11/5 The Cubs and Samardzija

Jeff Samardzija and the Cubs have talked about a possible long-term deal, but have been unable to reach a resolution. Could Samardzija be traded? According to a tweet by ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Cubs and Diamondbacks are talking about a possible deal involving the right-handed pitcher. This season, Samardzija set personal highs in innings pitched (214 2/3), starts (33), quality starts (19), strikeouts (214), and complete games (two). He finished 8-13 with a 4.34 ERA. The price tag would likely be high. Samardzija has two years before he is eligible for free agency.

— Carrie Muskat


I think this is something we have all seen coming. It only makes sense. Management has talked about a possible long term deal the last two years for Samardzija. His agent and himself has put it off both times.
With two years remaining on his contract, then add the 214 IP and K’s, his value is very high right now. I see no reason in waiting.

Hey White…”WE” all have seen this coming!!! HA! OK for the Almighty One speaking for US, but NOT you!!! Too funny. TOO FUNNY!!! Prevailing against nastiness is kind of fun isn’t it White? Oh yeah, back to BASEBALL….trading Samardzija is just part of Epstein’s method, no big deal. I think it may be better than keeping him for two non-contending years and THEN getting NOTHING for him. I like what Epstein has done so far so why would Samardzija be an exclusion?

Time for a new T-Shirt today! “WE ALL SAW THIS COMING”.🙂 or ” YOU TELL ME WHAT I THINK” . 🙂 I know this may be seen as a good move but I would hate to see Samardj go. I look forward to game days when he is pitching!

White, only to some (me being one…) will trading Samardizija seem like a good move but to others? WE will have to wait and see what You Know Who has to say about that right? I look forward to watching Samardzija pitch too but only to see if he has taken the next step to being an ACE. I haven’t seen him claim the throne as of yet so I believe since the Cubs won’t challenge for a WS title In the next two seasons the Cubs might as well trade him for some players that will be useful in 2016 and beyond. But White, YOU speak for ALL of us…uh…don’t you???…so tell me…what do I really mean to say??? Maybe what I meant to say was: Are you baking today??🙂

Sorry joey, I was speaking for the intelligent baseball fans. You could actually be one of those, if you would just let it go and think before you post something. White is nothing more than a very lonely person stirring up trouble & in constant need of attention.
Then you wonder why she needs attention? No family or friends to talk too? No one around to pay attention to her? I do feel sorry for her, honestly I do.

No baking today! My husband took over the oven with his homemade Granola. Takes 6 hrs to cook! So I am down to left over Halloween candy. Oops! How dare I speak of food!🙂 Not related to this post but I heard Ausmus speak when the Tigers introduced him yesterday. I think they got a gem!

Well that would be nice for the Tigers. A little pressure on Ausmus as the Tigers will be EXPECTED to repeat in 2014?? I wish him well as I wish Epstein well choosing our gem! Can I say “our”??? I’ll roll the dice….

OH MY GOD! Can you believe what the Almighty One just wrote joey? 🙂 You too could be one of the “intelligent” baseball fans if you are obedient and think before you post! And if you don’t debate with WE lonely unintelligent fans! Lucky me – I have more loving family and friends than anyone could ever hope for and have NEVER been lonely a day in my life! How does the Almighty Monster dream up this ridiculous rhetoric? Who do you feel sorry for?

By the way, joey, who out of the guys we have interviewed, do YOU think could be OUR gem?

I can’t presume to think a “gem” is out there for us White. I will say that I am most intrigued by Martinez and his studying under Madon who I like very much. I would be good with Martinez, Luvollo and Renteria….in that order…I think…
I’m sure White that if we wanted to show our intelligence of all things Cubs and baseball we could do so, I know I can keep up with anybody on this site but why show my hand in such an interesting poker game. I like things the way they are, we appearing ignorant to the ignorant yet KNOWING what we are made of.

Samardzija mat be traded but I don’t think the Diamondbacks will be in the deal. Have you forgotten the remarks made by DB’s mgr. Kirk Gibson about old Jeff last summer? It had to do about whining and “hot dogging” emotions while JS was in a game and basically said he should grow up. I don’t think Gibson, a more hardened veteran and former All American football player at Michigan State will put up with any kind of cry-baby antics from Samardzija. Keeping that in mind, in my opinion, means any trade for Jeff S., will be from some other organization. Maybe even theYankees.

You bring up a very good point Diamondjim23. The only thing I would disagee on is, the Diamondbacks GM makes the trades, not Kirk Gibson.
I find that bringing up the Yankees interesting. Knowing that Samardizja will not come cheap, what kind of package do you see them putting together for Samardizja?

Yankees don’t have enough to offer for shark…. Dbacks have the pitching we are looking for…. Young pitching… I still hope an extension gets done

The Yankees do have Gary Sanchez, a top catching prospect and one of the positions the Cubs are a little thin on throughout the organization (not totally barren, mind you, but they don’t have a single catcher in their mlb.com top 20 prospects list). Of course I’m sure the Cubs would want pitching in return, which would make a team with one or two top 100 pitching prospects a more appealing match. The D-Backs do have Archie Bradley, one of the top prospects in all of baseball, but I doubt they would give him up for Samardzija.

Doug, Petrey, the Cubs signed a C named Daniel Canela on OCT 2nd as a FA. I tried to do some research on him. He was signed out of an Independent League. He is soon to be 24 y/o.
Drafted by the Tigers, 37th round in 2009, but did not sign.
I looked up his STATS in the independent League, he ripped to a OBP of over 400.
Does anyone know any more on this guy?

I saw that a few weeks back. I remember trying to find out who he was and there was surprisingly very little information out there, other than his stats in the Independent League. I did find an article in I think it was Baseball America that said he decided to leave his college team (I think it was NC State) in the middle of the season, but didn’t give any details about why he left. It took me awhile to find the article, as it was buried in BA’s website and from a year or two ago. You are welcome to see if you can find it yourself, but I’ve got to run in a few minutes. Anyway, it will be interesting to see where the Cubs place him in their minor league system. Yes, his numbers were good, but we’ll see if that translates to success in A, AA, or AAA ball.

Doug you told me more than I could find.
As far as how the talent translates, you are definately correct. I also remember his fielding stats were nice with a low number of errors, ( 5 or 6 I think ) but throwing out runners was very poor. I may be wrong, looked it up awhile back.

Yes, but unfortunately, I don’t think either one of us can answer the question posed by our good buddy Fishy Joe: Is Hector Rondon being considered if not groomed to be the Cubs closer in 2014? Until we can answer that question, everything else is meaningless. And apparently “no way, that’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard” is not the correct answer.

There have been reports about Cubs management having talked to Jeff Samardzija’s agent about a long term deal. Reports also indicate the he and his agent have rebuffed the attempts, perhaps hoping that Jeff would produce a sparkle that would improve his status. This was supposed to be Jeff’s year, but while he has shown both greatness and complete failure, he did show durability and a great strike out per innings pitched ratio. In my mind, considering where the Cubs are right now, if they can get something of potential value in a trade for him, I would consider it a done deal. Maybe he will shine in another climate.

That was well said Bob. During his exhibition of durability and strikeouts he never showed legit signs of being an ace.

No signs as an Ace, none as a Deuce either, maybe a Trey or higher in somebodies starting lineup though. He still may develop into an ace somewhere else.

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