10/26 Cubs Inbox

The Cubs mailbag is back. Got a question about the team? Send it to CubsInbox@gmail.com, and please include your full name and hometown. Don’t send any resumes for the manager’s job.

— Carrie Muskat


I bet Carrie got a bunch of resumes those Cub Den losers.

I typed in the email address to have a question answered and was advised that it was an incorrect email address. My question: A few years ago the Cubs signed a left-handed pitcher out of Springville, Utah who was a strikeout artist. Whatever happened to him?

Normally if you have to ask a question like “whatever happened to that guy who was drafted a few years ago and we haven’t seen or heard about him since?” the answer is either got hurt and no longer around or turned out to be bad and is no longer around. However, I was intrigued, so I looked it up and I think you are talking about Mark Pawelek, the Cubs first round (20th overall) pick in 2005. His numbers in the 2005 and 2006 short season leagues look decent, but he only threw 42.1 innings over the next two seasons, pitched 27 innings in the low minors for the Reds in 2009, was in the independent Frontier League in 2010, and out of professional baseball after that. He did appear on Team Neatherlands in this year’s World Baseball Classic. By the way, the 2005 draft was about as awful as it could have got for the Cubs. Only two players from the draft have appearing in a major league game, none with the Cubs and neither one has been any good (Donnie Veal, 2nd round, who had a 4.60 ERA in 50 appearances with the White Sox last year and Tyler Graham, 14th round, who didn’t sign with the Cubs, got drafted in the 19th round the next year by the Giants, and appeared in 10 games with the D-Backs in 2012). Even worse, three picks later in the first round the Red Sox selected Jacoby Ellsbury and five picks later the Twins selected Matt Garza. The failure to pick anyone with major league talent in 2005 is a big reason why the Cubs farm system was ranked in the bottom half of baseball when Theo took over. It’s amazing how in two years, his staff has managed to turn the farm around. Let’s hope we start to see that turn around pay off at the major league level and that the Cubs don’t have another draft like 2005 ever again!

Thanks, Doug. I may have to send some questions your way in the future

It was a slow day at work and I already had baseball-reference.com open in another window, so I couldn’t resist!

Very nice post Doug, its amazing what you can find out by actually looking things up.🙂

You gotta believe Luvollo (and possibly Ellsbury) had their stock value soar when Theo watched as every starting Bosox player, 1- 9, took the first two pitches in their first at bat during the Boston 8 to 1 win over Wainwright and the Cardinals in Game 1.

luvollo and ellsbury would be a pretty awesome offseason

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