have to work for next year" and then there will be me, his biggest fan screaming why he didn't win. But I know he will so I'll be screaming with joy!🙂 Haha. Can not wait!❤

Hi Isabel, Glad to hear from you! Whether Barney gets the GG or not you are his best fan! Darwin plays defense one way, Phillips plays it another way. Barney makes a hard play look easy, Phillips makes an easy play look hard. Phillips is what I would call a “show off grand stander” . Barney is what I would call a “quietly get-the- job- done” class act. If Barney doesn’t get the GG he will be gracious and modest and move on to next year. If Phillips doesn’t get the GG I would hope he would not repeat last year’s snide remarks. No matter what, Barney is dedicated and professional in every aspect of the game of baseball.

I agree White! 100%🙂

DB should have won the GG hands down!!! his BA had more to do with the loss of it than his F%…because if it was based on F% as it should be he would have won it again!

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