11/6 Manager trivia

While we wait for the Cubs to pick a new manager, here’s some trivia:

So far, five former Cubs will manage in the big leagues in 2014. Who are they?

Answer: Yankees’ Joe Girardi, Indians’ Terry Francona, Mariners’ Lloyd McClendon, Phillies’ Ryne Sandberg, and the Astros’ Bo Porter


I believe all but Bo Porter actually PLAYED for the ML teams they currently manage. Kind of a shame that both Girardi and Sandberg were not hired by the Cubs when easily obtainable. Hendry dropped the ball and Epstein failed to pick it up.

Good morning joey. My pick would have been Sandberg! Having seen his work with our AAA guys I think he would have been great in working with the youngsters coming up to Wrigley. But, of course, that ship has sailed as we eagerly await the big announcement!

Good morning White. Mine too. Of all the candidates I think Ryno got the “shaft” from Hendry. Don’t really BLAME Epstein so much but he too had a nice opportunity to allow Sandberg to grow with the new, ever evolving roster. I think Renteria will be the one unless something happens with Lovullo.

Never would have guessed Terry F. Have no recollection of his being a Cub. Did he have a cup of coffee with us, or did he stay for a spell. The first Major League game I ever saw Terry`s daddy played in: Fenway Park June 1962; Indians vs. Bosox. He was the original Tito and was part of Cleveland roster, of course.

Terry Francona played 86 games for the Cubs in 1986, mostly being used as a pinch hitter or defensive replacement. Also, the Cubs originally drafted him in the 2nd round of the 1977 draft, but he did not sign and was drafted in the first round (22nd overall) by the Expos in 1980. My guess is that if Francona didn’t take the Indians job last season, he would have been Theo’s #1 pick to be manager this season. Timing is everything, I guess.

I have his Cubs baseball card.

Thanks for that. I could have lived very comfortably with Terry as our manager.

I mentioned Lloyd McLendons name awile back not really thinking that much into it.Congrats to him,i think he did a decent job for the Bucs with what he had. Will be looking in on them from time to time. What do you think of the hire White. Are you not from that area?

KenlyCub, I am from Portland, OR so have not followed the Mariners. I will enjoy learning more about McLendon by reading today. The only thing about Seattle that stands out in my memory is my first trip up the ” Space Needle” with its revolving restaurant.🙂

Thxs for the reply.I hope the Mariners fan base is happy,come on FO we are last again!

Or the Cubs are last again.HA HA,not we,sorry fish had to do it.

Who knew that little word ” WE” could get us into so much trouble? Gotta watch our “P’s and We’s” from now on! 🙂

Nicely done KenlyCub! We applaud you!!

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