11/7 It’s official re: Renteria

The Cubs issued a release to formally announce Rick Renteria’s hiring as the team’s 53rd manager. He signed a three-year contract with two club option years. There will be a conference call with Renteria Thursday afternoon. He is unable to travel after undergoing hip surgery. I’ll have more later.


Well, now that we all know Rick Renteria does indeed read this blog….

This might be the first time where a New Manager was put on the DL and couldn’t make it to his own introduction press conference.

So, prior to hiring Dale Sveum, the Cubs told Ryne Sandberg they didn’t want to hire someone without big league managing experience. They proceeded to hire a man who had managed 12 regular season games. Now they hire someone with no games under his belt. The his just keep coming.

Not true. The Cubs said they wanted someone with either Major League managing or Major League coaching experience. Dale Sveum had plenty of Major League coaching experience, as does Rick Renteria. At the time, Sandberg had zero Major League coaching experience. Please get over Ryne Sandberg already! He’s not coming back to the Cubs anytime soon and once next season gets underway we’ll know for sure if he’s a decent manager or not.

Back off guys, let’s see what the future brings. Rick is the guy right now. We have no reason for doing any complaining, the future is right around the corner and the Cubs have Rick as their field manager. We MUST give both the team and Rick time to get to know each other and adjust to whatever changes are coming. We haven’t played a game yet, so back off and give the man a chance.

Just my opinion.

Not bad Bob. Sandberg is out of the conversation now and Renteria SHOULD be better than Sveum…so I agree…A CHANCE FOR RENTERIA!!! GO CUBS!

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