11/22 Cubs name coaching staff

The Cubs named manager Rick Renteria’s coaching staff on Friday. Chris Bosio (pitching coach), Lester Strode (bullpen coach), Mike Borzello (catching and strategy coach) and Franklin Font (staff assistant) return. Joining Renteria’s staff in 2014 are Brandon Hyde (bench coach), Gary Jones (third base/infield coach), Bill Mueller (hitting coach), Mike Brumley (assistant hitting coach) and Jose Castro (quality assurance coach). Castro will handle scouting and defensive assignments, among other things. The club has yet to name a first base coach.

Jaron Madison, who joined the Cubs as director of amateur scouting, has been named director of player development, replacing Hyde in that role. Matt Dorey, who this year worked for the Cubs as a national and regional crosschecker, has been named director of amateur scouting.

— Carrie Muskat


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Why? Why? Why do the Cubs keep raiding the Padres organization? Last I checked they weren’t any better. How about tapping into the Cardinals, Giants, Rays or Tigers organizations for some leaders. They seem to have a better track record.

Because Jed Hoyer and new manager RIck Renteria worked in the Padres organization before coming to the Cubs. Baseball jobs, like most jobs, are big on networking and who you have experience working with. The Padres are developing some good young players, so just because they didn’t make the playoffs doesn’t mean that their entire coaching staff is useless. And remember, the Cubs did have former Cardinals coach Dave McKay on their staff for the past two years and they still managed to lose almost 200 games. Personally, I wouldn’t get too worked up about who the Cubs hired as their coaches. It’s a new manager and the team is still in rebuilding mode, so as long as the new staff can work with the younger players who come up over the next year, they’ll be fine.

Glad to see some continuity, especially Bosio, because we had many hurlers do quite well. As for Bill Mueller, he was nothing but good for the Cubs until that tragic accident in St. Louis. He had, of course, one of the biggest hits in postseason history for Boston against the Yankees off Mariano Rivera. In retrospect, it doesn’t seem most of our hitters have been progressing under other coaches.

Please remind us of the particulars of that mueller accident, sir.

I’ve got details on Mueller’s knee injury. It happened in May 2001 when he slid into the wall at Busch Stadium. At the time, Mueller led the Cubs with a .317 batting average and had the most hits. He broke his left kneecap going after a pop up as his knee slammed into the metal underneath the padding of the wall separating fans from the field down the third base line.

I mentioned yesterday about no news about the coaching staff. That sure was quick. On another note i saw on this day 40 something years back one of my favorite ballplayers,Roberto Clemente was picked by the Pirates as a Rule 5 draft pick. WOW! Go figure.

Another year … another FLOP. Who are these guys? I’ve been a Cub fan since 1960 and the team IS NOT getting any closer to being in World Series. “Wait ’til next decade” is the new chant.

Love the positive outlook there Michael, you sound like the typical fan, not knowing whats going on in the Organization, just negative.
Being a Cub fan myself, If I want to talk about my team, I get to chat with many negative Nancy’s. Thats where I envy the Cardinals, majority of their fans know baseball and are positive about their team.
Cub fans just say, I have been a Cubs fan since????. Then they think they deserve a winner, while putting everybody from management to the team Doctor down.
Speaking of flops, have a nice Thanksgiving.

I like the continuity on the pitching staff. Hyde was McKeon’s bench coach and has a strong background in player development. Mueller has spent the last few seasons scouting more than coaching but it does give him insights into the game/players. Personally, managers/coaches get too much credit. How this team does will ultimately come down to the players.

Amen Carrie. Love that very last sentence in your post, as I endorse it to the max.

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