11/6 AFL update

Albert Almora was 1-for-4 but five errors by the Mesa Solar Sox led to an 8-0 loss to Salt River on Tuesday night in Arizona Fall League play. Cubs prospect Dallas Beeler started, and was charged with seven runs, none earned, in 2 2/3 innings. He gave up four hits, walked two and struck out one. On Wednesday, Mesa plays host to Glendale at HoHoKam Stadium. Kris Bryant continues to rank among the AFL leaders with a .375 batting average, six home runs and 17 RBIs.


I wanted to watch the game last nite but got tied up. Lets blame that one on the MLB Network exposure.

its time to pick a new team, the intangible that kept fans Fans was their history with the team, money, money, money and the owner copies other prior successes of others before he knows how to win. This page is a joke. The Cubs all got traded. There is not enough and the owner can’t handle it. Your marketing sucks. Dumpster divers do better than you to respect the game that makes money.

Go forward. Castro used to hit until a philosophy got in the way of a good young hitter. You bunch of dumb asses.

Money doesn’t buy winners. Bad owner philosophy. Plenty else out there.

we are stuck listening to Len Casper and Pat Hughes, major stakeholders. You are a bunch of jerks. On the field you do not matter. Done.

Glad you’re done Kurt…feel better?? Venting on this site can be so cathartic. Ironic you say it is a joke yet you utilized it to express your (welcome) opinion, proving it is not a joke yet a valuable resource for ALL of us fans whether or not we agree, disagree or even ridicule others as some are wont (glad you are NOT one of those “some”. Thanks to Carrie for allowing us to post on this “joke”. The joke is on you maybe…. and sincerely…good luck picking a new team but I hope you give “Theo’s Cubs” a little more benefit of the doubt as he just proved by replacing Sveum he is capable of recognizing his mistakes and at least attempts to rectify them before they do more damage even if it means firing people with guaranteed contracts.
Case in point: If he deems Castro’s long term contract a mistake, in due time he may replace him with Baez instead of sticking with Castro JUST because his contract is guaranteed? Maybe this will happen for the improvement of the team? I personally hope Castro turns his performance around and we see both him AND Beaz on the same infield (something for Renteria to figure out??), I’m just pointing out another case of a guaranteed contract for an employee that MAY have been given too much credit to perform such as was the case with Sveum?
THAT alone gives me more reason to believe he will accomplish his goal of bringing a perennial winner to Wrigley. I would hope the majority of us knowledgeable fans see this and see the amount of TIME need for success.

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