10/28 Extra bases

* Darwin Barney and Anthony Rizzo will find out whether they have won Gold Gloves on Tuesday. ESPN2 will unveil the winners on a special “Baseball Tonight” show, starting at 7 p.m. CT. Both of the Cubs infielders are finalists for the top defensive award. Barney is vying for his second, and competing against the Reds’ Brandon Phillips and the Dodgers’ Mark Ellis.

* Tickets are still available for the 2014 Cubs Convention, to be held Jan. 17-19 at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers. Go to Cubs.com for more information.

* Rizzo will host his second “Walk Off for Cancer” on Dec. 15 at Pine Trails Park in Parkland, Fla. Rizzo will celebrate five years of being cancer free. Registration is limited to 1,000 people, and costs $30 per person. Last year’s inaugural event raised more than $100,000. For more information, go to http://www.Rizzo44.com.

* Cubs Minor League hitting coordinator Anthony Iapoce will hold a baseball clinic for boys and girls ages 9-13 on Dec. 14 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. ET, at Queens College, New York. Kids will get two hours of hitting, plus lessons on fielding, throwing and base running. For more information, contact iapocebaseball@gmail.com.


As much as I love both players, I don’t think either of them will win. Barney wasn’t quite as sharp this year.

Lester was superb again tonight. Bosox take 2 out of 3 in Missouri where the Cards have been so tough all season. How about Ueharra! Does anyone see the Red Stockings losing two at home? Wacha starts Wednesday`s game. Perhaps Cards can win that contest, but is dubious they triumph in seventh.

Dubious…..hmmmm…..the game is afoot Watson!

Sherlock, oh Sherlock, how goes the quest for the winner of these mighty rivals? The St. Louis Famous Arch men or the Boston Sound? AND to have to wait until Wednesday is NOT FUN! We left the St. Louis fans in shock, I do believe. I am predicting the Sox will win it all!! What think you? Any clues? :))

Ah! I see the bait was well placed and we are now in the thick of it!! Well done Lady White. We presume to give thought of irritating the scoundrels that circle this fine blog by talking of such things other than baseball? Gads!!!!!!🙂

So far, so good! Me thinks those scoundrels must be off a jousting with foreign foes whilst we “muck” up their precious site with heavens only knows! But truly we are talking “baseball” when it comes to Sox and Cards! We could throw in a few stats to make it fit the standard mold. New slogan: “Wack Wacho, Wack Wacho”!! Go Sox! Boston Strong! :))

Methinks I need a spelling lesson! Id est: “Whack Wacho, Whack Wacho”! Must be brownie time! :))

Geezzzz! Wacha! The wagon is on the way to pick me up! Promise! :))

White predicted before the WS ever began that the Redbirds would be vanquished. She has an excellent chance of being prophetic. Here`s something I have not heard said and I am baffled why, to be candid: the two dudes broadcasting the game on Fox are Cardinals` guys. How can they be objective? Joe Buck`s daddy was the principal Redbird shill, I mean broadcaster, for decades. He was a legend, as I recall. Joe Buck, himself, may have been a broadcaster for the Cardinals, as I recall. Please correct myself on that score, if I`m mistaken. Tim McCarver, Joe`s sidekick, played for the Cardinals for many years. Both are domiciled in the St. Louis environs and have been for many moons. I know both of these guys are trying to do contortions to compensate for their biases, but it will never work for me. It amounts to b.s. Oh, I forgot, all these games are on the Fox Network, which is fair and balanced.

I was too hard on Jack Buck. I did admire the man. He was not a shill. Do you recall, “I don`t believe what I just saw.”?

Not to worry! We are all caught up in the heat of the playoffs! :)) Will the Red Sox men get to shave their beards tonight or tomorrow night? :)) Getting ready for tonight’s game and for the spooky trick or treaters tomorrow night! Hope I can refrain from eating all the candy in a nail- biting game!

Am underwhelmed by all the responses I`ve received on this partiality issue. Perhaps folk are muting their tv`s and listening to better sportscasters on radio. One consolation is that this is the last season we have to tolerate “know it all” McCarver. Am having difficult time predicting tonight`s outcome, White. No one this playoffs and WS has been able to solve Wacha. Could the pressure get to the young man tonight? And there is no doubt it is tremendous pressure: a possible elimination game for Redbirds. My goodness, he`s just 22. All I can say is: if there is a Game 7, I`m confident the Bosox will prevail. I`m inferring from your comment that you expect the Series to end tonight. I do not think it`s a false impression. Am I mistaken?

I really don’t know, jhosk! Just want the Sox to win whether it is tonight or tomorrow night! Looking at TV right now – huge crowd! WOW! They are ready!

Maybe a lot of us do not see the “two dudes” broadcasting the game as an issue? I don’t. I see it as just two guys with cushy jobs doing their job, some people like them (not me in particular) and some people don’t like them (you evidently). But an ISSUE? Not really, an issue is the lack of a contender at Wrigley Field. Something I think will be addressed within the next few years. No offense meant jhosk.

I hear you, joey. That`s a lesson I learned to “not take myself too seriously.” Thanks for confirming my comment was not invisible to others, as I was beginning to think it was. At least McCarver is retiring. Is about time, as my God, this pontificator is older than myself. He`s 72. These guys do lead charmed lives. Can hardly wait to see the AFL All Star contest in two days, when we`ll get to see Bryant and the other two Cubs` prospects.

There is much to recommend a Game 7, White. Is a very special aura which surrounds such a contest, no matter the sport. That said, I shall endure less stress if Boston wins tonight. Don`t think about those trick or treaters until tomorrow. This game provides a full plate and demands exclusive focus. Forgive the drama, and enjoy the game.

WOW! Shirley Purrl has had to put her seat belt on again and my husband has to hide the Halloween candy so I won’t eat it all! The Sox are out for blood tonight! This is beautiful so far! :))

Exactly one week ago Mike Metheney in his post game comments after the Game 1 loss, said, “We let it get away from us.” That is precisely what may be happening tonight, and the Redbirds may not be able to do anything about that revolting development. Is just inning 5. Let`s see if the Cardinal tank is empty or not.

It`s looking good for the Boston fans, White. I can tell you are positively giddy.

BOSTON STRONG! :)) They did it! What a great series we have witnessed! Now about the “beards” ? Do they stay or go? :))

Way to finish off the Cardinals! Sigh…. little consolation as I think my disdain for them is now gone for good being a fan of the game I (we) must acknowledge how well their organization is built. ALWAYS contending. The Cubs must strive to emulate that team and I (we) would do well to respect them.

The beards will surely go immediately, if not sooner, White. I read somewhere that was the pact those hirsute members of the team made prior to the WS.

That`s an objective comment joey makes regarding respect. I would only add we need to out-organize the Redbirds and outplay them on the field.

Thank you jhosk and well said regarding outplaying them. To actually COMPETE with the Cardinals on and off the field is the first step to OVERTAKING THEM.

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