11/3 Manager update

Expect a new Cubs manager to be revealed this week. All that’s known so far is who it won’t be.

Brad Ausmus, who interviewed Friday with the Cubs, has reportedly been named the Tigers next manager. Ausmus was the sixth candidate to talk to Theo Epstein. On Tuesday, former Indians and Mariners manager Eric Wedge, 45, met with Epstein and the front office to discuss the vacant manager’s job. The Cubs also have interviewed Rick Renteria, A.J. Hinch, Dave Martinez and Manny Acta.

The Cubs also will talk to Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo, 48. FOX Sports and MLB Network’s Ken Rosenthal reported Sunday that Lovullo will talk to Epstein and Co. early this week. That interview was delayed because Lovullo didn’t want to distract from the World Series. Epstein hired Lovullo to manage the Red Sox’s Triple-A Pawtucket team in 2010.

The only deadline Epstein has set is to have someone in place by Nov. 11 when the general manager meetings are held. Dale Sveum was dimissed on Sept. 30 after two seasons as the Cubs manager.

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer hired Ausmus as a special assistant with the Padres in November 2010 when Hoyer was the GM in San Diego, and he was the third person with a San Diego connection to interview for the Chicago job. Renteria, 51, who also interviewed with the Mariners and Tigers, is the Padres’ bench coach. Hinch, 39, is currently involved with player development in the Padres’ front office.

Epstein has said he wants someone with managerial experience, which Ausmus lacked. He played 18 seasons and his only time as a manager was with Team Israel in a qualifying tournament for the World Baseball Classic.

Renteria does not have any time in the big leagues as a manager but has worked in the Minor Leagues, beginning in 1998 as manager in the Marlins organization with the Brevard County team. He left the Marlins system after 2001, and was a hitting coach for the Padres’ Lake Elsinore Minor League team in 2003. In ’04, he took over Lake Elsinore as manager, and after three seasons, moved up to manage Triple-A Portland. Renteria joined the Padres Major League staff in 2008 and has been bench coach since ’11. He also managed Team Mexico in the World Baseball Classic this year.

— Carrie Muskat


Sounds like the Tigers are thrilled to get Ausmus! I hope all will work out for the Cubs getting a new manager but right now I feel like we are a ship sailing without a compass!

Hey White, I believe WE know what you are talking about and WE are not taking your comment quite so literally to think you speak for everybody. WE understand you are just making a point regarding the lack of a manager and also the unity of us Cubs fan as a whole. But that is just how WE view it. WE also acknowledge the chance of management NOT getting the right guy and WE base this on the hiring of the wrong guy Sveum. WE reserve the right to believe that the right guy may have been Ausmus…WE don’t know as the only way for the manager to be the right guy is for him to drastically improve the team by in-game decision making, something WE won’t know until it happens. WE HOPE management will get the right guy but WE don’t know that will be the case. Evidently only WHF KNOWS that, he KNOWS all things.
BTW, thanks for helping me by posting comments. You are more than a fan, you are a fellow human being with a passion for OUR Cubs. Oops, they are not “our” Cubs because WE are NOT the owners, only the Ricketts’ can claim the Cubs as their own, not Chicago, not us unknowledgeable baseball fans, not the players themselves….another thing to add to WHF’s long list of what WE are NOT.

WE shall overcome!!! Don’t you love it, joey! :)) :))

I honestly dont know where you get (WE) from? You are not speaking for me! You are not a member of Management, your not a coach, your not a member of the team!
You are just a fan, get it? Just a fan.
Not a knowledgeable fan, not even a knowledgeable baseball fan.
Management will get the right guy, they do not need your help. If you want to help someone, bake your brother in law some brownies, you know the one that had lyme disease three times, or maybe send him your cat to keep him company.

You are one really nasty piece of work! Your nastiness borders on mental illness. Does it run in your family? From now on stay away from answering MY posts and I will NOT even read your posts!!

Thrilled for David DeJesus landing a 6.5 mil deal with Tampa! Congrats David! You deserve the best.

White, I know you have been a fan of Dejesus and you know that I have always thought of him lacking the skills to be a VERY GOOD ball player and I do not miss him at all. BUT…I am glad you are happy and at the same time amazed he got 6.5 million!! No offense, but I am thrilled the Cubs will not be going after him to bring him back as was speculated after his trade.

No offense taken at all joey! Our varying opinions about players makes for interesting and informative debates! WE can agree to disagree, WE can agree to agree. WE can say anything WE want in a respectful way! And this little piggy went “wee, wee, wee, wee all the way home” Sorry, I couldn’t resist! :)) :))

After watching the Cubs Managerial farce, I’m convinced that Theo blew it. He let Dale Sveum go before he had his replacement committed to the position. It seems that he thought he had Joe Girardi locked up for the job, but let the word leak out before he had his man in the house and the Yankees countered his offer.
Then he made everyone wait while he tried to work a deal for one of his Red Sox hires, but that didn’t work either, so we end up with Rick Renteria. I’m sure when this started, he wasn’t the first choice. You need to dot the (i’s) and cross the (t’s) before you let the story leak out.

Bob Mulroy, You have restored my faith in clear level-headed thinking! Your analysis of what has been playing out in the search for a new manager has “hit the proverbial nail on the head” . Thank you! Please keep posting on the site.

As a Cubs fan since 1969, I’ve been looking for a site where I can occasionally offer my thoughts for further analysis by long suffering Cubs fans like myself. I have made my feelings know on other sites, only to discover that I had no idea about how to get back to the site and see the effect of what I had done.
I think I’ll stay here for a while and be a contributor as well as a commenter. Thanks for your kind words White, I appreciate them.

Hey Bob, I agree with White…welcome aboard! I think Renteria (should he BE the choice) will actually be the choice AFTER both losing Girardi and Lovullo (should he remain un-accessible that is) but as far as letting Sveum go before having a committed replacement I think it was very courteous of Epstein to let Sveum go asap allowing Sveum to land another job as a coach. Why impede Sveum’s opportunity right? Knowing Sveum was NOT the man for the Cubs job any longer was the first step, an admission of sorts by Epstein and very commendable of him to step up instead of wriggling on the hook, sputtering nonsense like we’ve seen from other GM’s around baseball. Renteria or Martinez or Hinch….I do not think of them as the “leftovers” but as the next crop of men at least capable of TRYING to become the next “Girardi” or “Matheny”. Good luck to all of them…and US!!! Epstein nor the next manager are not in any easy situations, the pressure will be on both to STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND PERFORM.

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