11/8 Happy B-day, Darwin Barney


It’s Darwin Barney’s 28th birthday. Hope he has a happy day. Here he helps Katie Gallo with the pledge of allegiance before a Cubs’ Spring Training game.


This is a beautiful picture! We have a team of really nice men! Their contribution to the community is huge!

Are we sure that’s not…..ISABEL!!!??? Ha, kidding Isabel!!!!
Great photo indeed White!!!

Barney did meet Isabel, joey! I had told him about her and he remembered!

omg White I just saw this! Did you really ask him about me!?!?!?!?

And no this is not me Joey, haha. Im about as tall as him hahaha!And Im a little bit darker, I’m Mexican so a little dark haha.

Is interesting that he and his spouse have birthdays that coincide? Is that a coincidence, White, or did it indeed play a role in their originally meeting?

Good morning jhosk. Mere coincidence. BUT they did grow up in Beaverton, Oregon together, went to same schools, he a baseball star, she a softball star, went to same college, Oregon State. And the rest is history! 🙂

Thanks for that White. How about Oregon losing to Stanford last night? That was a major upset. Many observers were planning on an Oregon/Alabama matchup for the National Championship.

I don’t know if you can call the #3 team in the country losing to the #5 team on the road a major upset. If Oregon lost to, say, Washington State at home, then that’s a major upset. Besides, Florida State is #2 and Oregon is #3, so if the BCS were to be played right now it would be Florida State and Alabama in the championship game.

Thanks for pointing that out, sir. I reckon I engaged in some hyperbole there.

Jhosk, I am afraid I haven’t been keeping up on football this year. But I sure do miss the daily baseball! Will Spring come soon!

I hear you, White, as I am principally a baseball fan too, and find all the other sports inadequate substitutes. Have been enduring withdrawal symptoms ever since the WS officially came to a close. I am thinking we will survive; at least I know you will, as I`m well aware you have handled far greater challenges with aplomb, and I admire that.

Being in the ACC area the football has really gone downhill the last couple of years. Being a Notre Dame fan i remember them losing to FSU and it costing them a national championship in the early 90s.This FSU team is better then that team. I smell a coaching change in Tuscaloosa,oh well different forum.

I`m wanting a team to defeat Bama. Could FSU be that entity? Am not getting why you see Nick Saban leaving . Could you elucidate, sir?

Sabans time has run its course. Texas will throw everything it has at him and he will jump. Sabans history will proof that,just please stay out of the NFL.

I told him all I know about you Isabel! :)) I told him to pay attention when you told him your name! He remembers getting a picture taken with you and your family. So there! :))

Omg White! When did you tell him this!? OMGOMGOMGOMG I can’t believe it!!!!! :)))))))))))))) 💕

What else did he say!?!?!? 💕💕💕😍

Remember when I told you to tell him your name when you met him?? That is because I told him to pay special attention to his #1 fan!! :)). I told him you and I were battling over who is his #1fan and he smiled that beautiful smile! I’m looking out for you! :))

Ohhhh that most perfect smile! 😍 That is amazing! Oh my goodness I cant believe he remembers me!!! WOW!!!

White, you just completed my life 💕 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 😌 😍

You are welcome, Isabel! :)). By the way, my first name is Connie. Stay happy always!

You making Isabel sooooo happy is wonderful CONNIE!! (A beautiful name….).
May God bless your remaining years with wisdom, compassion, family and love.
It truly has been a pleasure conversing with you and “knowing” you. Amen sister.

Joey! Please, please – what is going on with you? Are you okay? I miss you VERY VERY much! Will you be posting some more? Just care about you so much and need to know if you are well, if you are okay! God bless you and love you every day!

omg Joey! I have also missed you!!! Wow so nice to hear from you again! And yes she made me so happy! I was on top of the world!!! 😵 💕

And Connie is a beautiful name! My last name is Hernandez. Isabel Hernandez, haha. You are an amazing woman Connie! I seriously love you right now haha. 💕

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