10/30 Barney’s numbers

A note to folks upset that Darwin Barney did not repeat as the National League Gold Glove winner: His numbers from last year and this year were rather different. And Barney would be the first to tell you he needs to do better. Brandon Phillips started 151 games at second; Barney 139. The Padres’ Jedd Gyorko posted a .851 zone rating to lead all NL second basemen, Phillips was second at .833 and Barney was seventh at .799. Barney did lead all NL second basemen in fielding percentage at .993. Phillips was first in total assists (428).

Here’s a comparison between Barney’s 2012 stats (when he won a Gold Glove) and this season:

Number of balls fielded: 517
Total putouts: 311
Assists: 418
Errors: 2
Double plays: 86
UZR: 15.0
WAR: 2.3

Number of balls fielded: 425
Total putouts: 236
Assists: 363
Errors: 4
Double plays: 69
UZR: 12.5
WAR: 0.4

Note on UZR Rating: A plus 15 is Gold Glove caliber; a plus 10 is great; a plus five is above average.

Note on WAR: Wins Above Replacement is an attempt to summarize a player’s total contribution to the team in one stat. According to Fangraphs, it looks at a player and asks, if this guy was injured, and he had to be replaced with a Minor Leaguer or someone from the bench, how much value would the team be losing? An MVP gets a six-plus WAR; a solid starter 2-3 WAR. A scrub, 0-1. I understand WAR includes offensive stats, but Barney’s drop off is rather dramatic.

— Carrie Muskat


They got it right. Nothing to be upset about. We are not only Cubs’ fans but baseball fans and realize Barney was bested and rightfully so. His GG from last year is something he can hang his hat on for a lifetime! Way to go Barney for being CONSIDERED with the best of the league!!

Very nicely stated joey! They got it right and I am sure Barney would be the first to agree. And thank you, Carrie, for giving us the figures! One thing I would point out is that Barney’s season was cut 2 weeks short due to injury. Is that factored in?

Very good article.Still a little confused on Rizzo though.Would like to see where he stands with some of these stats thrown our way.

VERY good idea, Kenly! Perhaps Carrie can do that for us as well.

Done. Just posted.

That is compared to Goldschmidt.From what i read he was actually even or above in some areas.

Great info Carrie.

They are all beautiful numbers to my eyes.❤ And now I'm just going to wait to get the email that says he won. I really hope so, he's making me proud again :') like always haha

isabel you are going to be waiting for awhile because they already picked who won and Barney lost…. shows your knowledge of anything going on in baseball please stop coming on here and puffing up Barney… its not needed and Barney is on his last season or so on the CUbs…move on

Glad to hear from you Isabel. Your comments and thoughts are unique and always bring a smile to me. THANK YOU! Puff all you want girl!!!🙂

0-1 = scrub…. hmmm exactly what I have been saying

not my words either… that was carries… awesome!!

Isabel, you are a true baseball fan and a true Cub’s fan! I hope you keep posting as often as you can!! You are a Barney fan and so am I. We have the right to be his backers and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise! Your knowledge of baseball should not be questioned by ANYONE! Barney will continue to hone his skills. – we will continue to cheer him on. Opening day is March 31st! Be there! :))

Actually, the “scrub” designation came from Fangraphs. This was not meant to diss Barney, but a reality check. I know it will motivate him. I’ll look up Rizzo’s numbers

Only the feeble, juvenile minded would have thought your comment was a barb directed at Barney. You are too classy for that Carrie. The rest of us realize it was benign no doubt and choose to focus on Barney improving his game (such as your comment would imply regarding motivation) rather than “validating” a misguided and somewhat mean regard for Barney espoused by some (one?) for several years. A Gold Glove on his mantle is validation enough for us fans of Barney AND of baseball.
White and Isabel can take heart that Barney’s enthusiasm, dedication and hustle combined with a new manager will more than likely result in a better Barney in 2014 which will be a very welcome site indeed as we need Barney to step up his offense while keeping the position warm for as a yet to be named heir. The same may be true of Rizzo and Castro. Sveum backfired on Epstein without doubt.

I would imagine from all the sites I have read that Barney will no longer be a Cub very soon. They are going to be rid of him one way or another. While ALL of the team’s offense sucked in 2013, Barney will not be given the chance to improve his hitting with this team. As the old saying goes – “If you are not wanted, LEAVE!”. Whatever God’s plans are for Barney I am sure he will do well!

Should Barney wind up with another team I hope it is a contending team. Even if relegated to a back up/defensive replacement role it would be very nice to see the deserving Barney gain some play off baseball if not WS baseball. He will not see any playoff games as a Cub considering his replacements are being groomed as we speak. There is no doubt the Cubs need more offense from second base than what Barney provided but as you point out White….what position/player provided “contending” offense to begin with? None. I admit to looking forward to seeing a slew of new, talented, young players come up to Wrigley and if second base is their position so be it. I am happy for Barney, his ML career, his GG and his FAN SUPPORT. But I will be much happier with a WS contending team.

I just don’t want to hurt Isabel’s feelings


Oh my goodness Carrie thank you! You won’t hurt my feelings. I look up to you and hope to meet you someday! And thank you to everyone else also. If Barney is traded I will remain a Barney fan but I will not leave my beloved Cubs🙂
I’ll just be happy that some other team will see his potential! (:

White, will you remain a Cubs` fan even if Barney is not part of the roster? I`m wanting you to, of course.

Yes, jhosk. I am a Cub’s and Red Sox fan. If any other team thinks that Barney might be worth anything at all they might pick up the Cub’s throw away and I would root for that team also. What about those “Boston Strong”!!

Yes, the Bosox proved the axiom that good pitching will shut down good hitting. The Redbirds` offense was impressive most of the regular season, but it faced superb pitching in the WS and that same offense looked impotent. Baseball is a humbling game. Look no further than Freese. A few short seasons ago, he was a one man wrecking gang in the WS. This time around he was pathetic; not one rbi. White, please tell me what it`s like to be a fan of a team which wins the WS. I`ve never experienced that, and I`m no young sprout. Also, do you know why the AFL All Star game time has been changed to Sat. afternoon from Sat evening? No one seems to want to answer my question.

Good morning jhosk – I am sorry, I don’t know about the AFL game change time. As for the Red Sox win, it was particularly satisfying this year. Boston needed a positive result after their horrid marathon event. It is interesting that you mention Freese. It seems that clubs, including the Cubs, put their hopes into a stellar player and it turns out that that player is a “flash in the pan”. In my opinion Castro is our “flash in the pan” player. I would also keep an eye on Lake who may end up falling into the same category. I hope you will be able to watch the game tomorrow!

Anyone paying attention knows I was and am unhappy with Castro due to his 2013 season. It `s evident he has talent, but there is more involved in success than that. Attitude is just as critical. He does not have the “fire in the belly” which Pedroia, for example, has. I hope I`m mistaken, but I do not see Castro ever having that. It is not in his DNA. If we ever develop a championship team, I see someone other than Starlin as the ss on that club. As for Lake, I`m more optimistic. He was impressive in the short time he was up in 2013, and he could develop into a “keeper.” I respect that you see issues with Lake. With regard to being a fan of the WS champion, I did come close to being that guy. Believe it or not, I was a Chisox fan in 1959 when they played in the WS. In 1965, I was a Twins fan and they reached the Fall Classic. Both teams were vanquished by the Dodgers. What hogs they are! To dash one`s dreams twice is unforgiveable, methinks.

The AZ Fall Stars game will be played at 5:10 pm MT (AZ time). If there is any mix up, it’s because of the time zone. Game time wasn’t changed

Jhosk, I really do hope you are right about Lake! He also seems to have great potential. My concern is that when they brought him up he was a “hitting machine” but it didn’t take long for the pitchers to figure him out and his average plummeted. They know that he swings at just about anything and his strikeout stats rose dramatically. I am also concerned about his “short fuse” when he gets angry. That can detract from his ability to pay attention. Of course we won’t know until 2014 how this will all play out. Can hardly wait for March 31st!

You observed Lake more than myself, White, and I must admit was not aware of his proclivity to fly off the handle. I do recall that he expressed an interest in leading off when he first came up, but the manager declined placing him in that spot when he learned Lake liked to go after first pitches in his at-bats. Lead off batters are expected to be patient and work counts and induce free passes etc. Lake is surely a work in progress, and please don`t forget Junior played out of position exclusively in his time with the big club, as he`s an infielder by trade.

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