11/12 Voice of the Cubs

WGN Radio has begun its search for a new color analyst to join Pat Hughes on the Cubs broadcasts. Keith Moreland surprised WGN Radio officials when he announced last week that he was leaving. WGN Radio sports director Dave Eanet told the Chicago Tribune the next person does not necessarily have to have played for the Cubs, using Jim Deshaies and Bob Brenly as examples. Hughes was to meet Tuesday with Eanet and others to discuss the next hire.


A pleasant surprise for sure. Keith was not at his best. Looking forward to an improvement. Hopefully no southern drawl this time? Hey about Greg Maddux? He can then give our pitchers signs from the booth and correct any issues!!! A 2 for 1 deal. 🙂

Hire Steve Stone.

i’ll second that!

Why do I have the distinct impression that Pat Hughes is an ‘Untouchable?” He`s a “Company man,” if there ever was one. Speaks only in platitudes. Never speaks ill of anyone, even when they surely deserve it. Steve Stone was willing to do just that and was sacked for his candor. Is not like Hughes is a “legend” the way Harry was. Is a good time to replace the entire broadcast team.

Jasper has it right. I would gladly tell anyone that in my southern drawl. Go Cubs!

Wasn’t Kerry Wood promised a radio/TV spot when he came back with a hometown discount?

I think Wood was given a “personal services clause” in his contract, meaning he would remain at work for the Cubs after he left. I don’t think it specified a job in the broadcasting booth though.

I’ve always liked Dave Otto!! How about Mark Grace?

Isn’t Mark Grace serving time for his consistent drinking & driving recognition?
Maybe he is out now, but that’s why he no longer announces for the D Backs.

Gracie has been free from his confinement for a long while, Jasper, but I think he is too toxic to be considered at this juncture. His transgressions are too fresh in the minds of fans, I would think. Also, I seem to recall his being less than complimentary of his time with our organization after he departed, or am I mistaken about that? I know he was critical of Sammy and perhaps other individuals, but may have spared the organization as a whole. All I am certain of is I liked his bat very much, and wish we could find more athletes who could provide offense in the manner Mark did.

To be fair, a lot of people were critical of Sammy Sosa when they/he left. I know Grace has sung the 7th inning stretch whenever he came back with the D-Backs and even if he was ever critical of the Cubs organization, it’s a whole new regime now than it was when he was a player. As long as he can stay sober, I’m sure he would be in the running for the job.

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What`s wrong with a southern drawl? I spend several months each winter season in the South, and find that manner of speaking charming.

Nothing is wrong with it, especially when in the south. I have property in TN and am there quite often, love the people and their “twang”!! I suppose I just never really cared that much for Moreland so I let the drawl get to me….my apologies. Bring on the drawl!!!🙂

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