11/6 Padres sad to see Renteria go

San Diego catcher Nick Hundley was sad to hear that Rick Renteria was leaving the Padres to take over as the Cubs manager.

“It’s a tough day for the Padres to lose someone with the knowledge and the energy Ricky brings,” Hundley told MLB.com’s Corey Brock. “The city of Chicago is getting a great baseball guy, someone who comes to work each day with the kind of passion and energy that’s tough to match.

“When you’re dealing with someone on a daily basis, six months during the season, two months in Spring Training, you want to know your boss is going to be consistent and is going to have your back,” Hundley said. “We have that here with Buddy [Black] and the Cubs will have that with Ricky.”

— Carrie Muskat


Am liking we chose a skipper without prior major league experience. Am wanting someone who is hungry and eager to prove himself. Even the greatest managers in history had to rely on someone to make the leap of faith to hire them for their first opportunity. Am thinking of John McGraw, and you all can think of many others. Don`t know all that much about Renteria, but am trusting Theo`s judgment and those surrounding him who had input in this decision.

Let me get this straight. With all the managerial jobs open, Theo and the rest of Cubs management believe that Renteria is going to be the savior of north side biz-ball because why? I think it’s going to be a very long season. My advice. Pack up for spring training, enjoy the sun, get a tan, evaluate all the rookies, including the new manager, come back to Chicago and play the horses. The excitement at the track is going to be a lot better without all the frustration than being at Wrigley. Let’s see the attendance figures next year in September. That will tell a lot. Brutal.

I don’t think Theo and the Cubs’ management think of Renteria as a savior, more like an improvement over Svuem and the best available man from the group interviewed. Who knows, if they were allowed to interview Lovullo it might have been him chosen.
Like jhosk says…trusting Theo and co.’s judgment is just about all we can do. However didn’t we trust the same judgment when Sveum was chosen over Sandberg? What did that get us? A fired Sveum and the Phillies a good manager.
I do think this time will be a little different considering Renteria’s resume vs. Sveum’s and his bi-lingual ability which should prove very helpful. I am certainly looking forward to the 2014 season much more JUST because Sveum is NOT the manager. Long live Renteria! And GO CUBS!!

Benign comment Fish, besides even IF you shook a magic 8ball better we know that than knowing what Petrey is shaking…yuk.

Cubs hire a new manager, the guy has not even been introduced yet and diamondjim23 would rather play the horses in 2014. If you looking for a savior, look up.
Some people would give the guy a chance, diamondjim23 would rather give up.

Good morning everyone. I don’t believe that Cubs management see Rick as the savior of north-side baseball. I think he’s another brick in the wall that they’re building until they can get to either Ryne Sandburg or Joe Girardi. And I don’t think they have decided which one has the priority yet. The future looks bright for the Cubs with what Theo has done with the drafts and trades, but the lights haven’t been turned on yet. But after 44 years as a Cubs fan, wait ’til next year gets easier and easier and it also gets older and older..

Well Bob Mulroy, just think, if Renteria does well, all the Sandberg BS will go away.
Just my opinion. he was & is not the right guys for the job.I am very happy to see him in Phillie land. To much bad history for him in Chicago.

Well the Cubs got Ryne from Phillie, so I’d say his going there after being snubbed by the Cubs is a good thing. It seems that the Cubs and the Philies have a history of trading between them. Personally I still think Renteria is another stop on the way for the cubs and I hope he does well while he’s here, but from what we’ve seen of the history of the Theo regime, I think he’s a temporary fix until Mr. Right comes along. Just my humble opinion.

Nothing wrong with ones opinion Bob Mulroy. Epstein and Hoyer have an excellent track record, or history. Theo pulled Francona out of a hat.
They have built the Minor League system up in two short years from 20 something to 2nd in baseball. They gave a good baseball man in Sveum a chance, he had a very bad couple of seasons, but he had very very poor teams while the Minor Legue system was being rebuilt. ( my opinion ) The downfall was the hiring of Rob Deer.
Renteria has alot of work to do or his 2014 team will be like that team of Sveums. Hopefully, Theo pulled another good manager out of the hat.

Good morning to you too Bob. We agree about Renteria not being seen as the savior of the Cubs. I believe the organization sees him as a good manager and better option than Sveum. There may never be one savior for our Cubs but the collective effort of many, including a very good manager (hopefully Renteria), Epstein, Hoyer, scouts etc. Should Renteria be just another stepping stone/mistake on Epstein’s part (I HOPE NOT, NOR DO I THINK IT SO) and if Girardi or Sandberg has a future with the Cubs as a manager a LOT of people will be happy BS or no BS.

Sandburg a good manager? Did u look at a crystal ball? Or did the magic 8ball u shook say that?

It appears that Renteria has a better pedigree than Sveum, I see no reason to give as much if not more benefit of the doubt than Sveum received. I’m going into the 2014 season looking forward to seeing Renteria actually MANAGE the team (whether a talented roster or not) and considering Renteria an upgrade.

ya till june and we suck and you start ranting about stupid stuff…

As interested as seeing the new field manager hired,just as much interested at seeing the coaches picked. Sure lost out on Mckay though,seems liked a big loss considering the exp. he had.

Petry i dont rant unless it is a foolish comment like yours. Since you consider yourself part of the Cubs organization i would defer your comments until you pick up your BA,OBP,OPS or anything else you think might would help your ballclub. I know practice at not saying stupid comments,it is just NOV.

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