11/4 Lovullo and the Cubs – UPDATED

According to FOX Sports and MLB Network’s Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs’ negotiations with the Red Sox for Torey Lovullo are a little complicated.

At a news conference Monday, Red Sox GM Ben Cherington said no team had asked for permission to talk to Lovullo, Boston’s bench coach.

“Right now, our hope and expectation is our coaching staff is back,” Cherington said. “There have been no requests for permission for any of the Major League coaches.”

The Cubs have interviewed Rick Renteria, Dave Martinez, A.J. Hinch, Manny Acta and Brad Ausmus. On Sunday, Ausmus was named the Tigers manager.

Later Monday, Rosenthal posted that the problem could be timing.

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington said Monday that no team had contacted him yet about interviewing Boston bench coach Torey

Lovullo. The hold up may be because of timing. When Theo Epstein left the Red Sox to take over the Cubs as president of baseball operations in October 2011, the Cubs and Red Sox had an agreement they would not hire each other’s employees. There was a set time frame, which Rosenthal says may be three years.

Rosenthal said a resolution could depend on the two team’s ownership, and a concession by the Red Sox to allow Lovullo to leave.

Epstein did hire Lovullo to manage the Pawtucket Red Sox in 2010. When John Farrell was named manager of the Blue Jays for the 2011 season, Lovullo joined his coaching staff. Lovullo returned to the Red Sox in October 2012 to be the bench coach.

— Carrie Muskat


This is bizarre. First we are told that the Cubs will interview Lovullo today or this week and now we are told they haven’t even asked to do so. Will they or won’t they? I can certainly understand that the Red Sox would want to retain their current coaching staff after this stellar season! Sure hope OUR ship finds safe moorage soon!

It really doesn’t matter too much White. It is what it is. Epstein will choose “wisely” (wink, wink) and WE will all cross our fingers that he made the right choice. WE hear a lot about Renteria being the favorite….but WE are intrigued by all the years Martinez studied under Madon. Could be yet ANOTHER ex-cub gets by-passed because he was an ex-Cub? WE shall see. WE don’t have a horse in this race since Giardi was made unavailable. WE fondly recall the “good old days” when WE were happy Sveum was NOT Quade. Now WE will be happy with the appointment of Phil N. Theblank NOT being Sveum. sigh. WE have spoken.

Remember our “T- Shirt” business joey? We need a new line. – our new shirt will read. ” I AM THE MANAGER”. 🙂 WE can all take turns at being ” manager-of-the-day”. No more brownies for me today! 🙂. Have a good one!

Ironic isn’t it White? Him KNOWING what it would take to BE an A$$?? Ha! FUNNY STUFF…right?

🙂 🙂 WE are in trouble now joey!

I find this kind of strange, this morning Yahoo News reported that the Red Sox had given Lovullo permission to interview with the Cubs.
Is this Cheringtons way of saying he wants something in return? If so, he is being an A$$.

Is Theo after him since he was with the Red Sox? Sometimes I think they’re trying to make the Cubs a duplicate of the Red Sox!

chicagochick510, I think most of us are hoping Epstein can duplicate what he did in Bostin.

I definitely want him to duplicate the results, but it feels like he wants this team to be identical to the BoSox at times.

Chicagochick510, many of the current Red Sox are home grown, Ellsbury, Pedroia and so on. Epstein and Hoyer are doing the same thing. Out of the top 100 prospects, the Cubs have 4 in the top 35.
Last article I read, the Cubs Minor League system was rated 2nd. So I think he is doing the same thing as he did in Boston, only better.
The end of 2014 and on will be fun time to be a Cub fan.

Red Sox Nation still bitter for losing Theo…………….need to move on……maybe Henry Blanco would be a manager the Cubs need!

I agree CubsTalk, maybe the Cubs need to move on. I think Renteria may be their prime target now. Henry Blanco? Is he “your guy”? Is he done playing?
I know he was with a couple of teams last year and did not fare well. Maybe he’ll surface as coach in 2014?

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