11/5 AFL and Winter Leagues

Arizona Fall League

* Jorge Soler hit a go-ahead two-run double in the fifth to help the Mesa Solar Sox beat Salt River 5-4 Monday night in a rain-shortened Arizona Fall League game. Yes, it rains in Arizona. Cubs pitching prospect Matt Loosen picked up the win in relief. On Tuesday, the Solar Sox — or “Soler Sox” — play at Salt River, and that game will be broadcast on MLB Network at 7 p.m. Arizona time.

Winter Leagues

* Arismendy Alcantara was 2-for-4 with a stolen base in Licey’s 2-1 win over Aguilas in Dominican Winter League play.

* Christian Villanueva was batting .245 in 14 games in the Mexican Winter League with two home runs and three doubles.

* Hector Rondon has not given up a run in five innings over five games in relief in the Venezuelan Winter League, and has walked one and struck out five.

* Marcus Hatley has given up one earned run over 8 2/3 innings in nine games in relief in the Mexican Winter League. Hatley has struck out 14 and walked two.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, do you hear anything regarding Rondon being considered if not groomed to be the Cubs closer in 2014?

Rondon is being groomed to be the Cubs closer… where on Earth did you hear that one? If they go internal, I would guess that Pedro Strop would be the first person to get a shot at it. Blake Parker would probably be ahead of Rondon too, as he had a better 2013 than Rondon and closed in the minors as well. I would also think that the new manager would have a say in who the closer will be, and since the new manager has yet to be named, I’d guess that no one is being specifically groomed to be the closer just yet.

I believe he was asking Carrie if she had heard anything to that effect, not that he WAS being groomed to be Cub’s closer. Just a question, not a statement of fact.

I agree that the Cubs are looking for a closer from within the Organization. I also think they will be looking at all options. As Doug states, Strop & Parker are options.
Class AA had starter Alberto Cabrera have a very good year, then promoted to AAA, Cabrera did not get another start. He was used strictly out of the bullpen without much success.
So I really think they are looking at all possible options.

Let me rephrase my complicated question “Carrie, do you hear anything regarding Rondon being considered if not groomed to be the Cubs closer in 2014?” to something simpler for those of you who need help as not all of you are as intelligent as White: “Carrie, do you hear anything regarding Rondon being considered if not groomed to be the Cubs closer in 2014?” How’s that? Better?
I know, I tried but it doesn’t get any easier to figure out it was a QUESTION and not a report of Rondon BEING GROOMED AS THE CLOSER. Yeesh. The Cubs haven’t named a manager yet? WOW! Really? I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!! BREAKING NEWS!!! GEE, THANKS!!! (CALL THE NEWSPAPERS….)

ROFLMAO @ joey. Now your starting crap with Doug. You cant win joey, you just make yourself look childish and to be blunt, stupid. Keep sticking up for the brownie bag, Doug’s knowledge makes it an unfair fight, he will beat you every time.

You know, I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. I really did. Because the idea of Hector Rondon being groomed to be the Cubs closer for 2014 is so ridiculous, I thought maybe you heard it or read it somewhere and truly wanted to know if it was true or not. So instead of ripping into you for introducing one of the dumbest ideas for the Cubs that I’ve ever heard, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and stated, without talking down to you mind you, that I would think Strop or Parker would get the first opportunities should the Cubs decide to stay internal to fill the closer roll. And I also thought to add that any rumor of major personnel decisions you might hear now are meaningless since they have yet to name a manager for 2014 and beyond. So what do I get for being nice and giving you the benefit of the doubt? I get you lashing out and actually admitting to the world that one of the dumbest ideas involving the Cubs to ever be thought of was in fact your idea. I mean, do you even know who Hector Rondon is? Do you even know who Pedro Strop or Blake Parker are? Did you even watch a single inning of Cubs baseball this year? From all of your mindless posts and dumb ideas within those mindless posts, I think the answer to all of those questions are a resounding heck no! Because if the answer to any of those questions is yes, then the idea of the Cubs grooming Hector Rondon to be the closer for 2014… in early November 2013 none-the-less… would make you want to put your head though the wall! Please, take a moment and explore the cubs.com website that you are coming on, and don’t come back to ask another brainless question until you’ve learned a thing or two about the team you are asking about!

Rains…snows…..floods…..drought…….and the Sun comes up in the East and sets in the West.

About the same in all 50 states.

Joey and white need to try and talk baseball for once instead of social hour…. Take the social stuff to an email or fb…. Stick to cubs baseball in the cubs baseball blog… Joey hates on everyone else for being mean but yet is the first one to post negative statements to others…. Hmmmm…. Hypocrite? Who is psycho now bud

Hang in there joey! Even the biggest snakes run out of venom eventually! They spew and then crawl under the nearest rock to hide. Ugly beasts! You are and have always been a VERY knowledgable and interesting blogger on this site. I respect your opinions as a true Cub’s fan and I love your sense of humor and your respectful approach to debate! I believe that 99percent of the posters on these sites would agree 100 percent. Sincerely, Your Brownie Bag Co-Blogger.🙂

Thanks White, I’M HANGING. Why wouldn’t I? This is too entertaining. Just look at HWSRN’s comment regarding us talking baseball? What does he think my innocent (but sub-Doug standard) question was about? I don’t see the word brownie in my question to Carrie. It was limited to a BASEBALL question….maybe the true hypocrite is HWSRN? Or…HE didn’t realize that Rondon was a BASEBALL player on the Cubs? Ha. It’s all good White.

a) I wasn’t looking for an argument. Like I said in my response above, I thought he might have heard or read that somewhere and gave him the benefit of the doubt, so I commented without talking down or insulting. Once he lashed out at me for doing so, the gloves came off and it was on! b) if he was knowledgeable, then he wouldn’t be asking if Hector Rondon is being groomed to be the Cubs closer in 2014 or freak out over the Cubs claiming Matt Gamel off of waivers. c) he’s not a blogger, he’s a commenter. If he was a blogger, this would be his site. So unless his name is Carrie Muskat, then he’s not a blogger here.

Rondon is being groomed to be the Cubs closer… where on Earth did you hear that one? where on Earth did you hear that one? where on Earth did you hear that one?THAT statement is giving me the benefit of the doubt? THAT is NOT talking down to me? THAT was being NICE? THAT was ME STARTING something. THAT is you being an inconsiderate, condescending jerk. THAT is what that was. If anybody asks a question that does not meet your criteria you respond (as if you were the know it all go to person and Carrie does not exist) in such a veiled contemptuous way. I wanted to know if CARRIE (you know, the reporter that may actually have contacts…) has heard anything regarding Rondon, I did NOT lobby for Rondon being the closer but realize he along with the better alternatives is STILL a remaining option for a team that as of NOW has no closer. Yes, by the way Gregg is not being made an offer nor are the three other FA’s, gee I must have READ that somewhere you inconsiderate,
vain, condescending jerk. You wouldn’t KNOW how to be nice, but you might want to try leading with something other than “Rondon is being groomed to be the Cubs closer… where on Earth did you hear that one?” BTW, to the juvenile other know it all:
THERE IS NOTHING TO WIN. THERE IS NO CONTEST, THERE IS NO COMPETITION. But to those like you who KNOW IT ALL and must claim victory EVERYTHING is considered a competition I guess. I can’t win? NOT anything you can even comprehend as important, I have already won what matters many years ago. YOU would not understand. Benefit of the doubt my ass. Go lecture somebody else for your jollies.

If you care to read it again, you’ll notice that I asked where you heard that, as in you are not the originator of the topic. I was interested if you heard it from an official source or just some guy calling up local sports talk radio. So yes, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. I see now that was misplaced and the next time you post some ridiculous thing like that, I will just go ahead and assume the source of the stupid topic is in fact you. As for you asking Carrie, you do know that she has a thing called an email address and that email address allows her to read things directly from people without a 3rd party reading it? On the other hand, posting something on a public comment section on a professional sports teams website is pretty much opening your question up for discussion among the people who happen to read the website. So next time you want to ask Carrie a direct question and not worry about others chiming in, send her an email. Who knows, maybe she’ll even put it in her mailbag column on the main Cubs site and then you won’t need to deal with me or Jasper Jiggs or anyone else. And sure, Carrie has contacts and knows a lot more than me or Jasper or you or anyone else on here about the Cubs and has much better access to Cubs information too. But it doesn’t take someone with expert knowledge and exclusive access to know that the chances of Hector Rondon being groomed to be the Cubs closer in 2014 are about as good as the chances that Logan Watkins is being groomed to be the cleanup hitter next season. If you asked the question, “Who are the candidates to take over as closer next year, or what are the Cubs long-term plans for Hector Rondon now that they gained his rights by keeping him on the roster all season?” I would respect your knowledge and your true desire to learn more about the Cubs. Instead, I get all the nonsense from you that you posted above. Again, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but I can honestly say that I won’t feel so inclined to do so next time you ask a question that ridiculous.

YOU read your own reply again…you asked WHERE ON EARTH which implies a condescending attitude which you exude. You in fact are a condescending intolerant jerk and I’m not interested in your respect nor am I interested in vetting my comments for YOUR approval to post. I do thank you in some bizarre way for exposing your incredulous pomposity and certainly will not waste my time addressing you again.

Well that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

So…Carrie, do you hear anything regarding Rondon being considered if not groomed to be the Cubs closer in 2014?

No Carrie, answer mine first. Is Logan Watkins being considered if not groomed to the the Cubs cleanup hitter in 2014?

C’mon, folks, we need to play nice. Joey, Rondon did very well as set-up man, and as of today, I’d say he stays in that role. At the end of the season, they liked the possibility of Pedro Strop as closer but it’s also Nov. 6, and the roster can change dramatically before Opening Day. Doug, the answer is no.

Ha, that’s funny Carrie. THANK YOU!!

I disagree that Rondon performed well in 2013. His ERA approached 5.00 and I recommended he be demoted to minors mid-season after one of his many sorry outings. Was informed recently by Doug that Rondon`s status was such that he had to remain on the major league roster or we would have risked losing his services. But again, he was not all that impressive this past season. He has potential and is worth keeping . Please correct myself, if I`m mistaken.

Rondon finished strong. In his last nine appearances (nine innings), he gave up zero runs, one hit, walked one, and struck out eight. That’s what I — and the Cubs — liked. Maybe I’m also influenced by how much better he was than the 2012 Rule 5 pick, Lendy Castillo

Rondon did finish strong, he also did well for a Rule 5 pick. He might even become a closer someday, maybe a great one. Dougs debate came from Rondon, being groomed for the closers job in 2014. Thats a very strong statement and Doug was correct for pointing that out.
I agree with Doug that all options should be considered.
Yes Rondon was a much better selection than 2012’s Lendy Castillo. Nobody debated that.

Jasper, my “no” response was in replay to Doug’s question about Logan Watkins being groomed to be the cleanup man, not Hector Rondon. Sorry for the confusion

Carrie, Doug stated that grooming Rondon for the closer role (for 2014), was like grooming Watkins for the clean up spot. I am pretty sure Doug was using that as an example, not a question.
Its refreshing to see someone like Doug come in this chat room that can actually discuss the Cubs and baseball, someone that does research before posting non sense.

Carrie i hope someone compensates you well for helping to end that tirade!

A statement my Aston Martin. It was a question.

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