10/29 Gold Glove results

There was no repeat for the Cubs’ Darwin Barney. Reds’ second baseman Brandon Phillips reclaimed the Rawlings Gold Glove award in the National League, which Barney won in 2012. Winners of the top defensive award were announced Tuesday.

Barney, 27, and Phillips were finalists for the NL second base honors along with the Dodgers’ Mark Ellis. Barney led the NL in fielding percentage this season, but was seventh in zone rating, which is determined by how many plays a fielder makes and how many were hit into his zone. Phillips, who won the award in 2008, ’10 and ’11, was second in zone rating at .833 behind the Padres’ Jedd Gyorko (.851).

This year, managers and coaches who received the Gold Glove ballots also had an additional packet of statistics as Rawlings collaborated with the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) to formally incorporate sabermetrics as a component of the award.

Arizona’s Paul Goldschmidt won the NL Gold Glove at first base over the Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo, who was a finalist for the first time in his career. The Dodgers’ Adrian Gonzalez, who was vying for his third Gold Glove, and first since 2009, also was a finalist. Rizzo, 24, and Goldschmidt were tied for second in the NL in fielding percentage behind the Rockies’ Todd Helton, and the Cubs’ first baseman led the NL in zone rating (.902).

— Carrie Muskat


Very sorry to hear that Barney and Rizzo didn’t get the GG but congratulations to all those who did! Barney and Rizzo will now have the added incentive to grab the “golden ring”next year! They are both stellar defensive players!

Thank goodness barney didn’t win…. might have been the first a negative WAR player wins a gg… if barney can’t be at least positive in WAR he needs to be on the bench

Joey, jhosk, and all kind posters on this site. I read an interesting quote today: ” Be thankful for all unkind and difficult people in your life. They have shown you exactly who you do not want to be!” Enough said??

Awesome, it’s going on my wall today White. THANK YOU. Oh yeah, and very nice of you to keep your comment regarding the gg winners very positive and gracious. I too congratulate Phillips and Goldschmidt, they are deserving of the awards more so than our Cubs contenders. Nevertheless with a little more hard work a gg may be in Rizzo’s future. I fear for your sake White that Barney’s gg “days” may be over….SO HAPPY FOR HIM THAT HE WON FAIR AND SQUARE LAST YEAR!!
(not to mention he ticked off both Phillips AND HWSRN…some icing on the cake if you will for you and me White! Ha!). Tonight: GO BOSOX!!!!

They did get it right joey. I did wonder if the fact that Barney missed the first 2 weeks of the season due to injury were factored in to the final figures. I agree with you that Rizzo may get the GG in future! I disagree with you that Barney may not get another GG! :)) I don’t see his defense getting anything but better as he hones his skills and I definitely need another Barney GG Bobblehead to match the one I have. — bookends! :))

I hope you get your bookends White! It will be hard pressed however as Barney is aging and his zone rating was lacking this year which is very telling. He is however, due to his GG trophy from last season AND his STELLAR defense, a “Gold Glove” second baseman!!! (just not a GG award winning second baseman). Go take on the world White…but watch out for gravity!!!!

Gravity, gravity joey? Oh I know all about gravity! :)) Watched my son skydive numerous times. – looked like a speck of pepper at 14,000 feet! How old are all the other GG’ers? I think and hope Barney has a few more years to excel! AND he will be told that I WANT MY BOOKENDS! Count in it! :))

I know….just wanted you to be careful out there….NO FALLING!!

When you have MS FALLING is a daily occurrence! Get up, get over the pain and just keep going which is what Barney will do to get me my bookend set! :))

I can only imagine how hard it must be to field a ball,make the play,some being very good and knowing in the back of your mind that your struggling at the plate.I wont predict how long Barney will be a starter or even in the big leagues,but he shows up and actually tries.Lets hope as Cubs fans in a couple of years people will be actually talking about the Cubs in a positive way.

MOST of us will. He is an EXCELENT fielder and HUSTLES at all times. If he can hit just hit .250 along with his defense he would be considered a major contributor on any team. But hitting near .200 for such a long time has clouded how he is viewed. I am hoping the new manager and his new coaches will be able to get Barney’s bat going again to an acceptable level.

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