11/18 Best wishes

Know there are a lot of Cubs fans — and non-baseball fans — whose lives were upended by Sunday’s tornadoes and storms. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

— Carrie Muskat


Thank you Carrie for your caring post! It was truly a frightful day for thousands. Prayers to all of them!

Tornadoes came through here several years back. We unfornately lost a neighbor and unless you actually have been through one it is not something you can actually describe. Our prayers go out to everyone involved and you will see there are people who still care about other people. You will meet people you will never see again helping each other out. It is just amazing! Make sure you say a prayer for them too.

The Peoria Chiefs, current Cardinals and former Cubs single A team, set up an online auction of sports memorabilia to help raise funds for Tornado Relief of their neighboring communities. They’ve already listed some items and plan to add more from past, present, and future Cubs and Cardinals. As a member of the community, I kindly ask that you help spread the word to your followers, and share the auction link http://peoriachiefs.milbauctions.com/gallery.cfm

Thank you for the info Jane. On the internet today I saw a man being reunited with his lost dog! Brought tears to my eyes to be sure! So much loss is hard to process.

Thank you Carrie because I live in the City Chicago and I was not hit by it but the storm hit us pretty bad…but some of my family memebers were hit by the tornados. Thank you again❤

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