11/3 AFL update

Kris Bryant and Jorge Soler each got a hit, but Bryant also made two errors in the East’s 9-2 loss to the West in the Arizona Fall League Fall Stars Game, played Saturday in Surprise. Bryant and Soler were starters for the East, and Bryant played the entire game at third. Albert Almora entered as a sub in right.

Bryant’s first error in the third inning led to a run. In an interview in October, he said he doesn’t do well in debuts. An example is his first game with Boise when he struck out five times.

“You really try to avoid the really bad games like that,” he said about the five K game. “It happens. It all comes back to confidence and me having confidence in myself. When you have a game like that, you put it behind you and realize that day, the pitcher was better than you. I’ll get him sometimes, and he’ll get me sometimes.”

Hopefully, that means Bryant’s next All-Star Game will be much better.

After an off day Sunday, Bryant, Soler, Almora and the other Cubs prospects get back to work on Monday when the Mesa Solar Sox play host to Salt River at HoHoKam Stadium. On Tuesday, Mesa travels to Salt River, and that game will be aired on MLB Network at 7 p.m. Arizona time.

— Carrie Muskat


“Hopefully” is a good Cub’s slogan! :)) Not feeling any “good vibes” yet!

Looking at the top 100 prospects the Cubs have 4 in the top 35 and 5 in the top 57. That may not sound great to the average fan, but when you take into consideration there are 30 ML baseball teams, thats very impressive.
The top 30 International prospects, the Cubs have 4 players listed. Of course, Soler is on both lists, but I find this even more impressive.

Sounds impressive to me….HEY! I MUST be an “above average” fan!!! DUH.

Speaking of “DUH”, hows the family joey?

I saw Bryant`s first error in the third when the ground ball went between his legs as he anticipated a hop which never materialized, but could you describe what occurred with his second error? Was it a throwing error or the fielding variety? Early in the contest (perhaps the 2nd inning), Bryant demonstrated a strong throwing arm on a grounder to his right. The broadcasters were impressed and one used the term (Howitzer) to describe Kris`s arm. The MLB guru, Jonathon _____, (his surname escapes me), said Bryant played right field his junior year at San Diego, and implied that could be a position for him if the hot corner does not work out. I just remembered; it`s Jonathon Mayo, I believe.

We are talking two errors in a game, I really dont think its all that bad. jhosk, have you ever looked up Ron Santos fielding record? He made over 30 errors in a season at least three times. Mid to high 20’s was normal.

Bryant’s second error was a throwing error, pulling the 1B off the bag. And, yes, the MLB.com person interviewed was Jonathan Mayo

Thanks for that. Cubs fans who may not have seen the game may be interested in hearing about another comment Mayo made in reference to Bryant. Said he could project as a 30homer/100 rbi player across a full major league season, but also could fan 150 times. Mayo said most teams would be content living with those numbers.

The purpose of my comment was certainly not to disparage Bryant`s defense Jasper. Far from it. I am wanting Kris to develop into another Brooks Robinson, my all time favorite defensive third sacker. I merely want someone to describe to myself Kris`s second miscue in Sat. night`s contest, as I missed it due to falling asleep in my chair or momentarily channel surfing or whatever. I have a hunch I am going to need to wait a long while to have my query answered.

Wish I could help you jhosk, I would have loved to have been at the AFL All Star Game, but I was at the State Fair watching Monster Trucks, much to my dismay. lol

I`m not big on seeing Monster Trucks, myself, Jasper. I trust you enjoyed seeing that WS game with your son.

It was alot of fun jhosk, son, grandson & brother. All of our 1st WS game. The shame was, those 3 are Cardinal fans. lol I didnt care who won, so I was able to enjoy the game.

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